What's a WeyrCat?

A weyrcat is a winged animal that lives in a dragon's cave (a weyr). The less feathered variety (Draconis Felis, the cat dragon) presents with a feline appearance, covered in a fine pelt of tiny feathers, and naked, leathery wings. The more feathered variety (Draconis Felis Noctua, the owlish cat dragon) presents feathered wings, body, and face, and resembles an owl with a cat's body proportions and limbs. It is believed the subspecies developed a thicker feathered pelt to live in the colder environs of higher altitudes. Both varieties are well documented throughout history in various artistic mediums, most accurately, as gargoyles.
 Note: These animals are not to be confused with OwlCats (Strigidae silvestris), a cross between an owl and a pussycat, having an owl's body and a cat's face.

I blame it on my parents. Really >^_^<

Way back in the world of Win3.1 my Dad had us all create AOL ScreenNames. I chose WeyrCat; in my mind it was a Cat that lived with Dragons.. and maybe sometimes was one. The moniker stuck. When I was 15 years old Dad registered WeyrCat.Com for my birthday. I've got it for at least ten more years I think.

The husband suckered me into a lab I fell completely in love with. She runs from bunnies, defends you in the night from her own nightmares, and requires exactly one-third of the bed. It's o.k., I stuck him with a catnip-addicted cat that somehow built her own paper-mache nest/cave out of packing paper.

I can't really list hobbies, unless my hobby is to collect hobbies. I have two alter-egos. In the Society for Creative Anachronism I am Kathryn Weir (Registered), an Irish-German pirate armed merchant and descendant of the Julianna Wilkins who captained The Leaky Dinghy (our household). I am also Jaeletha in various online games (WoW, GW2, D3). I play mainly because it fulfills my need to collect things: pets, quests, titles, random junk! I love Cross-stitch, and am trying other types of stitchery. I enjoy cooking, especially period cooking. Oh, and I like playing in Photoshop once in a while. I hike, run, go to the gym, do Yoga, scrapbook, collect owl plushies... Well, kinda. This is an example of my "collecting hobbies!"

I could ramble on more, I'm good at it, but I think I've said most of it :)

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