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Week in Review.

Week in review:

Monday (22) my wallet was stolen. Made police report, contacted professor in class it went missing in, emailed whole class offering the cash (19$) in the wallet as a reward if they just returned the plastic. Military spouse cards are a pain in the butt to get replaced around here. About half an hour on the phone with card companies to get them turned off and resent. Dinner was a pity party complete with ice cream and baked mac and cheese.

Tuesday (23): High school observation was a nightmare. They had a sub with zero classroom management skills. I'm not allowed to intervene so I basically just watched three 1.5 hour classes of students walk all over this guy. If nothing else it was a great example of what not to do. Very tired by end of day. Spent 60$ reordering all the essential plastics from my wallet. Studied some, moped most of it. Discover 5k I wanted to at least walk was sold out. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

Wednesday (24): Before class the professor emails me to tell me som…

Arrow, S1E1. SQUEE!

Saw the pilot for Arrow. SQUEEEEEEEE!

They drop few nods to the comic... "Judge Grell" teehee,
*Interesting red dragon tat on back left shoulderblade (Shado, anyone?)
I love these the most since Longbow Hunters (by Grell) was my first GA. *The Buddhist hozen (though they have yet to explain why he would have a link to Buddhism, since it wouldn't be for the comic's reason of accidentally killing a man. *OH the tribal mask at the veeeery beginning, Deathstroke!  *Diggle, wrote Green Arrow Year One [1].I didn't jaw drop over his sister's nickname Speedy, since I'd seen it in a preview (sister, heh). "Thea" is kinda close to "Mia". I did dropjaw at "Tommy Merlyn" though. Bangarang.  Seriously though, what are the carvings on the stones on the island? I can find them, and see them, but not cap them to show YOU.Oh, and I dig the green greasepaint in lieu of the rubber eye mask. I'm trying not to dissect every little thing and se…

Degree map in cloud form.

So, I make a lot lists and tables and whatnot. For everything. The most charted is probably my degree path. I decided to see what my degree looks like as a "cloud" or concept map, with the pre-requisites connecting the classes to the degree. I included the general education requirements, but not all the classes I took as gen-ed or pre-reqs at previous colleges that didn't transfer when I moved. It's still quite large. Classes with required labs are noted with an internal bubble. It's actually pretty cool looking. 
I ended up leaving the "professional" education courses in a single bubble. None of them seem to have any pre-reqs. Some teaching courses have required "observation hours" attached and are noted in the connecting arrow from the node to the degree map. The last semester of teaching-internship gets it's own bubble. I kind of wish I'd drawn something like it when I started, because it makes the weird tangle of pre-reqs in the sc…

Volunteering, Teacher-Intern, and Exams.

I missed posting last week. I blame it on catching after family stress and general malaise. I did due 500 burpees in three days for the NerdFitness Fall Frenzy challenge though. GO ME! (ow ow ow).

Volunteering in an elementary Butterfly Garden!

Last Saturday I volunteered at a local elementary school and helped prune their butterfly garden and weed the lasagna garden. Manual labor in partial sun aside it was actually really fun. Some of the students were there with their parents and looked totally cute in their orange aprons (from Home Depot). Most of my time was spent in the butterfly garden but we bagged up some seven bags of tall weed grass from the lasagna garden and planted some rosemary, purple basil, spicy oregano, and nine Chinese cabbage sprouts. WEE!

The whole project was a lot of fun. At the end the girls presented the volunteers with green apple pins to thank us for our work on the Green Apple Day of Service! I've tacked it up with my medals and patches. Definitely some…