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110929 Stress, Grades, and EASY Recipes

Highlighted Cliffnotes for you TLDR's.

I've discovered I'm over-busy.
Full time work, full time school, part time dog mom and wife. Yep, wifery is now only part time, and I don't like that. Work used to be the place I got most school work done, when I only had 2-3 classes and could squeeze hw/study in between cars and on the Easy Day (Sunday), AND, if I was too burned out from a Hard Saturday to do much of anything on Sunday I didn't suffer too badly.

I'm suffering.

I was sick most of this month (allergies plus tired plus brain fried plus eating like crap 'cause we didn't have time to cook.... ). I'm walking proof that when I get poor sleep (6,6,10,8,10,5,8) and eat garbage, you feel like garbage. I actually don't know what day it is somedays. I'm not exaggerating. I also missed an online quiz for chem. I plum forgot. Ten points. Forgot.

I did do decent on my first midterms: 
-Chem's 79 was raised to an 88, due to some questions he didn't…

Oxymoron: Facebook Privacy settings....

Dear Diary, I'm so glad there's a place in the universe where my thoughts are safe. LJ brought critisism and spam, Myspace was pretty much all spam, FB sold our every move to marketers, Google stored our every click and tried to tailor our universe around what it felt matched those clicks, now... dear diary, there is only you.

Dear little sister: Your thoughts are only safe in your head. If you don't want your every thought public, keep them to youself. Love, every big brother that's ever stolen a diary and used it for humiliatory purposes. PS: No Johnny doesn't like you. I asked.

$179 vs $29. Yes, it's a real question. Glasses...

Hmm, I've worn the same pair of frames for 6 years. Change the lenses lazily (about every two, when I should do them every year). I pretty much only get them updated when taking them off and squinting seems to work better. Now, I didn't like these frames when I got them, they were a lopsided compromise, and I've been hunting around for new ones. I found a few I like, and even almost purchased a cute cheapy pair. However...
I ran into a pair the other day that I actually tried on twice. (Trust me, it's significant.) But they cost WAY more than I've ever spent on a pair of glasses. (I'm cheap, too!) I've hunted around online and found the only three places that sell the pair. Even the most expensive online store is less expensive than the walk-in glasses place. Then I worked out lens pricing.
ShopOnlineCheapies. TOTAL~300~179~29 Frames.1789910 AntiGlare-60305 Scratch-resist??7NA UV-block??7NA, add $3 for clip on shades.
I stopped hunting shop prices, well, she stopped …