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Been working so long to qualify...

All the other pre-nursing girls have been fidgety for two weeks. I haven't been. Tomorrow if the last day they officially decide. I thought of checking my email a few times, though I knew no letter would be there yet (if they chose to use that medium.) Not sure if I'm anxious to know if I got in, just anxious to know the decision. It's a subtle difference I'm not sure I can explain. I think I'll be excited if I get in, but it's been so long thinking about it (years?) I'm not sure I'll be disappointed if I don't... Feels weird.I did poke around at shoes on the net, telling myself if I got in I'd treat myself to some comfy though less-than-pretty nursing shoes. My cousin has a scrubs pattern, thought of getting that from her earlier this week, but didn't cause I might not need it. I'm not sure where I am in this.

Cause I can't yell at them..

I'm hot, wearing a polyester uniform missing all but two shirt buttons, working two 16hr shifts back to back and trying to do my gorram job. I don't CARE if you used to live here. I don't CARE if you know the first three digits of the gatehouse phone number. I don’t CARE that you have frozen food in the back. I'M trying to do MY job, which is screen these people's guests, and if YOU didn't make prior arrangements this is not my problem. I'm trying to help you ANYWAY. I CALLED the number you gave me, which could be anyone. So while I'm grilling this person to make sure he's who I need him to be to finagle YOU inside, how about you not gripe and moan eh? I don’t need to let you in. I can turn your grumpy ass around and make HIM, who IS on the guest list, come down and escort you in. But I'm not doing that, am I? No, I'm trying to help you. So how about you smile, wait patiently, and be thankful that someone isn't cutting corners and lettin…

5/5 Swallowing Darkness (Gentry 07) Laurell K Hamilton

I loved it. While some Merry books I could take or leave, this one was amazing. They were all so real, I giggled, my heart race, I CRIED (and I don't do that...) I am comfortable in saying this is my favorite of the Merry Gentry series. I'd actually become upset at LKH as I like Anita less and less when at first I loved her. Now, they seem reversed. This is so well written, so engaging! The battles, the emotions, everything crystal, I love it. I just do.
*Also, kudos to Claudia Black, reader of the audiobook, for embodying the characters so well and giving them each their own distinct sound. So many can't do that.

Sleep Challenge, Week 2 COMPLETE

From my SparkPeopleblog!

I've always had such a hard time 'waking up' in the morning, driving to school groggy, fumbling through classes, living on caffeine. Since I've gone to bed an hour earlier, to wake up an hour earlier (match hubby's up time, so no more multiple harsh wake ups from his snooze button!), stopped pounding water before bed (no more midnight potty breaks!), and used my new morning time to do 10mins of sun Salutations, I'm way more awake in the mornings. I haven't missed breakfast yet, and while I'm tired at the SAME TIME I always was (10-11pm) I'm not forcing myself to stay up til midnight or later, staring at the computer screen and accomplishing nothing, JUST to 'get in my free time'. The only thing I've lost time on so far is World of Warcraft, which was my way to have free time. I'm findin NEW 'me time' by popping in audiobooks on my 20mile drive to and from school. :) So far, there are way more smilies …

Mmm Carrots

There's a family at work that always stops on their way in and out of the estate, so their children can wave and yell hello or goodbye. They're terribly cute. Today when they came by I was munching on a carrot, trying to hide it from most visitors. For them, however, I kept it visible as I knew they would ask, and did.
'Why are you eating a carrot?' They both asked.
'Because they're delicious! Carrots are one of my favorite snacks!' I took another bite and smiled at them.Yes... let them learn that carrots are snacks... not evil vegetable side dishes but delicious snacks... MUWAHAHAHAHA! Ahem, no really. Teach them young, to eat the skin and all, on all their veggies. Except turnips. That would just be masochistic.

RE. Adjustment of test 2 grades..

(This goes to my professor as soon as I get home. And if she refuses to change it, it goes to the head of the math department. Her 'adjustment' is outrageous, and can be read at the bottom if you're behind.)

This adjustment is unfair; please allow me to demonstrate why.
First: I, and everyone else who worked hard, studied, came prepared, and did well (considering the average) deserve our grades. Mine was an 83%, lower than I hoped, but acceptable. Those who did not study, those whom even You chastised for not completing (or attempting) the homework until the night before the test, those who blatently announce in the test room to the back back row that they need someone to cheat from, they also deserve the grades they got. We were all informed, before Exam 1, that there would be no curve and no retakes.
Second: The self-limiting 'curve' set in place ONLY benefits those who did poorly. In fact, the more poorly one did the more it benefits them. Assume the …

Lyon's Pride, McCaffrey. 2/5.

Lyon's Pride (Rowan 4) - Anne McCaffrey. 2/5...
I'm pretty sure I finished this book only because I started it AND I'd read the previous three AND I think it's the last book in the series. It's just all over the place... Maybe it's too many characters, maybe it's the long lulls that slam into one page of action and then drop off into another long lull. I didn't WANT to finish it or know what happens. It was a good skeleton, but someone forgot to flesh it out with interestingness.

110213 The Spark: Ch01. MY Story.

So I finally found a copy of The Spark, the book that goes with the site I use I've used the site for years, off and on. They're also about goals and self-image, not just weight. Since I could use a little kick in the pants for all of the above, I'm going to do as the book says. Which includes journal entries. So, I'll break the pages down so you don't have to scroll through the wall of txt :)

Badges? We don't need no steenkin BADGES!

So, I've come to the realization that I am a badge hound.
No really, I JUST came to it. I would joke about it, but seriously...I think it started with Bolt, or that's earlier incarnation of it on a mass scale that I can recall. It reminds me of collecting stickers, but they're pixels and you did odd free things to achieve them. There were tons of people on it, guides on how to get em, and people willing to cheat and pay real world money for them. I had a lot, and when it seemed to be a failing empire I tried to save each pixelated badge to host up at my webpage, so I wouldn't lose them.I've done it a variety of other places on smaller scales, and usually given up.I collect patches from places we hike, camp, visit... Pins when they don't have patches (how does DisneyWorld not have a patch?) I even wanted to make a digital map so I could 'pin' the places I visited, and mark cool graveyards etc.I was tempted to become the oldest gd girl scout in order to …

110207 LowIQ + Chemistry Class = DANGER!

In ChemLab we did our first real experiment: Determine as unknown, by determining its boiling point and density. Pretty okay, but there weren't enough hotplates so some had to be shared. Our neighbors are mentally deficient for science students and bothered us and the others around almost constantly, with questions, asking to see the figures of groups with the same Unknown, and so on. They asked us how much of this to add; where do we get the tap water; we have to use clamps?; where do we get clamps?; and... so.. on... case in point: at the end of the class they held up the pipeter and asked what it was for.

110208 Spark PT and so much homework.

I took the day off.
Off of homework, the gym, pretty much everything.

I started my day trying to pack in EVERYTHING I feel I don't get to complete: I ran a load of laundry, put away the previous load, hung the load once it was washed. I finished our taxes (my old W2 finally arrived!) and had to print it (e-file not avail to us.) I prepared the Faerie Kougra to be shipped to Alaska, as someone bought it. I honestly hoped no one would... I filled out the affidavit to claim the elliptical machine I won. I did this all before breakfast or a shower.

After that was done we lazed around a tad, hit the UPS to drop off all the above to be mailed, then took Rook to the Dog Park. She's been kind of stiffed lately, between rainy or overcast days and the business of her humans. We ran her, let her run off the other dogs, and in the end had to protect her poor pretty tail from a big Husky Wolf mix who felt the need to dominate the only dog near his size. Don't worry, she's never bee…

I won an elliptical machine, for drinking beer!!

So...Michelob ULTRAsent me a letter today saying I won the LiveSTRONG Elliptical Machine (linked), after entering their 'Resolutions Revolution' sweepstakes! I signed my affidavit, mailed it, and now just wait for them to help me get unfat closer to home. *Or... burn off calories so I can drink more Mich Ultra! GLEE!! Have you tried their HoneyWheat? You really need to :D

The LS10.0e.

110205 ''I'm not on the list?', it's my mom!'

'What do you mean 'I'm not on the list', it's my mom!'
'I apologize, but since it's your mom you don't want us to just let anybody in.'
'It's my mom!'
'I'm sorry; I have no way to prove that and you have a different last name.' *Please note being related does NOT get you through the gate.
'You're the only one who gives me this problem (*OH I love that line.) Everybody knows me! (*If it's the first time I've seen you, why would I?) It's my MOM! I came out of her vagina!'That last line's unique so I had to share. I wonder what past of 'vagina' she thought was going to get her access? Mouthy black girl tryin to intimidate the little white rent-a-cop maybe? Takes waaay more than that to shock me. Or maybe just ignorant indignation at someone trying to do their job and protect her mother? The silliest part is the parting shot was given AFTER her mother finally called and asked she be put on …

Rape... no longer always forcible!

No really. Here's the link to the bill, with the line in question anchored.
"‘SEC. 309. TREATMENT OF ABORTIONS RELATED TO RAPE, INCEST, OR PRESERVING THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER.‘The limitations established in sections 301, 302, 303, and 304 shall not apply to an abortion--
‘(1) if the pregnancy occurred because the pregnant female was the subject of an act of forcible rape or, if a minor, an act of incest; or
‘(2) in the case where the pregnant female suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness that would, as certified by a physician, place the pregnant female in danger of death unless an abortion is performed, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself."
Some very dangerous semantics (1) there...
Some are interpreting this bit of wordplay as to exclude: drugged rape, coerced or date rape, statutory rape, or pretty much anything el…