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Review: Torchwood S3.

About the Blog: I know I don't post very much, really, at all, anymore. But I finished all the classes I need for my bachelors and that took a lot of time. I'll make a WooHoo post about that too when the grades are finalized. Until then, I'll be posting the writings for Anthropology of Nature, and as always, my short book reviews cross-posted from GoodReads.

Finished Torchwood (sans Miracle Day). FEELS. I was so busy watching it, and the omigod-long TBC-set that was the last season, that I didn't even realize it was the last season. I really loved the first two seasons, even when they were over the top, but the season 3 mini-season "Children of the Earth" really didn't do it for me. I was already upset over some events in the end of season 2 that didn't jive with my vision of the show, particularly that a couple episodes felt like the writers were asleep, not fact-checking, or didn't have a female on staff to tell them that something was not plaus…