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Anne McCaffrey, 1926 – 2011

As the WeyrCat I feel I must say Thank you to this lady who so shaped my young-teen reading habits. My mother owned tons of her books and I came to love more than the dragons she was so known for, but space, the exploration of other planets and peoples, technologies and what humans could achieve through science. Sure, some of them were a wee campy but her books largely shaped who I grew up to be. Writers touch people, and she definitely touched my life and therefore everyone in it. Thank you. ♥

- Made official on her publisher's (DelRay's) website. Anne McCaffrey: April 1 1926 - November 21, 2011.

McCaffrey helped pave the way for women writers in fantasy and science fiction, and was both the first woman awarded a Hugo Award and the first awarded a Nebula Award. Even in her 80s she continued to write, and over her lifetime produced a prodigious number of books and short stories. She was still answering readers’ mail on her website as of a few weeks ago. [Imag…

Decent grades, cool science, depressing politics.

Had a wonderful chat with an older gent while I was on patrol this week. Was given some wisdom:

1. Get the best education you can get.
2. Have the confidence and will to become an expert in your job within six months.
3. Don't be afraid to take well-thought of and responsible risks; you never know how much you can gain.
Best advice I've had in a while. Respect your elders, they're smarter than you.

The rest is grades, whining, and cool articles from the net :D

Grades, Goals, and Giggles.

So. Today I found out I got a 95% on my Biodiversity exam. WOOT! Also, this means I only need a 65% on the Final to keep my A. I of course wouldn't settle for that, but it's nice to have the security.

I took my dread Chem exam today, the raw score is 72% (ugh). We get to write our choices down and then compare them to the key that goes up an hour after the exams are closed. My first test was around the same, but was raised to a mid B due to some tinkering and curving. I'm hoping this does the same but I'm disappointed. I know I redirected a lot of effort into the Biodiv exams (the one above and the Practical Final tomorrow). I'm going to put all the time I WAS putting into the Bio Lab into Chem and see if I can't strengthen my base before the Final. I need a 90% on the final to keep my A. Bleh.

Still no word on the History of Civ exam. It takes forever for those TA's to get back to us. I know they have their own exams, but sheesh. I did get a 95% on my roug…

Dear John Social Media,

Dear Social Media,

I think we're spending too much time together. I just feel smothered. I check my Facebook before my email these days. I download special apps for my computer and phone to make sure 'updates' get to FB, Twitter, AND G+. I stream some of my news feeds through FB, instead of RSS, and then feel bogged down when I have to go hunt through the mess to FIND the news stream I want to read. As a consequence of snatching up short blurbs of either densely packed information or witty one-liners, I'm pretty sure my attention span is MUCH shorter than it used to be. It's sometimes a struggle to get through a news article when I DO find the stream I want. I find myself breezing over paragraphs in the "TLDR" mindframe, figuring the topic paragraph and the ending paragraph will give me enough context clues to absorb the article. Having previously been a prolific reader, I'm rather appalled with myself. You know, I think I'm losing my 'spellin…