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WSI, Buckle Up Darnit!

Wsi: Lady comes to the gate without her ID, left it at the pharmacy. I give her directions to the processing gate but as I do her 2yr old son stands up and comes up next to her seat. "However Ma'am I cannot let you leave until he's buckled up."

Exasperated she turns to me "If YOU can get him buckled up, by all means. (a pause) So I just turn around?" "No Ma'am, he needs to be buckled up." "Where so I pull over to do that?" "You can drive anywhere until he is, so do it right now." She jumps out of her car, stomps to the other side all pissed off, looking at the SUV behind her. I look at him and feel that tiny niggling embarrassment I get from holding up traffic, but this is one thing I never budge on. She yells at the boy and he cries but she gets him buckled in. She looks at thw SUV and most exasperatedly yells "Sorry!" and stares daggers at me while I turn her around. I nod at the Suv as it goes by (another SO sc…


Quick updates:
•Kim Harrison's Outlaw Demon Wails was Awesome, but felt like the end of the series.
•Laurel K. Hamilton's Lick of Frost was good quick-n-dirty Pulp, as always, with a happy but disturbing end.
•I'm in the middle of Hamilton's latest Anita Blake: Blood Noir. The first half seemed like so much explaining and justifying ( some un-fans calim its her response to people claiming there's more sex than content, but the sex was always well placed and written. The talking in this one wasn't so much out of place, but resulted in the book's storyline feeling secondary and taking half a book to get there. Laurel: ignore the bantering hordes! We the loyal enjoyed them without justification! More blood, fangs, and fur plex!
•I'm also in the middle of City of Pearl by Karen Traviss. I'd forgotten how much o liked SciFi Fantasy's.

Today is the 1-Yr anniversary of our First Date. Since I work today and was off yesterday we sort of celebrated it ye…

Book Review: City of Pearl

As I sit here drinking my New Leaf Blue Tea, nibbling my non-fat yogurt, and thinking about how a little yoga would loosen up the soreness from thpose push-ups the other day, I try to decide if I'm a hippy lol.


This book, City of Pearl, by Katie Traviss: Shan is an EnHaz (Environmental Hazard) officer from somewheres around 2100a.d.. She was about to retire with a homegrown breed of tomato, illegal since all strains of plant on Earth-That-Was is now patented and owned by a member of AgriCorp. She ends up launched on a mission against her Present Will (but completely willing based on a Subconcious Briefing she can only remember by trigger.) Her mission: to return to Earth with the complete Gene Bank of a lost ship that launched before the strains of E.T.W. were patented. Seen Disney's Treasure Planet? Something like that.


My thoughts keep jumping to the bunches of seeds I have at home. All waiting for that &qu…