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A lil bit on "Gays in the Military"

This is actually a kneejerk reaction post about a comment Spc. Chamiracle Speight (USArmy) made in the Fayetteville Observer on the subject.See, Obama has called to "end the ban on homosexuals in the military" which I see as a good move (though there will undoubtedly be some ridiculous backlash.) Sgt. McCarty says that he knows some gays who get their job done just fine and shouldn't have to lie about their orientation. I agree, anyone who outs themselves to their unit is asking for what they get. Do they deserve backlash, no. Will they get it if the dumb homophobic hick down the hall learns there's "one dem fags" livin two doors down? Probably... which is why allowing gays in the military probably won't make much of a stir in the Gay Community itself. These are people, and they're not stupid. They've already told the people it's safe to tell, and even if "allowed" to be where they already are, aren't going to go waving rainbow…

Pennsic Pilgrimage: By MiniGoal

For Kingdom... for Canton... for fun. I take up my sword, my bow, my coin and my shoes and walk into the springtime northward. I seek the greatest war of our land: Pennsic. It is 499 miles, and I have 6 months to get there...

A lady in my SCA Sparkers Team on came up with the Walk to Pennsic thing as a way to get herself going. Never one to turn my nose up at a great idea I decided to do the same. I used Google Maps to determine the "walking" route from my Canton to Pennsic War in Pennsylvania. It's is 499 miles, 1,317,360 steps by pedometer. These miles can be made up by running, more walking, elliptical, or cardio bike. Along the path to Pennsic are all the Baronies, Shires, Cantons in between. For each one I pass through I will award myself a small digital device for the group I trek through.

Later: I meant to keep short blogs about my progress, since it was really all about PT. At some point, only 100 miles from the end, I gave up. I kept the log b…

Its like a Rollercoaster... +Pennsic Pilgrimage!

(Reposted from my blog)

So on the 17th at work I logged 6820 Steps (around a barricade) for 2.55. Grain of salt included. I did this by calculating how many steps it took me to get around said barricade (28avg {28, 27, 39}) and then counted how many times I walked around it. I gifted myself 1 rotation each time I had to process a car (I walk around the car, like its a barricade.) I did not get extra steps for big vehicles, but I didn't take away for smaller vehicles either. It was a neat mind numbing way to focus on walking. I didn't know I'd gone that far (I was hoping to make 2640 steps for my Mile!) until I calced it on a break I had. I have a good pedometer on the way (I lost the cheapy lil one I had last year.) >

I also worked out the points system for my Pilgrimage to Pennsic :D I'm WAY behind already. Hubby's new schedule is kind of causing us to be terrible night owls (been up til 4am these last two nights) which is TERRIBLE for wanting …

Potato chip BINGE!!!

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So I kinda blew today. Ran around instead of eating lunch thinking I didn't have time and ended up with a handful of Lime Tostitos and a spoon in the Fat Free Sugar Free Chocolate pudding bowl :( Picked up the rhythm again at work (can't slip if you only bring the normal menu, right?) BZZZZZT! Coworker offered me some of his deliciously salty Ruffles chips. Declined. Then, just had one. Then about half hour later another one. By the end of the night I was pulling handfuls of the crunchy crumbs out of the bottom of the bag.

Ugh.. I really feel like there's truth in you Are what you Eat. By the time my shift was over I felt greasy all over, like I'd rubbed the stupid chips all over my face and skin (when of course I hadn't, heck I held them in a paper towel!) Ugh. Now, I'm hungry, and it's past dinnertime (waiting on the Army to give my husband back for the night) aaaaand I&#…

I hate main campus. (Edumacation)

Me (10:29): I hate main campus. 20m to shark parking; line just to PRINT schedule to get current sticker on my ID, to get INTO the bookstore. O.oMe (10:39): Now to wait in the biiiiig line to register & pay for this class. Should DLed a book. Hey you! With the ohssoCool media phone & tons of repetitive mp3s that play at half quality from your tiny speaker. Who told you everyone in line wanted to listen to LadyGaGa singing "Ya Ya Rum Bum Da Da!" or some bust em up rap crap for 10minutes? Ever heard of EarPhones? Latest and Greatest invention for the audiophile with bad taste. Try some.Me (10:54): So. Can't pay where I added the class. Back to the First line to use the schedule machine (its just the website in a kiosk) so I can pay my 50$ THEN get sticker. (She tried to send me to another building. Why isn't the cashier in the admin building?)Me (11:06): So agitated. Apparently you CANT pay at the stupid kiosk, though the attendant said you could. Now I have t…

091230 GYM?! More like... RUN?!

2mi avg 6.2 hr? *1
Lat pulldown 40 3/8
Hammer curls 5lb 3/8
low back ext 2/8 *2
dips (65assist) 2/8 1/8neg *3*1 I actually ran. Hubby told me I could do 2, when I was goin to "try 1". No HR though, because the machine wouldn't read it. Screw the GPS at 13.1, I want the HR monitor. Silly, cause you use it to keep your cardio on point. I just want it cause its another gadget :D*2 Just did 2 low back extensions. I think the lat pulldowns were enough.*3 I hate dips. Stopped doing them for the longest time. Had to do negatives for the last set, and almost wussed out on that!