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(X) My new journal...

Btw, my new journal is being posted in my Forum, so I have more controlover it. Not the fancy setup Xanga has, but its nice to compileeverything in one space. ^_^
My Journal. Please note that only "Members" of my forum can read my journal. It'll let me know who's stalking me O_o hehe

(X) Neopets

Blumaroo- I'm scared.. Hold me
"Hannah"- QUIET! It rubs the cookie on its skin and feeds it to the WeeWoo!!

(X) Cali Outages!

Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. Went to bed, bumped his head and couldnt get up in the morning!!
SECOND power outage just now, 11.07am. The storm is still going, andTHIRD, FOURTH, all short mini outages. I lost the whole first twoparagraphs I was writing here when I was typing on my computer and thefirst outage hit. Now I'm on my laptop, thank goodness for batteries.
In my first message I was mentioning that George's umbrella almost wentinside out this morning on his way to the bus. I was wondering if thetree would lose some branches and I would find them in this windowbeside me... they havent come through the house, (wind's going wrongway lol) but the tree seems to be short 2-3 branches since the stormstarted.
Tatum is MORTOFIED, hiding under my desk, too scared to even lay downon the heat pad I set next to me. Poor scaredy dog. Even Mattie iswanting my company when the power goes out. I bet a whole house chokingsounds pretty scarey. FIFTH OUTAGE 11.11. T…

(X) Mount Saint Helen's

The sky is giving off an orange glow, like that of Dawn or Dusk, but sovery orange. In the middle of the day the world looks as if it isbathed in the candle glow of a pumpkin... appropriate for October. TheSky itself is the faint shade of watered down peach sherbert...White-orange versus the normal White-blue.
Theories around here are that Mt St Helens erupting might have spurredjunk into the air, causing the sky to look the way it does for the lastweek or so.
*Notices that this entry is starting to sound like the beginning of amovie about the end-times lol. I'm sure its not that serious, but itsounded good while I was describing the color ^_^
ON the otherhand, Kimberly and I spent the morning battling with thecollege's phone machines and answering machines trying to get answersabout my residency and classes.

(X) Forgotten & Pedicure

*Hums Katamari Damaci theme*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY AND JANINE! How scary, my brother turns 20 and mysister turns 18. O_o Why do I feel like they should both be 14 orsomething lol. I mean, I understand the aging every day thing... but...but... BABY SIBLINGS!!!!

Yesterday I had a REALLY good day lol. THANK YOU KIMBERLY! Check it out:
We went to Starbucks and I had my first Mocha Frap Light, No Whip, witha shot of Rasberry (Versus my normal Mocha Frap, Whip) Not only was itdelicious, but it didn't give me the tummy ache that my normal drinkgives me! I also had an Apple Torte, which was DELICIOUS, cept when Itried to pick it up and it squirted at me lol. Turns out its like amini Apply Pie with crumblies on it. Mmmmmmm

Kimberly and I then went and saw "The Forgotten" VERY GOOD! Any moviethat makes me jump out of my seat more than once is a winner in mybook. Lots of thinking, good scares, very awesome movie! GO SEE IT.

Kimberly offered to bring me to get a Manicure/Pedicure, and I…