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(X) Life & Poetry: Dawn,

July19, 2oo4 6.59am
I fell asleep around 1015 pm last night. I was totally wiped from not sleeping the night before. I woke up this morning at exactly 6am. When I went downstairs to get a glass of water I noticed how incredibly beautiful it was outside. I haven't see a dawn in ages. I sat down and watched as the clouds began to glow and the trees began to turn gold from the sun touching their tips, and it was just wonderful.
I had some of the hash browns and delicious Pototo and Spinich omelette I brought home from the breakfast place I went with Kimberly yesterday, and thought to myself "If morning's always included Potota and Spinach omelettes and dawn's like this, I could quickly become a morning person."

Outside the sliding glass door, on a web larger than an open manilla folder, hung the huge, delicate orange spider that I had once seen in the tree adjacent to the veranda. He sat directly in the center, no doubt hoping to snare early morning-not yet awake bugs …