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Equinox Bird Nests (Recipe)

I'm not MIA, just working on school! Six classes and 6+ final exams or Critical Assignments make Weyrcat busy busy!
I did find some time to make hash brown Bird Nests this morning for the Vernal Equinox (this past week). Happy Equinox to some, Happy Easter (early) to others!
Barnabas helped by being cute in the pictures.
I've posted the recipe and nutrition at!
Otherwise: This recipe is based on a picture I saw on Pinterest. The "Bird Nests" are cups made of seasoned shredded potatoes and filled with beaten egg and cheese!

EDIT: Next time I plan to use Southwest Hash or add chopped peppers. They were great but I think I want some more varied flavor. Maybe just a dash of bacon salt...
Minutes to Prepare: 10 Minutes to Cook: 30 (15+15) Number of Servings: 12 nests, about 6 servings.
(Directions after the break!)