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Sleepy wife is...

My Hubby's in WLC for two weeks, so I think I'm gonna shack up with this guy. He's totally Stacked!! Oops! MT! >^..^<

OLD!!! Gym:
-Curls (5lb, 2/10), 10lb 4/10.
-Reverse curls, 10lb 4/10. These hurt like they shouldn't. Especially when first two sets are with barbell weights instead of dumbbells
-Cable Bicep Curl, 20lb (=5lb resist) 3/10.
-One-arm preacher curl, 10lb 4/10

4m 39:18 ow.

Still need to buy: Girly Lifting Gloves. I want tone, not callouses.

>>>>>>This was the last RUN I did before I broke my hand and was told I couldn't run for a while. It's also how I usually send my posts to my Blog (the one at Blogger, used to be a seperate blog called RunnerKitty. Now, i'm not sure how I'll work it. I like the All-Encompassingness that is the RW (omg I can't find another site that will let me be as specific as I wants with the Strength Training like I can here. I'm not Swarzenegger or anything, but hey, I'm proud o…

Walk to Empower - Breast Cancer Phoenix Arizona


It's that time of year again, when the streets of 13 cities turn pink as people gather and walk to raise money for support for those touched by Breast Cancer!

Last time my goal was $150 and we managed to raise $300!! Outstanding! This year my goal is $500!

Click the link above to see how we're doing, donate on the web, and find out more about the "Walk to Empower."

I ask this year for those generous to give last time, to give again. I ask for those who couldn't give, to donate this time. Every dollar helps, and you don't have to donate $25 dollars to help out! You can give $1, and still be making a difference. "In the past 17 years, the Walk to Empower has raised nearly $42 million to help ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone. In 2008, $8 million was raised. "

There are plenty of ways you can give!

Please, help us to give Survivors and their families Strength.

090309 Gym

Iso-lat leg extension 1/15 3/10 B4+7.5lbE.
-Iso-lst leg curl 4/13 10lbE.
-VSquat 2/15 2/10 Base54lb+10 good ow. There.
-Lower back ext 4/10
time to stop, just not up to it today. So hot, head pounding, stopped when left lung felt like someone was grabbing it in a claw.As I sit (and send the last entry), I feel my calves spasming (yay!) and I'm getting the shivers. With how hot it is today & in here, prob not good.I'm sure its dehydration. At work I had my 64oz all the time, without that pattern I'm under 8-16oz. I'm sure the bod's pissed by that.~From WeyrCat's Treo

090302 Gym

-Iso lat leg 1/10 10e 3/10 7.5e
-sheet. I didn't fill this, which left me wingin it on todays lb/reps~From WeyrCat's Treo

Inkheart. (movie)

Omg it's Chaucer!! Well, the cute guy who played Chaucer in Heath Ledger's

Do you think I'm watching too many movies? It's Mom's fault.

Loved this movie.

Meet the Spartans... wtf

Alright, this is gonna end up a footnote when I do 300 a lil later this week. (I've seen it before, and know to skip the Queen rape scene.)

This movie, isn't really a movie, it's the spoof on 300, with a bunch of other random crap thrown in there. now, I usually like the flicks mocking other flicks, but this one is just really freaking terrible.


Kevin Sorbo is still freaking gorgeous.
And in the end, the Xerxes messenger (big balck dude) was the only one who could sing!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

1846, A barber returns home from his unjust exile to find the wife he left behind raped and suicided by Judge Turpin, and his daughter adopted by fiend. Barker the Barber takes on the name Sweeney Todd, and along with the Worst Pie-Maker in London, hatches a plan to take his revenge on the Judge and those who wouldn't help her as she lay there raped in plain sight at one of the judge's parties.

Dreadfully dark, Tim Burton did an AMAZING job.
How ridiculously gory too!! Helena Bonham Carter is freaking creepy awesome as always, and NEED I drool over Depp anymore than I already COULD?

LOVE it. Wonderful!

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)*Movie

Movie based on the book *unread* about Henry the VIII's "one-time mistress Mary Boleyn and her sister Anne, who (a bit of a spoiler for me) became the monarch's ill-fated second wife.

How little I realized that being invited/summoned to the court pretty much landed Anne "where the King can always find [her]", and in my modern, cynical view of things, interprets that as putting her at the Kings Bed and Call. Oops, Freudian, BECK and call. And for the Queen, with a new Lady in Waiting, a gift from her Husband, with no special talent. How would it feel to know your husband summoned to your circle, a girl he plans to put in his bed? The life of a Queen, I do not desire. I'll keep my Captaincy, where I can just kill a man if I need to.

What is WITH the Tudor style men's coats though, the King's particularly, huge gorilla shaped, ugh.

What do you do, a girl in the 1600s, newly married, when adultery is a sin, and the King wants you in his bed, and you can…

Moliere (2007

True, a little too late for SCA period, but still...

From IMDB: In 1658, playwright/actor Molière, having been given a theater in the capital by the King, is back in Paris after touring the kingdom of France with his company of players. One day, a young lady asks him to follow her to the deathbed of her mother... Thirteen years earlier, Molière already runs a troupe but goes broke and is thrown to prison. Fortunately (?) his debt is covered by Monsieur Jourdain, a rich man who wants him to help him rehearse a one-act play he has written with a view to seducing a beautiful bright young widow, Célimène. As Jourdain is married to Elmire, and is the "respectable" father of two daughters his design must remain secret so Molière is introduced into the house as Tartuffe, an austere priest...

Beware, those of you who don't like subtitles, this movie IS in French. They aren't perfect, I heard the word "Espanol" though it didn't read Spanish, eh.

GODS his writing de…

Beowulf & Grendel (2005)

What the heck, I did the crappy 07 Beowulf, and while digging found this Gerard butler (droool) Beowulf telling, So, here we go.

While the Wiki calls this "loosely based" on Beowulf, it sports a name claiming it IS the Beowulf tale, at least, the first two-thirds of it. They do not go on to the dragon tale. The movie starts with a prologue: A hatred Born, where in 500 AD the Danes (lead by who turns out to be Hrothgar) hunt down and kill a giant of a man (a troll): Grendel's father. The child Grendel takes up a sword and hacks his father's head off to take it with him. This, is a revenge tale.
Whence Grendel is Dead, they go on to the "Hag", Grendel's Mother, a relatively short battle in the scheme of things. Her finds her, tussels and cuts her head off. She's built rather as the trolls are (Grendel and his father), so may really be just a female troll.. but living in a cave? Eh, with a 2500 year old story, one theory is as good as the next (unless yo…

Beowulf (2007)

Read Beowulf

While the tale of Beowulf isn't exactly mangled, the details of just about everything are changed. The story is definitely identifyable, even not that bad to watch, but terribly not awesome either. I did find the digital look ditracting, and wonder if it could really be cheaper than the sets required to film. Eh.
Not going on The Shelf, but eh, wasn't a waste of time either.

Follows, the songs Queen Wealthow sings, not-period (pity) but I found them wonderful. She plays them to a harp.

lips ripe as he berries in june
red the rose, red the rose
skin pale as the light of the moon
gently as she goes.
eyes blue as the see and the sky
water flows x2
heart burning like fire in the night
gently as she goes
la la la....
gently as she goes


Out of the mist of history he'll come again
Sailing on ships across the sea to a wounded nation
Signs of a savior and fire on the water
It's what we prayed for, one of our own

Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home
He goes…

Casanova (2005)

Let me start with my bias, for I may play SCA period, which is 500-1599, but my love has always gone to the 1700s.. The Musketeers I loved first, The pirates my fantasies; what kind of girl has a crush on Captain Hook?

Casanova ends up a chick flick with an unrealistic Happy Ending (as always) but is delightful, witty, and juuuust barely swashbuckling enough. It definitely makes it on My Shelf. I pretty much cared not about doc'ing authenticity with this movie. Hell its the 1700's, easily document'able (insert grain of salt here."

Jeremy Irons as the Bishop Pucci, that man is terribly awesome. Always drawn back to him as Aramis in "Man in the Iron Mask."

Ugh, time for bed and I know I won't finish :(

090303 Fencing

"As I am 2000 miles from my Barony, on a wicked work schedule that prevents me from attending Sunday practice in Attillium, // Atlantia, I have signed up for a Fencing Class (through All American Fencing). This allows me to peck a bit, and learn some skills that can only improve my Rapier!"

This is being uploaded late, as currently our net seems to shut off every night around 10pm.

I finally attended my first fencing class at AA Fencing tonight. I'd been rather avoiding it (though seemingly not a purpose..) Maybe as I'm so terrible at Rapier with my left that if I'm armed I'll tend to just take the death. I went, and as I slowly regain feeling in my thumb (from the pistol grip) I am so happy I went. They wanted to bump me up to the Intermediate seeing as I already know basic footwork (most of the beginner class) but I got up to do some with the three gentlemen comprising today's beginner class, and we all progressed about the same speed, picking it all up i…

"Outlander" Norse meets Spaceman!!

Neat notes:

Freya wears a fitted dress with what looks like sleeves attached by ties (detachable?) and a close apron without the classic pair of brooches, braided straps. Wish I could get a good look at the pattern on the front, looks like embroidery.
Also, midriff leather top with one arm bare of sleeve) while fighting sword and board.
Sleeveless tank, possible metallically embroidered with diamond shapes.
Tattoo on bare left shoulder.

Lookin at small-ringed-maile shirts and fur boots on the men. Leather several-tiered spaulders, metal rivets. Saw several painted round shield. Leather "dragonscale" breastplate.
Male tattoos (saw a bear-claw with Celtic looking knots inside). Also what looks like Ogham (most likely not though.) Cross in center of circle (+) Some facial tats on another Tribesman.

Have a Christian dude, but proclaim to Odin.

I see a Dreki headed throne for the clan leader.
Whole body goat as a mead-skin.
Leather shaped stirrups. HUGE drinking horn, glazed c…