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091124- Wee10!

091124- Wee10!W/U RecBik 10mIntervals 2/4 avgHR-120 rpm-80 (do5m 1/2)1. Incline Dumbbell Flyes *cable 20lb 3*8 (chest)
2. Wide-Grip Pulldowns (Back) 3*10 +
3. Leg Extns Quads 4b+7.5(11.5)lb 3*8 P
4. Prone Leg Curl *Hams *yea... 0*0.
5. Dumbbell Hammer Curls *Biceps 5lbE 3*10
6. Dumbbell Lat Raise *LatDelt (flap) 5lb 3*8
7. Don't drop it! *Tris *15lb 3*8 -
8. Seated Calf Raises *Gastroc &Soleus *60b+20(80)lb 3*8 -ow.
9. Crunches 3*20
10. Cardio RecBik 10mIntervals 2/4 avgHR-135 rpm-83.Not bad. We'll know tomorrow.

Humanity Today...

Me (14:22): Guy died yesterday... Of a sprained knee. Well, had a knee injury 8months ago. But @550lbs he couldn't get out his recliner. EMTs took him to Hosp, covered in
Me (14:26): Decubitis & waste. Wife said he slept &defecated in the chair, & she cleaned it everyday. How do you clean waste out of a LayZBoy?CNN says a couple was arrested of child abuse for tying down and beating "with closed fists and wires etc" their daughter. They did this, because they were shamed by her. The lil tart (of 8 years old) had allowed herself to be lured to a shed and raped by four boys no older than 14, one of the nights they'd locked her out of the apartment and left her begging for food from the neighbors.
•Mom & Dad... Burn in hell. There isn't enough paper in Staples for all the papercuts I'd like to administer to you before I bathe you in bleach and light you on fire.
•Neighbors.. Wtf? No one takes the girl to CPS after this happens frequently? No one e…

Shaniya Davis: My 2Cents.

Me (16:14): More news on 5yo girl that was taken: Raped & asphyxiated the day she went missing (Nov10). Same bs from family "He couldnt!" "She's never!" blah blah. Also... Granma Davis says her daughters not into drugs and prostitution! But NC State Spokewoman says Davis has been arrested of both before!Why I hate family's proclamations of innocense: "He's always been a good uncle!" "She's never abused them before!" Accordin to your Trailer-Park-University Psych Degree a person must be a psycho from birth so you can catch them young right? Murderers torture cats, and rapists assault younger siblings first? This Davis girl's rapist/murderer's sister claims he's always been a good uncle! He went to the hospital with an armload of baby stuff for his nieces. So, just because he didn't molest YOUR children- that you know of- he couldn't POSSIBLY have done it to anyone else!
The dead baby's grandmother procla…


So this link that visually assaulted me while I was feeding my cute lil Fishville fish caused me to become apathetically enraged. Enraged because this doctor (who's from Canada btw, check the awesome Maple Leaf pin) is blathering on about HIS opinion, how if all the OTHER doctors were as caring as HE, we'd ALL noticed this problem 40 years ago. What problem? The problem that some kinda get adverse reactions to Vacs? Let's say 1/100,000 kids get an adverse reaction to a vaccination, does that mean we just shouldn't vaccinate at all? Sure, if you don't mind small pox. BTW, here's a picture of smallpox and what it does to your child.
Don't click if you're easily disturbed:

This page actually insinuates that you, the average person, or ME! Even ME a NURSING STUDENT could possibly be smarter, more informed, more educated and properly prepared to make a…
Final on the BBTour 9630: Oh yea, this pretty hunkajunk is goin back. I'll wait for something in keeping with my Treo's fxnality.

I feel my samples are contaminated with Fu2- ions.

(tw) I'm apparently supposed to know "SMT" is REALLY "SIM". Tho SIM is nowhere in the book. Studied all f'ing day yesterday, 4a 78%. FU & ur Dimethyl a napthylamine.

I feel my samples are contaminated with Fu2- ions.So the question was: "What does the SIM test for?" Why, I dunno! I go get my grade.. The "Sulfur Indole MotilityTest (SIM)" tests for Motility & H2S. Ok, cept the book says the Sulfur Motility Test.. Note the lack of (SIM) anywhere. I ask about it, and he says "Well its right there! Sulfur Motility!" Nu uh... Show me "Sulfur Indole Motility (SIM).. Oh you can't? Because its NOT THERE! I'm supposed to know that 3 letters not in the book anywhere mean the Sulfur Motility Test? SMT... SIM... Yea... I get that. Not.