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Running... The Wrong Way.

I wonder if I should change the PT out of the Military category. I rather like it there though. If nothing else I'll leave it as an homage. I hated running before I started training for the Marines. It was a motivational issue. I prefer spending my energy on others, instead of myself, and training for Boot Camp somehow felt like for Others.

Even in High School I ran just fast enough to complete that mile. Just enough to pass and not be the last person. GOD I never wanted to be that last person. Especially if I was one of the only girls who could do a freaking pull up ("Come on! Just imagine Leonardo DiCaprio's on top of that bar! You're WhatsHerFace reaching up for a kiss before you sink into the Ocean!!') *Yes, I am from THAT generation.*

THAT, is the Beginner's 5k Training Table for RunnersWorld.Com.

I wanted to poke the intermediate table, but it starts out at running 2m WHICH I discovered the other day I cannot do. Comfortably. Too long of a break. Though I …

How can it be UnEventful, and yet so disturbing?

You know when your day starts out with the sound of rednecks in the backyard that something is just plain wrong.

With the lawnmower steadily buzzing away I went back to sleep (screw that!) Only to wake up later to a half mowed lawn, an empty lawnmower, and a Kirby salesman at the front door. Jade and I, having very little else to do, entertained them as the salesmen dropped off a tiny little girl, her Vacuum of Doom, and disappeared for about an hour. She showed us how the monstrosity worked, the whole time apologizing as it was only her second day. The whole thing was actually quite amusing. She was a neat person, after it was all said and done worth the distraction.

By the time they were leaving the lawnguy was FINALLY coming back. Apparently he had left about 930a to "get cigarettes, some oil for the mower, and be back." In the FOUR HOURS he was gone, he had also picked up his daughters, and brought stuff back to fix the weedwacker thing. So I was introduced to this dude th…