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Waste of a good buffalo...

0:38:50 3mi 0.5inc. Good run was fantastic. Actually, I though about my garden the whole time!
Caught a clip of a hunter show where a man shot a buffalo. I was actually kind of upset, almost angry at him. I'm an omnivore, don't get me wrong, humans have incisors, but.. Is he going to eat it? Buffalo are meant to feed a tribe for a week or more, and this is one man with two hunter co-hosts. He has many stuffed trophies: can you eat them and still stuff them?
I sincerely doubt he ate the animal. That upsets me. Waste of life.
I think of plenty of humans he could shoot for sport and actually -remove- wastes of life...

100730 My Garden, Buying Seeds!


Fantastic information on what to grow in my area, in August :)

Wanted Blue potatos, but they're all sold out!
The seed people say the Lemon herb I want should be grown in shade in warm climates (boo).
Mmmm purple broccoli (evil).

OK. Wish me luck :D

Virtually planning my garden.

SO, left to right: Coleus (Fishnet Stockings); Chives; Lemon Balm; Flowering Kale (Red Pigeon); Sage (purple); Pansies (Maxim Marina). In the Hanging planters I have purple Snapdragon and random green herbs. Oh, and the Green Lady ^_^

I had a trellis in there for the snapdragon to cover up the weird marks on the wall to the right, but it covered up the water hose and that could be problematic. I like that I can eat everything in the middle. Although I'd probably want to be sparing with the Kale so as not to demolish the poor plant. I'm sure there will be a lot more brown in between space when the garden comes in, but this was fun :) Tried to keep everything MOSTLY to scale. So when this all comes in, in three years when we have to move again, I'll take a picture and compare it!

Note: According to Better Homes and Gardens, all of these plants are good for Florida's hardiness rating of 10. Only the chives are at the border (and another seed site listing them as 9.)


I can't tell my kids NO, but I can click ACT NOW!

So I'm surfing around on the Facebook, reading little updates from pages I've liked (thus turning my Facebook into a kind of personalized newspaper) and as I click off-site to read a little thing on Cork, I see in the upper right an ad to "ACT NOW!" and petition to "Tell McDonald's: Stop Using Toys to Market Junk Food to Kids".

... Are you serious? First... are you delusional enough to believe that if enough people ask a corporation "pretty-please" that they will stop doing something that brings in tons of money just because YOU dislike the practice?
Second, It's Mcdonald's JOB to make your children whine and kick and cry for a Kid's Meal. Sure, you can get crappy chicken nuggets anywhere, you can even make them at home, but they want that super cool toy that comes in the Kid's Meal.. at least, they do for five minutes until they forget about it.

"Once children are in the restaurant, they can select fattening fries and sod…

My Little Garden

This place we moved into had an abandoned garden in the side-yard. Not big, overgrown with weeds, bordered by sad wooden barriers. I want to plant in it, I don't even know what yet. Thinking about flowers, maybe vegetables.. The trick would be keeping the dog out of it; I guess I'd have to worry about keeping bugs out of it too if it were vegetables. It's an imperfect place: off to the side so you cannot see it even from the patio. There's also the Dryer vent hanging out the side, a twisted ugly piece of metal that Husband tells me cannot be cut down to be flush with the wall. I wouldn't impede it or anything, just, pretty it up. Grate it or something. I'm leery to put food type things in front of the dryer vent. Maybe I can do something like put a little fountain or birdbath in front of it, just to hide it. Either way I picked up a cheap little set of garden tools at the Big Lots and tore the weeds out today. The dirt underneath USED to be potting soil; it se…

Coffee, Tea, or Pesticides... O_o

Ok so that's a little hokey, but I couldn't think of a good title.
I don't know anything about Fair Trade. I tried to look it up, and got confused. What I CAN understand is "Organic", and why it appeals to me in coffee.
I asked.. "Why go Organic?" Urth Caffé's website answered:
Heavy Chemicals - Coffee is the heaviest chemically treated food commodity in the world. The most common chemical used in coffee production is synthetic petroleum based fertilizers which slowly destroy the soil's fertility and seep into local water supplies.

Deforestation - Coffee trees do not naturally grow in direct sunlight, but under the shade of dense rainforest. To increase productivity, the coffee industry has developed sun-resistant coffee tree hybrids that have come to comprise approximately 70% of the world's coffee production. As a result rainforest is being cleared at alarming rates to make room for new, sun resistant coffee trees.
SO I totally …

Green my Pets!

What has to say about regular Kitty Litter:
Although regular clay litters do not pose the potential health hazards that clumping clay kitty litters do, they do have their own problems:
Mining clay is hard on the environment.Clay litters contribute significantly to landfills. Unlike many of the litters on this page, they cannot be composted, nor do they biodegrade.Most, if not all, clay litters contain silica, which is potentially harmful. From (FIELDFresh): "This can cause incurable lesions on the lungs and throat, rendering that tissue useless for transferring oxygen."If that's not enough reason to stop using clumping kitty litter (no really, I'm ready to return the 35lb bucket I just bought) then just look at the Feline Pine ad! This super-cute ad is honestly the reason I started to wonder about kitty litter.. I mean, they DO lick their toes alot... I wouldn't want to eat kitty litter either.
Now... anyone who has a dog ends up scoo…

Sewn: A Reusable Swiffer Mop Pad!

I stumbled across the idea on "Instructables" to sew my own Swiffer pads. I go through around 2 week now that we have all tile floors (and white tile at that!) I've been throwing them in the Recycle (though I honestly am not sure if they are...) I thought "Hey, washing them with the towels makes way more sense!" I also save money doing it this way. So I used up the ones I had and saved the last one for a pattern. I spent a few hours fumbling around with the sewing machine, but once I really got used to it I ended up with something usable if not pretty!
 I used four layers of husband's old tan army t-shirts, and a piece of an old wool scarf I doubt I'll ever need again in Florida.
It's kind of difficult to get all 5 of those layers under the sewing machine's foot, so I didn't end up with as many cross-support-stitches as the original called for. But I stuck it to the end of the Swiffer (stuck just fine) and mopped the kitchen. Brilliant! If I …

Duck, Duck, Duck, SCAM!

SO I'm trying to sell this mattress set, Queen $100 right...

Been up for a while so I'm rather happy when I repost it this morning and get an email hit.
Alan Fisher * Is it available for sale?
*me AT Yes! Gimme a call & we'll work out when.
Alan Fisher * *Note the email changes*
Thanks for the response... I'm okay with the condition and price of the item and ready for its purchase. My form of payment will be by sending you Check via UPS next day air delivery.
I'll be responsible for the pick-up and the movers fee will be included in your payment to avoid delay and to enable pick up company to schedule an appropriate time for the pick-up at your location after check has been cashed as I have other properties to be moved alongside the item.
And secondly , Kindly delete the posting as am definitely buying it from you and it would be sad for me to have the payment in the mail only to be informed of…

Green my Beauty Care! Part 1

Body WashHair Care Lotions and Perfumes
This might be one of the hardest and most time consuming projects. Everyone's body chemistry is a little different, and what works for one person doesn't always work for another. SO, using other people's trial and error to scream to better Earth Friendly conclusions will be taken with a grain of salt. Also, trying products takes money which I am reluctant to part with! Most of all, time. The stated "adjustment" period for a body going natural seems to be about a week or so. I'm terrified about not using conventional shampoo on my hair for a week, so I'm more likely to opt for a more "Earth Friendly" shampoo and go from there.

There's also the debate on whether Shampoo's detergents and surfactants are actually bad for your hair at all. Some Beauty Blog scientists claim there's been no studies to prove they harm hair, and the Green-Agenda people claim it does damage by making you incapable of liv…

07/14 Pennsic Pilgrimage Update: Shire Isenfir!

Huzzah! I have made it the 39.1 miles to the Shire of Isenfir! The next stop on my way to Pennsic is 86.4 miles away: Shire of Sylvan Glen, in the Kingdom Aethelmearc!
As of today I have 253.3 miles left until I reach Pennsic; this means I've traveled 245.7 miles! I halfway there! (Too bad there's only two weeks left to get there at 17.5 miles per day... Should have been using Bonus Miles.) Even though I won't make my goal I've walked, run, stairclimbed, and biked almost 250 miles for this goal! I am pretty proud of myself. I see how the almost two months of not tracking my pedometer really hurt the cause. It's hard to recover when you fall behind!
The distance I DID complete makes this a Non-Failure. I didn't make it in time, but my husband says my legs look better than when we met! I call that a Win!

How Green Is My: Laundry.

In the One Green Generation Green Your Insides Challenge the author states:
The Green Your Insides Challenge Is:
*To start greening your own home.
*First, start paying attention to what you put on your body, in your body, and around your body. Right now.
*And then over the next few months, put it all into practice: take solid steps to green your indoor environment.I'm going to jump in saying that I do pretty well with "in my body". I buy a lot of organic foods, but generally when they're convenient (we have specific diets). We eat a whole of whole foods, tending towards very healthy. So I'm going to start with my home. I figure the Easiest would be Laundry! My lil page "Its EASY being Green!" has various tips I've found about Greening this or that, but this will be like a Project page. I'll list the things I have in my Laundry room right now, why I got that one, and try to research an Earth Friendly product that can replace it without being too e…

Green is the new Purple... or something.

I'm a tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping, wanna-be Greenie. I'm kinda bad at it, but only because I'm lazy.

I daydream about planting my own garden of spices, veggies, flowers, anything I could grow. I remind other people to recycle; I instruct them that not all plastics are recycleable and they want your steel and aluminum cans WAY more than they want your cardboard. I tell people to be healthy and smart about what they put in their bodies (don't smoke, watch the unhealthy fats.) I LOVED living next to the Farmer's Market and visited once a week for a while.. then got lazy and shopped at the grocery store. I heard about natural alternatives to body/beauty products but was too lazy to really look. I snuck organic veggies and fruits into the cart when I remembered... I buy recycled or reclaimed materials... unless they're expensive. I have the computers auto-hibernate to save power, but then leave the monitor and speakers on (their little lights blinking to remind …

Loremaster of Kalimdor.

Yar, it's true, I have officially spent way more of my life than the average person should in WoW :D And this is on Jaeletha.. who was only created a year/two ago; not my older characters that got abandoned. So.. it really looks bad hehe. 645/700 Eastern Kingdoms too ;)


.25mi 7inc 0:05:00 warmupLFMach BicepCurl 20lb*10r*3s.
LFMach Ab-X (crunch) *10r*3s. I do this wrong, as I feel it in my back. Hmm.Seriously lost without my normal routine :(On the ball-
(heels together & extended, toes up.) - TriExt 10lb*10r*3s. (Counting really increases the burn! 3-2-1,1-2. 4-2-1,1-2.
(Heels together, feet flat 90°) -Flyes 5lb*10r*3s.TreadWalk 1.0inc 3.23mi
-watched Bones! Wee! should come here every day at 19:00. :P
OOH OOH OOH! Shane told me last week that he bought me a gift, today it came. He got me a Camelback backpack!! Its so cool and comfy! I love it. I'm so spoiled.