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110129 Neat news

American students do poorly in science, report says Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:04pm EST I'm a Science Teacher, I'll help to fix this. Kids should love science. Also:
My mom has a blurry photo, sneakily taken, of this bust when she was in Berlin around 1983.  :) I hope someday to back and see it myself!German foundation refuses to return Nefertiti bust Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:41pm EST
'It was around that time that God struck me as being curiously similar to the Mafia, offering us "protection" and promising not to hurt us (or kill us) as long as we pay up in moral currency.'

Damia's Children. -Anne McCaffrey 3/5

Not bad. Very much like an uneventful episode in a mini-series. Felt more like it was written as an in-between, something to link two other books. Eh.
Can't NOT read them at least once, since I paid for them (though solo long ago. Wow almost 9years now? Eek!)

Too bored to be lazy.

So Hubby went to drill today, and I told him I'd try to have the house clean when we got back. He forbade it! Told me to relax and do nothing. I took my first Algebra exam today, think I did really well. Didn't make it to the gym yesterday due to homework and studying.

I went through my email, trolled facebook, checked my email again, and after being SO bored for about an hour I gave up being lazy. I went to make dinner but the pot I needed for ravioli was in the sink, filled with dirty dishes. So... I had to wash them... to get the pot... ya know? Did the dishes, counters, swept the tile, put away the laundry, then finished up dinner and chowed down. Ran another load of laundry, did my SW dailies (woo! Grand Master Cooking!)

Soooo.... I suppose I'll watch an epi of bones (missed it!), hang the laundry I ran, and shower. Plan on tucking into a niiiiiice warm extra long sleep.

Death du Jour - Kathy Reichs 4/5
A wee dry, and predictable,  and a woman's intuition indicative of being unable to play Connect The Dots, yet a fairly enjoyable read! I will find the next installment.

110122- feed

... something a 5th grader knows: A*  (B+C) = A*B + A*C... confused me for HOURS because it looked like (7x-6)^2 +x*5(7x-6)*7. -.-Shane got a 102pt word (glazed, on both a double and triple!) in scrabble and I still beat him :)Also, the new buyer of our duplex told our neighbor that she would like to move in immediately. Problem is we both have six and seven months (respectively) on our leases. She can't kick us out without provocation, and we're really hoping she doesn't try to fine-tooth us out. It's bad enough we have to plan on home shopping around Finals time. Zoo not looking forward to this. Once we hear for sure that she owns it we're going to start packing nonessentials, just in case.

A headache before 1300...

I'm a week and a half into the semester and already so tired of having college algebra shoved down my throat at a ridiculous rate. I sit in my car on the fourth floor of the parking garage, an overly sensitive car alarm blares with no one go turn it off, as the loudspeaker bell tolls noon. The cacophony, on top of fighting back tears of frustration and exhaustion, are almost too much. I just had a week's worth of high school algebra breezed through in 45 minutes by a Russian monikered Korean lady with a strong accent, with 5minutes left at the end for a quiz in manipulation of additive inverses ("addTItive...") Panicky, I'd done what I could and hurriedly selected someone that looked like it MIGHT be right... Today's exam was moved back a week (yay!) So she could put more on it (awww.) Even that seems like an anti-blessing.The car alarm ceases for a moment, respite? And starts back up again, in case everyone dared forget about it. I left class wanting to cry.…

110119 Smoosh 'n I need naps...

While yesterday I had a headache and therefore felt my day off and its minor chores were a burden, today I feel much better and even rather optimistic. It's pretty outside, I'm still congested but no headache, and poor Shmoosh is taking his neutering well. Be did manage to turn his soft collar into a tutu,  but he seems to be sleeping most of it off. I skipped the gym yesterday, due to headache and malaise. I plan to try my hand (foot?) at running club tonight. Skip next paragraph if you don't want to read me whine about my weight.I never really worried too much about it; as long as I was under my Marine Corps Max I was happy. At 63" that gives me a max of 135. I was 125 in high school, can out of Boot 135, and it gradually worked back to 125. Before Christmas I was 132, then shortly after


Trying to read Damia (McCaffrey) YEARS after reading Rowan, only to find it runs concurrently in this first part and is a little hard to follow without remembering the details. I may have to hold off until rereading Rowan, though that means it'll be a while before I get back where I am now!Found an app for Android that's a bit more sophisticated than the method I was using before to track beer and wine and have that information portable when thinking about trying something. I'm terrible about remembering how I felt about a certain drink and used to have a wee html that listed them. I took it down when one of my episodes prompted me to believe it was heralding alcoholism. I still have the info somewhere... Anyway this app is Springpad. I like that it has a barcode scanner and can contain various types of products in I one  app, as opposed to having 'Beer Free', 'Wine Free, etc. What it finds can be limited and I AM using the Wine option to categorize the beer (p…

110109 Pizza and Movies

I love days when I'm cute. Pizza guy loved it too! While yesterday's double had me in tears and cursing the guests for hours, I did realize you can get a lot done in 16 hrs on your butt.A. Finished Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs (audiobook). A wee dry but enjoyed it. Will 'dig up' the next installment. B. Watched 'Tristan and Isolde' finally. Want for my collection. Historical errors made in trying to patch together a locale and time, but it's hard to dislike men with swords in studded leather. C. Got halfway through 'The Last Templar' by Raymond Koury. Very good read I think.Got home,  threw a tantrum, hubby fed me a popsicle after my shower and I slept a little. TODAY:A. Finished 'Last Templar'. Do your neighborhood library a favor. Take the book out, tear out the last 25 pages, enjoy the rest of the book, return. Anyone who bothers to dig up those last pages and read them will understand why you tore them out. I swear... stupidest  archaeologi…

Christmas eve RESET DATE

My husband woke me up this morning with my christmas present: the little black cat I've been feeding at work! Shmoosh Underfoot spent most of the morning hiding from the dog but he's very comfortable with both of us. This week we'll work on getting him neutered and giving him his vaccinations. My husband also spent all morning making christmas dinner! He pick up a prime rib roast and made that alongside a sweet potato casserole. I ate it for brunch, packed it for dinner, and look forward to leftovers.Work felt like it went on forever. So this lady use to live with one of the residents. She was on the permanent list, the whole deal, excepting that the resident refused to let management give her a decal which would allow her to come to the gate unchecked. Last month the resident had her taken off the permanent list. She then had to be called in every time she showed up. When she asked why she suddenly had to be called in every time she didn't seem to understand that a pe…

When I eat tuna sandwiches, I think of my dad

When I eat tuna sandwiches, I think of my dad.

I don't think anyone else in my family ate tuna sandwiches, just us. When the can was opened, then drained, Mom would steal a tiny chunk before we put the mayo and mustard in it. Two spoons of mayo to make it creamy and a spoon of mustard to make it yellow and tangy. Then spread it nice and thick over white bread. There was only ever enough for two sandwiches: one for Dad, and one for me. Sometimes I put relish in it, sometimes extra pepper; nowadays I sprinkle sesame seeds in it. No matter how I make it, I always think of sharing a can with my dad.

It always makes me smile.

The Last Templar. Halfway. SPOILERS

I'm reading this very interesting book _The Last Templar_ by Raymond Khoury. I really enjoy it, wth its Indiana Jones meets the Crusades feel, seasoned with 13thC flashbacks. But... a spoiler...
Claiming ANYTHING could unify the three religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, preposterous. Assuming proof was found that the Christ Myth was truly a myth, and assuming you could disseminate this proof to the masses, it would be dismissed quickly by Christians as false work by non-believers or the lies of Satan. The Jews would ho-hum twiddle their thumbs and be in the same position they are now. The Muslims probably wouldn't care less, having a new prophet, book, temple,  everything. People have this thing called 'Faith', aka blind acceptence of whichever myth tickled their heartstrings and adamant ignorence of anything that might threaten that myth. You could never make Christian believe Jesus wasn't the Christ, even if you somehow god God to come down out of…

Sarcasm is how I problem solve!

This this page Kansas vs. Darwin Has a link about "How does creationism stay alive and kicking?" The link (provided) is a neat little blog about a Sidebar (link #2) scrubbed from a Florida science textbook, and a link to a scan of said textbook. The sidebar itself, subtly bashing science and scientists, end with "several important points". Since I love the phrase "The best lies are laced with little truths" I'm going to play with it.

1. Unbiased science is never afraid to question a theory, even a popular one. A valid theory will stand up to scrutiny. Questioning a theory in light of the evidence, is in fact, how science progresses. //Kinda, we'll take that. Now, let's put my evidence for evolution against your evidence for Creationism. What? You don't have any?//

2. Burden of proof lies with those who support it. It is not up to others to disprove it. Holy Halos are you retarded? Good science goes both ways, as the outcome of observation an…

New Work Schedule

So this new schedule will be hard on the REM but seems like it'll be great when school starts. As ye can see I've had time to plan this week's meals, go through some old magazines, sort email, and work on an old cross-stitch I stuck in my bag. Quiet enough, so I think this will be great for homework.  Not quite Golf2, but nothing ever will be. :)

Retard Rising

SO. I dated this guy for almost a year. I broke up with him after boot camp (I had time to grow up and realize I was dating a guy who whined about how life was sooooo unfair and wore black velvet ankle length skirts...) I battled to get my ferrets from him til he 'sold' the male to me for $50 bucks 'to buy an amp'. The ferret had to be detox'd, btw, too much pot smoke too often. Then I ran into him months later, when he told me he was dying of AIDS and hadn't been with anyone since me, so I should probably get checked. (Apparently he didn't know I get tested every year AND was blood tested by the Marine Corps at MEPS.) NOW 10 years later tries to friend me through facebook....Are you REALLY that retarded?? Thank god I left you when I did!