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Great weekend. Though sleep deprived.

Just jacking from my FB now...

Saw total eclipse!!! Not sure how close it was to apogee, it was 0318 (Florida). So cooooool! ^_^ Hubby didn't appreciate it as much, maybe cause I woke up him to tell him how awesome it was O_O

 I hope everyone's enjoying your Solstice, Full Moon, and caught the Lunar Eclipse last night! /hugs/

Caught only 3 hours of sleep, my own fault. Woke up and had fantastic IHOP breakfast (love that garden omelet with hollandaise). Drove 2+ hours to Fort Myers. Tried and failed to nap.

Family Lunch! Love this place (at Sweet Tomatoes). No military discount at this one (Fort Myers) though...

Got the rear tires done on the car. Sneef.

Hiked Calusa Outer Trail w/ hubby ~1.77mi hiked for 42 mins and burned 264 calories. OMG saw the owl's again. /lurv

Hung out for a wee bit, then drove the 2+ hours back. Split up (he got gas in one vehicle, I picked up dinner and beer with the other. Go Publix Subs and Michelob Autumn Sampler!) Sat our lazy butts on the com…

The Belief-o-Matic! OH GOODY!

Image My results!

The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean that your views are all shared by this faith, or vice versa.

Belief-O-Matic then lists another 26 faiths in order of how much they have in common with your professed beliefs. The higher a faith appears on this list, the more closely it aligns with your thinking.

How did the Belief-O-Matic do? Discuss your results on our message boards.

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) (Kind of a cop-out, everyone can be UU!)
2. Neo-Pagan (90%)
3. Theravada Buddhism (88%)
4. Mahayana Buddhism (83%)
5. Secular Humanism (81%)
6. New Age (81%)
7. Liberal Quakers (80%)
8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (68%)
9. New Thought (65%)
10. Scientology (65%)
11. Taoism (60%)
12. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (57%)
13. Hinduis…

Great Week!

I actually had a really awesome couple of days. I managed to talk my supervisor into giving my husband some hours in my site, and she put him on the schedule for 36 hours in each of  the next 2 weeks! We both work christmas but it's a middle shift and we get double time. The next day (12/15) my husband made me sweet potato pancakes for breakfast and we made dinner a date by trying out a new restaurant. Saigon is a Taiwanese and Japanese restaurant we read was West Palm Beach's best kept secret. Considering we ate for under 25 dollars and totally pigged out on great food I am inclined to agree! I had a lovely glass of plum wine and the sea food chowmein. We shared a piece of sushi featuring conch which was awesome cuz I've never had it! ( It's kind of chewy, but tasty.) The portions are huge and I had to take 3 quarters of my meal home which made lunch the next day awesome. After dinner we stopped by the store to pick up some eggnog and rum. The clerk, who we think may …

Your soda > my sleep

So as im already in the ducking vehicle w/mileage filled out, soup-sammich LT radios me to come back in the shack so she could take the vehicle to 'get gas' and a soda. I've been here 12hrs. I have to be back here in 12 hrs, and she already took the damned car to go get mcdonalds. So tired. Almost too tired to be mad. Going to get home soo late.

/hate the overprivelaged youth

Tonight I pulled coverage at the 'quieter' gate for overtime. I'm earning every penny.A teenage girl is having a birthday party tonight. She put the party up on her private school's facebook and built the damn guest list from people who posted they were coming. The paper list alone 218 names, some of which are as vague as "Tommy's girlfriend" (you know,  in case she shows up without him we have something credible to go on...) Several persons were let in, with parent telephone approval, based on the "I don't know who that boy is but let him in anyway and we'll ask our daughter when we find her" argument. Though this was the girl's 18th birthday I'm sure mummy and daddy got some alcohol for their little-woman, but I doubt a gesture like that is necessary or appreciated when the private school teens show up stocked with smuggled booze and (as my husband so eloquently phrases it:) "pregamed like a mother-f'er". A car fu…

Tired of being tired

I've felt mildly ill for weeks. Congestion a decongestant doesn't clear, headaches, sort throat now and again, swollen lymph nodes in the throat. Can't shake it. I sleep 7-8 hours and still feel like I might fall asleep if I just closed my eyes long enough. No insomnia, but I'll trade back if given the option. Less appetite means my informal diet is working (6lbs in 3 weeks) but I have no energy. Suckin down tons of water but always a little thirsty. It's really driving me nuts. Toss in a few fantastically (woo made up a word there) stressful days at work and registering for school (and fretting about the cost of it) and I'm about to lose my mind.I'm just, tired. Tired of being so tired. Let's face it, I'm pooped!I was hoping it was like an allergy thing that would pass. It hasn't. I don't want to go start taking an anti-allergy every day. Bah!No real point I guess. Just whining. :)

I hate you. Cause you're not a daddy long legs. I like them.

Screw you, you nasty evil spider! You're welcome to feast on the bugs on my front door at night, but OH MY GOD don't you come in my house! I hope drowning in Tilex was PAINFUL. I know it was damned slow enough. F*^$*&g bastard... My maniacal laughter at your demise woke my husband! Ok.. so it was.. whimpering. HE WAS LIKE TWO INCHES FROM MY SHOULDER!!! I love spiders. But I'm still human. Poor husband :( He came out to smoosh it. Now I'm all... creepy crawly. /whine

Life 9, Diet -4.5. Well, almost even...

So, I FEEL like a lazy bum, but today I went to the university to set straight when I really need for the nursing program's entrance qualifications (based on my transcripts); got fat on Dairy Queen (score!); deep cleaned the spare bathroom; put away laundry; washed and hung laundry; made the bed; researched class times for spring; got ahold of the bank about my MISSING 401k; stopped being stubborn and started Ogre Tannin/Free Knot grinding like I should have been from the start; and gathered mats for the DMV on Odinsday. I also ate three candy bars, a whole head of celery covered in green goddess dressing, and drank half a liter of diet soda, and skipped the gym... Today the diet failed, but life prevailed. I say we're even.

Every time I watch 'Bones'...

Every time I watch an episode of Bones I remember the first time I got to go to a Museum. I went with my class, and was something like 8 or 9. We went to see an Egyptian exhibit. Of all the things a child remembers, this day is burned in my head and crammed with wild images. I'd been excited to go; my mom had shown me a picture she snapped with a disposable of the bust of Nefertiti, on viewing in a museum in Berlin. The picture was dark and slightly fuzzy, but the picture was beautiful. That was around the time I also read "The Egypt Game" in school. A bunch of kids create a club in an abandoned shop, and they all dress up like ancient Egyptians. I LOVED Egypt. I remember cases of gold, odd bits of trinkets and bones, a ten-foot statue of Bast that I just stared at open-mouthed (wonder if She's why I love all things 'cat' so much...). I even bought a keyring in the shop, a miniature of that statue. I still have it in my 'box of precious things'.

At th…

Freedom is Slavery. - Nineteen Eighty Four

This whole thing makes me sick. In the videos embedded in the first link, you can see the man's privates jiggle. Yea. Imagine your 5 year old son in that machine. Imagine your 5 year old daughter being exposed like that.
Tracking as I go. Posted by friend Bryan, first I heard about this full body scanner and the pat-down procedures.

The TSA and the full-body-scanner lobby | Washington Examiner
The TSA and the full-body-scanner lobby | Washington ExaminerPresident Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn us about the growth of a "military-industrial complex," but these days we also have to worry about a Homeland Security-industrial complex. September 11th, the creation of the Transportation Security Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security may slow us down when it comes to boarding planes, but it has accelerated passage through the government-lobbying revolving door it appears.

TSA encounter at SAN Posted by some friends on Facebook.
Full accoun…

Reasons I despise today's early-20-somethings.

Tuesdays I am forced into the middle today today's American University Culture, and I despise it. Half of them have a Starbucks coffee, playing bad music on their media phone (on speakerphone, so everyone can see how Hip they are), and others ride their bikes and boards through the breezeway (clearly marked Walk Only). Today:-Someone honked at me as I slowed down to take the very tight turn onto the one lane street where my Parking Garage is. Bad move on their part: there's no way to move around me so I slowed to a horrifying crawl. I then even Sharked a parking space, just to make them wait longer.-Walking on the 2-person sidewalk on the righthand side (walk like you drive...) two persons walking abreast toward me, the one in my path is the male. Chivalry, decency, common courtsey, aaall dictate the male should have made way for me, the smaller female hugging the very edge of the sidewalk to begin with. Instead, deep in important conversation with the female he hoped to bone …

To Vote... or not to stick my nose in it...

Not to sound ignorant, but, if I go vote on the Florida Constitutional Amendments (based on the nifty info I found on, do I HAVE to vote for House of Reps etc etc. It's kind of insane to think I could make an informed decision with so many different people to sift through (even if I hadn't taken a fancy to thinking about it 12 hours before cutoff.) But I don't want to do something insane, like just take the NRA "Personal Voting Card" down and just check off everyone who likes guns. I like guns. But I'm pro a bunch of other things that don't always jive with the stereotypical gun toting voter.. -.-

PS. Florida should consider itself lucky that I'll probably oversleep and not vote (I never vote the first year I live somewhere anyway :P) cause these are what I've got so far:

Amend 1 = NO
Amend 2 = YES
Amend 4 = Yes
Amend 5 = Yes
Amend 6 = Yes
Amend 8 = NO
Florida Federal Budget Advisory Question = Yes

Governor: Rick Scott

Halloween 2010

Managed to get the day off for Halloween, though we weren't sure if we were going to get a lot of trick or treaters, being at the end of a cul de sac. Turns out it's even worse as we don't have a street light so our street is reaaaaaally dark. AND it's a Sunday night. Our only child was early, and he was the kid from across the street. Otherwise we had 4 groups of young teens, none of them with costumes. A group of young black girls (complete with the one in tail talking on the cell phone) took HUGE handfuls of candy. I swear they got a pound of candy between them. We only bought two bags, a combined four pounds. After the last group of teens, in the dark, I closed up shop.

We head to the store and saw tons of cute princesses and pirates on the streets, just not down our dark cul de sac. Boooo. I made the door all neat and bloody and murder scene like. I tried a "Skipper, the Country Club Killer Housewife".

Today I completely forgot to eat real food and ate s…

A Few Period Movies.

Little behind, but a few blurbs.

Watched Much Ado About Nothing (Beckinsale).

So far, the amount of people I have recognized in this Shakespeare adaption has been astounding.
Kate B, whom I knew would be in it. Riding up I see OMG is that WILSON?? Then Keanu? Denzel? and I recognize a few more I cannot name... Omg... Michael Keaton???
Wilson, from House and portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard, makes quite a good looking Shakespearean. I'm amused to see this play for the first time here (I know, I know, ME? Unfarmiliar with a Shakespeare?)
It is a bit Cyrano, a bit Romeo and Juliet (why always with the Pretending to be Dead!), and all wonderful.
Loved it! 5/5

Watched The Madness of King George.
Terrifying to see how bleak medicine was, and yet funny to see that the dismissed evacuate was seemingly such a telling key the whole time! Very good flick. 4/5.

Also, in the past few days,
-Got my three other Nest raptor hatchlings (plus a few extras to sell).

10/21 Movies, WoW, Recipes.

Recipes @ Bottom:
Breakfast: Bacon Cheddar Whole Wheat Scones.
Dinner: Scallops & Roasted Salad, Roasted Sugar Dumpling Squash.Last night I watched The Mission. A 'Based on True Story' with Young Jeremy Irons (rawr!), Robert Deniro(sp?), and even Liam Neeson! Great movie. A little tragic, but very moving. Violins & Swords! Glee!(WoW) Also farmed up my Deviate Hatching in the 17th run (Glee!) Found a Takk Hatching (omg Glee!), and another Razormaw Hatchling (gleeeee!). I can now justify selling the double hatching to buy the one I'm missing. Think I'll leave toons on the nests, to farm up more. Maybe I can make enough to buy other's I'm missing.
Oh, did I mention I got Green Wing Macaw (defias mines)? Can't believe I didn't have it. Third run.Today, we watched "The Book of Eli" which was fantastic. Really enjoyed it. Go rent it!!Recipes:Bacon Chedar Scones (var Taste of Home, unknown issue)
Makes 81,3/4 c flour (I use whole wheat)
2,1/4 tsp…

Exam2=88%. Seafood Sketti. Etc.

Made hubby help me with the Zangar Heroics (they go so much faster!) Also ran MC with him (for Thorium Brotherhood and Hydrax' rep. Used a camped alt to find the Wetlands raptor pet (Razormaw Hatchling) but still need to move it safely from Horde to Alliance. (GLEE, new raptor!) Ran WC 5 times for Deviate Hatchling (no luck yet, makes 10 runs, at about 10m per run.) The runs themselves are fast, it's the looting and skinning that takes time.

Dinner was Seafood Sketti *Squash. Sauteed some scallops, added them to a sauce made of Newman's Mushroom sauce, about 3/4 package of fake crab (the other 1/4 got nibbled), and a can of drained artichoke heart quarters. Topped in on a plate of spaghetti squash innards, dusted (heavily mmmm) with Parmesan cheese. Watched ourselves a little dinner-NCIS.

I took my second Soc exam today, only got an 88. I was rather upset. Still, 96+88,/2=92, so I still have an A-. Will have to bring that up with the next exam.

Also, watched Secret of Kell…

More WoW achievements :P

Thanks to I learned that WoW now sends all three CE pets to a char made with Original CE. They did not, however, send the two pets you were lacking to a character that had already completed the Companion quest (where you chose which CE pet you wanted. I always choose Mini-Diablo!) SO, I made a new junk char, and sent myself the other two pets, since they're Bind on Account. GLEE!

What I did today :P Wrangled Hubby to help me burn through H:Hellfire Ramparts and H:Blood Furnace (Didn't make H:Shattered Halls before his bedtime.) Also landed a group for BWL! Someone wanted to do the old AQ chain and needed something from there, and I hitched a ride to kill Nefarian for the first time. I was the tank, didn't do so hot I think, but I've never tanked a Raid (old or new). Aaaaand bought the last bits of junk to finish Exalted Aldor (makes 27 reps exalted, btw. It also got my 22/25 tabard!)
Now.. to prove I'm not a huge, lazy, fat, WoW-Nerd (but a sexy…

2miles, and 3 WoW Achievements.

Started out by finishing Stormpike :) Celebrated by summoning Ivus (below). It was neat: He was up for a while minute.
(Kitty Formation!)

Accidentally got "Save the Day", a risky achievement requiring you to kill a flag carrier, IN their base, WHILE they have their own flag. I was stalking the mound to pick up the flag when it fell, when their carrier ran in. Tried to kill him, succeeded (making him the worst player ever, besides me), and it turned out they returned the flag during that whole mess. Holy cow :) I think we still lost.
Aaaaand hadn't done this yet, so did it in conjunction with trying to finish out my Lower City rep. I'm really running out of things to do: I still need Nefarion and C'thun from Classic, but we can't 4-5 man those and trying to get a run is like trying to survive on just your spit in the desert.
Hate when Hubby's at Drill. I'm bored, the dog's bored (and needy and obnoxious, yet somehow still cute).
I ran 2 miles on the tr…

WoW 100 Mounts, Zandalar, 25 Reps Exalted

I think I drove my husband crazy with this one in the last month near the end :D

With the "destruction of the Blood God" and the trolls moving back into ZG in Cata (since no one DOES ZG 'cept to farm the mount) they're taking it out, making the exalted Rep with them a "Feat" and presumeably just killing the Swift Zulian Tiger. If you don't get it before release, too bad so sad. That's one I can't solo: Though I just proved I can solo the Raptor guy in unspecced bear. So far no cat (or mini raptor pet, or raptor mount). I figured I'd grind out Zandalar, thinking it would take a while, but I was already into exalted. Took me one and a half runs. About 5 hours, but I'm slow in kitty :)

It happened to give me my 25 Exalted Reps. :) Glee.

Hmm, now what?

WoW 4.0.1, Wintersaber Mount, Timbermaw/Diplomat!

Here I was worried it would be DiabloII's 1.10 (murderously bad enough to make me stomp off and quit.)

-Well.. Having ravage out of stealth (even for ONE hit) after pounce is FANTASTIC! I'm still not always BEHIND a target and FACING them when I pounce (oi vey).
-Hmm, any hit seems to consume Omen of Clarity now.. so much for healing myself. I'd have to be faster than autoattack.. Is this new? I remember healing myself with that before..
-OMG what did you do to THORNS?? /ugh/
-Multiple trackers at the same time. I like it.

YES YES YES! (0623, I couldn't go to bed just TWO RUNS from having it...) WEEEEE!
I've wanted this since CLASSIC! (PS that makes 99/100 Mounts!)

Timbermaw's "Winterfall Spirit Beads" courtesy of all the Wintersaber Runs :D ('Love Me' is for Timbermaw Exalted; 'Diplomat' for being Exalted Timbermaw, Kurenei, and Sporeggar) (PS: That makes 24/25 Exalted).

And that's it for the evening :D WEEEEEEE!

18thC Movie: The Duchess

The Duchess (Based on a true story)?

The 18thC not being my specialty I will leave off my opinions of what's period or not for the flick. Overall seems well done. I do think it pretty in its opulence.

So funny to see the Duke moaning over the birth of a girl, now with modern science telling it's HIS fault (raspberry). However, her movie-self wishing to breast feed her daughter herself was JUST not done for a lady of her rank, so, I wonder if there is basis for that. That would make her quite rebellious indeed, almost scandelous. They would have called her unfit for her standing: having risen too high over her worth.

ah yes, and there is why in the SCA we play at chivalry. Lawful rape

All in all very good flick :)

14thC Movie: Virgin Territory

Done in play by play. Summary: Could have been good if it wasn't for the soft-soft-core, and Hayden Christiansen needing acting lessons.

Dude, the badguy (DelRatta) in Virgin Territory is the SAME bad guy from The Musketeer! Dude get's around I guess.

Ahh another late 14c flick with a modern-inspired soundtrack. And I could tell, right around the spot where the hot young (and clean shaven) nuns jump into the bath with the stranger to bang him... thaaaat this wasn't going to be very good. Oh yea.. awful. Almost soft-core porn.

Long rifle? Freaking did NOT exist yet. Best Europe had in the late 14thC were large cannon type weapon that lay on a table. I think I'm going on about the weaponry because it helps me detract from YET ANOTHER make-out-almost-softcore scene.

OMG is that Hayden Christianson (or who the hell ever) played Young Vader? I think it is. No wonder this movie is bad. God he's an awful actor.

Right.. the slave trader has a stripper pole? Seriously, this…

Prince of Persia, The Musketeer

Got to see Prince of Persia tonight with Hubby for MovieNight. I really liked it. Yar, I understand it isn't quite what the gamers wanted, but Hubby played the game and said that they did right by the special effects and acrobatics.

Also watched The Musketeer. I'm not sure why they diverted from the popular (and novel appropriate) telling of how D'Artagnon meets the Three, but other bits pleased me. The rappelling sword fight though? Why not just cut his rope?? The LADDER fight.. omg.. felt so ridiculous. All in all, they seemed to just want to remake the movie for more Muske-Money. The fights were good, the intrigue poor, I'll stick with Disney's version (which is truer to the book, AND has Oliver Platt. Rawr.

10/07 Well it started crappy, but I'm content.

I went to bed early last night (0500 this morning) since I couldn't sleep well the night before. Around 0600 I awoke to Hubby's alarm: he killed it, kissed me, and I dozed back off. At 0730 I awoke to him ringing the doorbell furiously as my phone vibrated viciously from the nightstand. He'd accidently left his keys on the hook when he left the house and locked the knob behind him. At 1130 though, I was truly aggitated...I heard the doorbell but didn't believe it until Rook jumped out of bed and barked (something she only does to warn me.) I wandered to the door, set the chain as we have no peephole, and looked out "Can I help you?" I squinted through the sunlight, my unwashed hair over the eye peeking through the crack. I'm sure my pink pajama pants were visible. A young Hispanic man and an older white woman (of which I could only see her thin hand pinching a business card and her gold-painted name-tag). "Yes," she says, "is Mrs. Hay home?…

Beer & WoW. :P

Found a neat beer-site that let's you order beer-label's with your name on them..
Hmmm.. "Captain Katryn's Port o'No Return!"
However, still can't find anyone to ship me a 6-pack of Summer Weiss for under $30. Boooo

Lawl! Someone took the INC Gnome Invasion idea (Draenor, 2007?) and used their powers for EEEE.. erm, GOOD! Bajillion Gnomes for Breast Cancer awareness :)
I wonder what I did with all the Inc Gnome Invasin pix. That's the kinda stuff I keep, so I'm sure I have em. OH.. Good Job AVAST for thinking WoW was a virus! Had me running my PC through a Gauntlet trying to find this MalWare. Thank goodness someone broached the subject on the tech forums, and that I happened to see them, before I went to uninstalling anything O_O.

No... I didn't run today.
I did.. eat like a pig, and sleep in. *Raspberry*.

OH! Found a site that shows a bunch of neat stuff going on in West Palm Beach!
He's going, he just does…

How does my garden grow...

Hmm, actually lists seeds by Zone (10b=us) instead of vague zone (Goldenrod) like the other plant guide (that I like but may not be specific enough). WHOLE different planting schedule. This one says everything I planted was put down too early for 10b. My Turnips seem to be doing fine, but might explain why everything else gave up. Does mean I should be able to sow the seeds I already have & try them again. (Pfft says Cauli shouldn't be seeded til Oct!! /fingers crossed..
I want to try to eat some Turnip leaves. They're fighting hard because they're all so bushy. Bet they'd do just fine one-leaf-less each. Since my original schedule says my turnips should be done next Wedesday I'll pull one up to see how big it is. I can always put it back, probably.
I'm going to try to move the wee beets to their own square, overshadowed as they are by the turnip leaves, and seed a few more down. I don't like them much, but I can probably add them…

Rosemary Turkey Salisbury steaks

Rosemary Turkey Salisbury steaks in Jalapeño Jack sauce, topped with broiled tomato and mushroom. Side: Half a baked Delicata Squash.
Tonight, baked a Banana Bread while doing some dishes, the counters, cupboard faces, half the stove, sweeping, and swiffering. I mention this because it's not as routine as you think: the place looked like half a platoon of medics had a spaghetti sauce party. Unthinkable I can get that mess with just ONE medic in the house... /grin/

Also: Discovered there were only 11 A's on that Soc exam, Highest Grade was a 96%, there were only two of them. /toots own horn.
120 students enrolled, 11 A's, 40 B's, 35 C's, 21 D's, 8 F's.

Rosemary Turkey Salisbury steaks:
(Adapted from Grilled Turkey Salisbury Steaks, in Runner's World Mag, August 2010.)

1.25 lb ground turkey breast
3 tbs chopped fresh rosemary
S/P, Olive oil spray
2 tomatoes, 1/2inch slices
1 med red onion, 1/2 inch slices
1 cup evap skim milk
1 tbs cornstarch
1/2 shredded sharp pro…

Ga'Hoole Plushies!!

Booo, so a friend let me know that Ty had plushies out for Ga'Hoole. I didn't know they'd released them before the movie! They were 3.50 before the release, and have of course doubled since.
*Soren and Eglantine are both Barn Owls (one light, one dark), and I wouldn't mind a few more of those!
*Gylfie is an Elf owl, though he looks more like a Burrowing, and I actually HAVE a Burrowing that looks just like him.
*Digger is a Burrowing, but he looks like an Elf owl!! I wouldn't mind him, I don't have any Elf owls.  (I wonder if the page just got their descriptions confused, won't know til I see the movie.

Left to right: Soren, Eglantine, Gylfie, Digger.
The webbie with their images and descriptions: HubPages, Ga'Hoole plushies.

*Update: AH! HubPages DID mess it up :)

Hmm.. need to increase my allowance so I can get some new owl Plushies... >.> Course... I think I need a new shelf for them. They're overflowing O_O

Could an IUD be construed as Abortion?

A question for the Sons of Abraham (excluding Catholics and other sects where birth-control is a sin): An Intra-Uterine Device prevents pregnancy (primarily) by disrupting the uterine environment chemically and (secondarily *sp) by disrupting the uterine lining to prevent implantation by a fertilized egg. If life begins at conception, which occurs in the Fallopian Tubes, and an IUD (having failed to prevent it chemically) successfully disrupts the uterine lining and causes the fertilized egg (life) to be shed from the woman...Is use of an IUD possibly purposefull abortion, and thus murder?Pardon spelling errors, TreoMail has no spellcheck.

100921 Seed Pots Failure.

So, I've come to the conclusion that my seedlings are a loss. This means I will have no broccoli this time around, as the time to translate a healthy plant has passed now. Bear in mind that the sparseness you see Left is after TWO WEEKS. Pft, almost three.

~The Chives pot grew nothing, not even the little round leafed invader sprouts.
~The two broccoli pots have the invader weeds, and to brought my hopes up a little reddish-stalked sprout.
~The red cabbage pot had a strong looking seedling, but green..
~The two purple cauliflower pots had seedlings, but they looked just like all the others! Until three days ago when something sprouted up SO FAST and grew SO TALL that it fell over! Every two hours I noticed it have MOVED again! I was sure it must have been some green version of mushroom to grow that fast.
~The opal basil pot was my only hope, having a green spout with two "true leaves" beneath it that are kind of jagged.

I hadn't thought to look up what these sprouts …

100918 Sea March Revel

So with my husband at drill this weekend I was disposed to venture to an SCA potluck on my own. I used to be very able to go places on my own, having been known to take a Scottish tram into the middle of Glasgow to see church's on my own when no one else was interested in going. In the last few years I've been anxious to even drive myself alone to the store! I spent an hour, dress in my fencing garb, sitting at the computer recompiling the persona I want to register (putting away Julianna Wilkins, the Pirate Captain, in favor of Katryn Weir: a late 16th Century saucy Scots-Irish). Finally, after txting my husband that I might not go at all, I put up Rook and ventured out sans Rapier Gear or Food for feast (I had not had time to go shopping).
After a few wrong turns I finally arrived... And sat in the parking lot for five minutes watching the Fighters pack up the erics, and contemplated just fleeing! So much for a Saucy Scot. Hubby finally txted that I better at least go up, a…

The Overprivelaged Stupid

Is it wrong to hope that the dangerously stupid meet up with persons just as dangerously stupid as themselves?So I was led to believe today that I may be the only driver oin West Palm Beach who actually follows the traffic laws.. I was almost t-boned today as a black coup with huge shiny rims and illegally tinted windows ran a stop-sign as a crossing where I had none. If I had been speeding, as he was, he would have hit me square in the front passenger door.Minutes later I stopped at a red light set before a Firestation; there is another light for the true corner maybe 10-20 feet up. They turn at the same times. As I sat at the light (made so that firetrucks could exit with a clear path) TWO cars blew my light to turn at the corner!!A block up I was in the right lane at a red light as my right-turn was shortly after: an SUV crawled up on the grass and sidewalk to make the right turn! Who ARE these people? What makes them think they are so important, privelaged, or impervious? Is it wr…

The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

Ah, to Wait, and Hope.
How sweet it is, when I finish a novel I loved, to sit and let the feeling of it carry me a way for a few moments after turning the final page. What an amazing book. It is the kind of story that clings to you, and you can tell that your mind may be changed forever.
It was hard not to over-notice the Shakespearean 'Romeo and Juliet' thread, which (though pervading all cultures in history) was probably not so overused in popular novels at the time of its penning as it is now, thanks to popular media. Very interesting was how it started with the perception that Edmond and Mercedes were the Star-Crossed-Lovers. Equally interesting was how I came to almost loathe Mercedes: I have a hard time with masochistic piety. I originally misaligned the hearts of the two (to me) important women, but with the Herreras effectively written out came to adore the end result.
I'm the end I'm very excited to move on to another Dumas novel, but wait until my next shift…

My Second Anniversary!

Today I woke up to the sight of a dozen roses on the coffee table. <3, this is actually the view from the bedroom door. I had to work overnight, so we connected via phone to wish each other a 'Congrats, you survived me this long' at midnight. He had tricked me, that evil thing! I came home and the house was a total WRECK! I'd asked him to do the dishes, but the kitchen looked like something exploded. I went to bed grumpy (not looking forward to cleaning the house on my anniversary) and tired (yesterday at work being trying enough: the guards aren't the bad-guys, the guards have to enforce the RESIDENTS as well. Hmph.)

When I woke up, not only was the house spotless, but those roses were on the table, and he offered me three different breakfasts! I chowed down on stuffed clamshells a breakfast beer (reserved for special occasions). We had a fairly normal afternoon (I wake at 1400) and set reservations down for Melting Pot! I wore the dress he bought me before our fir…

12 hrs in a running car w/o A.C, in FL.

So the kid who worked Patrol last night was either a moron, or feigned being one so he'd never have to sub for patrol again. Either way I hope he never does.He waited until none hours in to his twelve hour shift, that is: until two a.m., to announce the vehicle was out of gas. He claimed to not know how to fll it up. Being at the gatehouse I gave him the instructions given to me. When he claimed to not know his PIN, I gave him mine. He left, and ten minutes called me from the gas station claiming it wasn't working. I had yet to fill the vehicle and so couldn't be much help. He kept claiming he needed "two more numbers". I referred him to North Gate. Apparently that didn't work either so he returned to site with three bars (approximately thirty percent) of gas. I told him to take it easy, sit in Cul de Sacs once he was finished with checks, and I would take care of it tomorrow when Lt gave me instructions. (I later had to help him fax his end of shift reports…

Cramping on a Monday? No fair..

The first day of cramping, always your Monday, is the day that:*You'll oversleep.
*Pull your workshirt out of the dryer with more hair on it than when it went in, but with two missing buttons.
*Your apps won't load.
*You leave the house late.
*Everyone drives 5 under.
*The guy in the souped-up piece-of crap stalls at the light.
*The day the old lady, who has to look out the side window cause she can't see over the dash, goes 25 in front of you over the bridge.
*Among other ridiculously irritating little things.I dunno what I did to piss God off... But I'm really sorry.

100906 Vegetable Garden Exploded, with GREEN

So, while for some reason I cannot get the Blogger or Picasa to play nice, and thus this post looks like garbage, the garden itself BLEW UP in the last four days! LOOK how BUSHY they got! The turnips are almost a shrub in comparison, and the cucumber got so tall it finally fell over and shot out tendrils! I reaaaally need to device a trellis of some sort, and soon. The Bamboo and netting idea got shot down when I learned I cannot attach anything to the siding of the house. The stucco is concrete or something.

My Garden

Soldiers Rock Gaga's Telephone.

In case you guys don't remember the Corpsman bustin moves to Ferglilicious (one of my favorite YouTube finds of all time) Click below for a review.

Now, in the same spirit comes another fantastic find: soldiers deployed to Afghan-land with a whole music video to Lady Gaga's "Telephone". Dude with the reflector belt dress gets many points. Omg, I hope none of them ever want to advance very far, though I think they should get promotion points for extreme creativity.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go watch my Corpsman shake his Fergie-Thing again.


My husband just wrote about the obsolescence of the Quinceanera. In it's CURRENT incarnation I agree; however, I agree with its foundation: graduating a from girl to woman. We have our own "Western" way of it now, High School Graduation, even some Sweet Sixteens. This Sioux Coming-of-Age Ceremony represents what that graduation should be, and used to be.
I may be biased: watching an informal ceremony where a Duke's son was pronounced a man by his father, around a Mixed Weapons fire, by the giving of a dagger and a repeating of the deeds that proved that boy a man... It struck me. Being a Man, or Woman, should carry responsibility, be a proven title, not just an age limit.

Dumpster Diving.

Is it shameful to go Dumpster Diving after watching a kid get evicted from an $80,000 condo? My New-in-box Cedar & Crystal chess set says no.I also scored a New In Box 6-Bottle Liquer pourer (should resell nicely) and 2 decorative short Samurai swords.Win.

100902 Vegetable Garden

So, it had been a while since I got to post pics of the little garden. A great many didn't grow: broccoli, chives, Basil. I'm going to try to start them inside, though it's supposedly too late for the Broccoli. The Winter Squash got tall, but there's some yellowing lower leaves. The Thinning of the Turnips and Beets (After Rook trampled a bit) took alright, until she trampled through it again. Now it looks like I may get 4-5 beets and a ton of turnips. I put up this spiky willow thing to try to keep her out, so far so good!

The Garden Spiders are Taking Over..

We left to dinner at 1812. When we got back around 2012 THIS HUGE WEB with the HUGE ugly yellow and black spider had sprung up outside the patio door. Terrifying.

Made Blue Cheese (for him) Feta (for me) and red pepper stuffed chicken breasts for dinner tomorrow, along with spinach and cream cheese stuffed white mushrooms.
Crammed in a couple loads of laundry; ignoring the dishes best I can. Got super fat on the Asian Passport food at Sweet Tomatoes. 

My poor garden... The vines are starting to turn yellow. I think I'm not watering enough, so I poured so much water on them today that I thought I might DROWN them: but the soil kept taking and taking it without pooling on top. I have to see how they are in the morning. I hope the yellow and slightly dry edging on one leaf (per plant) doesn't sabotage the whole plant. The turnips seem to be doing ok, though a couple of them seem to be coming in crooked, (the turnips too!) I'm now convinced the weird thing in the middle MUST be …
Lazy People: I tagged a Civic for being Backed in & the owner came out. He asked, I explained that next time he'd be towed. He went inside & left it that way!

Saved 3k gallons, and Garden Sprouts!

Water bill came in. My new miserliness dropped water usage from 6000 gallons to 3000 gallons, and from $19.47 to $13.45. *It's not about the money paid, it's the gallons saved :) I want so badly to post every day the growth I see in the garden. Is it weird that it makes me so excited? Both of my Cucumber and Winter Squash seeds sprouted (I sowed two per hole), so I'll have to thin them. I'm only moving them a little though, I'd love to have WAY too many squash and cucumbers. My celery, chives, and cabbage haven't spouted, and I'm a little worried since everything else did. I'm thinking about seeding them inside this week and just transplanting whatever grows. I got my broccoli in the mail, and thus in the ground. I also got my carrots in the mail, but haven't made the tote up yet. I'm going to just turn the tote into a garden for them, since the Square Foot plot in the back wouldn't be deep enough. Supposedly I can do potatoes this way to…

SLASHED Water bill in Half

Water bill came in. My new miserliness dropped water usage from 6000 gallons to 3000 gallons, and from $19.47 to $13.45. *It's not about the money paid, it's the gallons saved :)

First Sprouts in the Garden!

I went out to potty the dog and water the plants and saw sprouts!! I ran back in the house yelling "I'VE GOT TURNIPS!!!"

I still have to move the twine from over the Winter Squash, I didn't have my sharp the day I planted the seeds. Still no sign of the Celery, Cabbage, or Chives yet. Here's hoping they're not TOO shy!

I watered them from the cup again, each lil row/plant get's 8oz near/around them. I don't want to drown them. I watered them the day they were planted, skipped yesterday, and watered today. I'm not sure yet if that's good or bad, but I'll figure it out.

I had them covered the first night in case of hard rain (I didn't want the seeds displaced). Husband has convinced me to leave the Weed Blocker tarp off for this evening, as the sun is very little due to the coming rain. So... here's praying Mother let's me keep my seedlings :D