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(X) Music

July24 443pm
I finally listened to this band my sister listens to called Otep, the song was Warhead. Surprisingly a very poswerful and opinionated Political message lol, still death metal though. It sounds like crap, some bleach blonde psycho femme singing death metal isn't something I'd really listen too very often, but I was interested by the fact that their incoherant screaming was actually about Bush's war and the fear tactics floating through America's media.

Completely blown away lol. I still wouldn't listen to it, but maybe I have a new lingering respect for some of the new death metal bands hehe. *Runs off to listen to Slipknot's Wait and Bleed like a good lil hypocrit.*

OH! And last night (more on my sister's music) I had been listening ot LaunchCast and went back to rate the songs I had heard and one of them turned out to be "Join Me" by H.I.M (his Infernal Majesty), a band Janine had been asking me about before. I checked out the video on…

(X) Lil in the dumps

June21, 2oo4. 3.10 PM
Do you ever notice yourself becoming completely obsessed with something, something that you know you would enjoy and have fun with, but that you realize you are putting too much effort (or money) into it? I notice myself doing that all the time, and I realized why a while back. I have nothing else to do. Well, I give myself nothing else to do. I have no job (which I miss hating, and I miss the saving up and being able to afford the things that I occasionally get when I do have money.) I have no friends or night life (Lodi: Beautiful but Empty!) I have no working phone (in case I wanted to become a hopeless phone bug, which could be nice sometimes! ;) ) And all I really have to keep me occupoed are school, the few games that I DO play when I get around to playing them, and whatever I happen to be doing on the internet at that point in time.

Lately, its Neopets. Don't get me wrong! I play Neopets even when I'm not depressed! I just don't go nuts and do th…

(X) Beanie Banies

June11, 2oo4
Thiscute lil Baby Scorchio was found in a Carlton Cards shop in Metro mallwhen Dad and I were wandering around before we went to Chik-Fil-A. : DI hadn't woke up early enough to really do anything else, so wewandered over to Jess's parent's place to leave her a note with mynumber and then went to mall. The first place we went into was aFuzziwigg's in which I purchased my first new Beanie Baby in a while,alright I think it's only my third real Beanie Baby anyway lol. I havethe first brown dragon with red wings, the white unicorn, and now LEGEND! The Purple Dragon born on DEC9 (my mom's bday lol.) Realizingthat I probably should have bought my mom one since it is her influencethat made me love dragons. : )

Dad and I enjoyed our Chik-Fil-A, and got some goodies from Hot Topic (I got some neat pins for my lil side bag, and I got a LAST UNICORNshirt lol. I love it. : ) It was a good expensive day with dad lol. Therest of the day was fun as well hanging ou…

(X) Visiting Home

4.06am June08
Wouldn't you know it: In California I fall asleep only half covered with a fan blowing on me after in an unnaturally cool and rainy May, and I'm sitting here on my parent's couch in Arizona, freezing in June. Oh sure, the days are warm enough, (still kinda springish, not sweltering yet) but still, it's not normal to be this cold lol. Darn swamp cooler does better than I remember it lol, or maybe it's just the constant blowing into the living room splashing right onto my little couch hehe.

Today was a pretty good day. Almost a waste of a day I did so little, but it was nice that way. Oh I can do nothin in Cali too lol, but it's the change of scenery that makes the nothing more substantial >wink<. I asked to be woke about 8-10, and I think Mom tried once and then went to do her Wikki work, so I slept until I woke around noon. I piddled around watching cartoons with Jeremy and then hopped on Dad's com to tell George that I loved and missed hi…

(X) Various Life :D

2:16 aM 6/7/04

Oh what a week. Last week Tyler came to stay with us in California. It was wonderful lol, We hadn't seen him in a while (George longer than I as I went to Phx a while back.) We got to hang out and get up to date. Zach came out on Friday, so we all got to chill out together again. The only thing missing was Mike (away in some other state. Sniff.) Kimberly and I had gone shopping and bought all kinds of junk food for the weekend with all the guys. Ty and George demolished a good portion of it before Zach even got there lol. I made a cake for an early birthday celebration for Tyler (who's bday is June12) and when everyone was in we iced it and decorated it. Tyler did most of the decorating actually. There was so much sugar crystals and sprinkles on that cake that Zach commented that it looked like a "giant poptart." It was delicious though hehe, deadly, but delicious.

That Saturday (which George had wrestled to get free) we were sort of planning to go to t…