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(X) Family Photos

My Family!

Feb29-03.27a My Mood is: Goodbut tired.
This morning Kimberly woke me and asked me if I wanted to go with her, Russ and Justin to San Fransisco to see the new Apple store opening. I jumped up and got ready (spent about 30 minutes on my Neopets...) and when George was all ready we were off. We dropped George off and I popped into Target to grab a Pocket Neopet. I've been wanting the FaerieLand one (it's purple and has a Shoyru!) but I've been itching for the Meridell one that has the Draik, Lupe and Ixi in it. I like most the Chars from the M, but want the Shoyru and the PURPLE Faerielandnes... all they had was the Meridell though (sold out of the F, though they restock every morn.)

We parked the car at Concord and took a train-thing called the "Bart". It was really cool: we boarded this train on a platform waaay above the ground and it rode through the air (on tracks of course) to other stations, dipping sometimes underground. (I was happily playing my Po…

(X) Sick

Feb25-04.45p My Mood is: Pretty good.

I was sick yesterday, and when we got home I slept... until about 130p today. But yesterday afterschool we picked George up some pants and stuff at the mall. Didnt get home til about 730 or so, really cold lol. While I was in the library waiting for George to get back form his first class a woman silently handed me an envelope with an American flag sticker in it. Typed on it was "Deaf mother of 2 childre. Please help by donating 2 dollars for this item." I went ahead and gave her the two dollars. I'd done it before for a man in a Border's book store in Phx, he gave me a small fake-gemmed cross which I wore on the lapel of my jacket til I found it broken off. Today 2 kids knocked on the door and said they were selling candy for a trip to Catelina and would I please buy some for only a dollar each. I remember that my sister went and loved it, and brought home a shark's tooth, so I bought 4 candy bars from them. 2 almond and 2 ca…

(X) Movies etc

Feb21-04.42a My Mood is: Thoughtful, contemplative. But not in a bad way...

For some reason I had found myself lacking the will to want to startreading it again, though I had loved it when I first read it. It wasn'tfor a love of the story or characters, because when I did sit down toread it (usually at night, before bed) I didn't want to put it down.And afterwards I lay there in my "post-book" glow, with the samefeeling... I think its more used to the Anite Blake books: moreaddictidly used to the attitude and style that reminds me more of me(and in reality, my mother) that the sweet, sticky, thick and enticingwords of Rice. All that really means in English lol is that I've readto many Hamilton novels back to back without taking a break. Thatalways happens, either I get bored with the style of writing and findit hard to get through it, or I get so into the style that others feelforced. I loved reading Tale of the Body Thief anyway, I knew I would.You can read the r…

(X) Icons and Life

Feb18-03.09p My Mood is: Rushed and yet only Existing

WHATa morning.... George and I went to bed last night about 3am, which wasok since he didn't need to get up til noon, and leave for work at 2p. Iwoke at 214 and woke him. He ran around trying to get ready wihle Imade him a sandwich he could eat on the way; he was going to have towalk since he had WAY missed his chance to get the bus. (He had alsobeen late Monday when we discovered there was no bus service onPresident's day and had to walk.) While we scrambled he decided to calland ask Debbie for a ride. She thankfully said yes, and when shearrived he ran out, and ran back in because we forgot to bring themovie we had to return to her.
I'm reading about how everyone'spissed off because of OutKast's Native American garb at the Grammys,and everyon'e whining about how wrong that is to dress up like"Indians" and dance around TeePees... well sheesh, pardon everyRedBlooded (pardon the term) American child w…

(X) Happy Val's Day

I am LAZY! But I'm getting a lot done on my websites!!!.. not that the changes are uploaded....
Happy Valentine's day...