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July11-17. Mangos, school, .. that's about it.

Not a very interesting week; hubby's playing Army so I feel like a single mom. Needy pets, 40hr job, two summer classes, AAAAHHH!Mangogeddon continued and after freezing a bunch of tupperware full of mango I realized I was out of tupperware! I relocated the tupperware bricks into baggies and pulped what I had. I repeated the process later in the week with what had riped, and there are now 2-2cup bricks, 1-4cup brick, 4-1 mango baggies, 3-2 mango baggies, and 2-1 mango loaves of bread in the freezer. Three unripe mangos in the fridge, one in the fruit bowl. I'v thrown away a ridiculous amount of fruit in the last couple weeks, mainly because we have no way to harvest besides waiting for them to fall. I know some of our landlord's workers can climb up the tree or onto the roof, but I'm not risking broken bones for more of what I have a surplus of.Took my first Bio Principles exam on Monday, got a 92%. Really happy about that. Offset it Friday (in my mind) by forgetting m…

04July-10July. Mango bread; Plantlife; and Circumcision.

This week didn't have a lot too it, except that I've been really busy the whole time. I spent most of Independence Day catching up on housework and homework while Hubby pulled a double-time shift. I had a beer with lunch (Sam Adams East-West Kolsch) and had enough time (read: got bored enough) to finally sit down with Photoshop and recreate my highschool diploma. My mom 'filed' mine when I left everything I owned with her as I marched off to Bootcamp and that was the last anyone ever saw of it. I love her, but I unfortunately get my organizational skills from her! I think it turned out rather well, especially since it's just for my wall anyway.
It took longer than I thought it would. Looked up diplomas to get the wording right, then had to dig around for signatures that could be used. Took me a silly amount of time to find a signature for someone with the name Anderson, large enough to manipulate. The others, shrug, no one remembers those people, but the principal&…


I always wondered if there was a name for it. I was sure there was, humans name everything. When I was young I would mouth or whisper the last sentence I said. I started trying to stop when people started pointing it out, though I still did it in my head. It happened more obviously when I spoke spontaneously (any normal conversation not rehearsed) so I thought it may be mind-to-mouth in reverse, as if people think-then-speak but because I spoke first my brain would rewind and then think.I still sometimes do it, but when I'm alone I do it outloud, sometimes complete with smiling and hand gestures. Sometimes I review whole short conversations (just my side). I've been doing it a lot lately (or maybe it seems like a lot lately since I noticed I still do it). Today I finally looked it up.Most of the people who say they did it say they had normal to advanced language development. This is different from what Einstein had; he developed language slow and repeated sentences to himself …

Weekly WeyrCat 27June-03July

School:I started Biological Principals this Monday. The professor is a marine biologist who's been at FAU for 25 years. He's also hilarious, no-nonsense, and replies "no" when asked if he was in the military. He's specific about what he demands of a student: No tech in class, excluding dedicated audio recorders (which he recommends for those who feel the need to write everything down). He started the day off by calling security on a girl who refused to move closer to the podium (no sitting in the back five rows) because she wanted to be able to charge her laptop (not allowed in class anyway). He actually laughed at her. He asked nicely, then instructed her, then informed her he was calling security. He did. They came and escorted her out while she flipped him off and yelled "F* YOU!" Wow... just... wow. Pride man... Pride and entitlement. The body of the class seems like a bunch of material I've already learned, so as long as I stay on top of it I b…