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It's going to be a busy semester!

It took me a couple hours of hitting refresh on "Add Class CRNs" every fifteen (ok, five, I'm impatient) minutes, but someone FINALLY dropped and I was able to add to the Chem class I need! I didn't expect that to work! I'll have a heavy load this semester, but I really need that Chem: it's the first of a line of FIVE chemistry classes that must be done one after another (no concurrency allowed!) GLEE!
OK, shower and bed, I'm running in the morning! I expect postings to be very sparse for the next few months :P

Chem2045 (101 for Science majors) and Lab.
History of Civilization - writing requirement.
Biostatistics - yep.
Bio1011 - Biodiversity (think Core Biology, large scale) and Lab.
Oh, and Yoga on Monday :P

Grades, PBCZoo, and Science Museums! (Draft Where'd those pix go?)

Haven't blogged in a while, or written letters, or done anything in a long while but I have something to show for it! A in Calculus, A in Biological Principles Lab, and B+ in Bio-Princ lecture. I wasn't slacking, I'll have you know. I studied my brains out and missed my A by 4 points (356/360). I don't know what happened. I did throw up a status on it, I was that distraught, I'll paste it here:

Felt like I got a 99%, got an 87%...

Since school ended Husband and I have still been kind of busy, but in a good way.
Went to the Palm Beach Zoo; it was fantastic. I expected it to be kind of small but we got there just after they opened and stayed almost until closing. The only reason we fled early was to escape the downpour that snuck up on us. We plan to go back to finish it: there were some animals that didn't show *coughTIGERS*. They have a volunteer program that teaches you to care for the animals and teach others about it. I squealed, and plan to find ti…

Felt like I got 99%, got 87%. ...??

So... I got a B+ in Biological Principles. I missed an A in Biological Principles by 4 points. 356/360.

I'm actually a little blindsided because I came out of the final exam feeling like I did 100%. I identified one I missed, but still felt I was getting almost a perfect score. I knew everything. I blazed through the test and was sure I was going to be at the top of the "honor roll" (list of highest grades on the exam). I got 91/105, an 87%. I actually cried! How can I feel like I did so well, and get a B? How can I get three A's in a class, and one B, and get a B overall?
Shane thinks I'm crazy, but I'm disappointed in the whole semester. To put EVERYTHING into something to only get a B+. I brought my notecards to my husband's brother's memorial service.For a B.
3/4 exams I felt I nailed it, and didn't do close to what I thought I did. So, I'd study more. Steal time at work to study more. Stay up later. Normally I do about as well as I feel …