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20161112 FAU vs UTEP - Veterans Day Game

My husband and I were invited to attend the FAU vs UTEP football game, which  would honor veterans that attend the university. Neither of  us are big football fans, and neither of us have attended an FAU game before, but we accepted.  We were shown to an MVP box next to the Presidential Suite,  with other FAU vets (student and professor).

The food was complimentary and delicious. It's nice to have a tasty and filling vegetarian  option. The view was fantastic. The glass has a wall-sized sliding window, opened for perfect viewing. If games were like this all the time, I'd go more often.

2016 Halloween

I've allowed myself to get back into Halloween. For some reason, though it's my favorite holiday, for the past few years I haven't decorated or celebrated other than through our department group Halloween costume.This year I picked up some lights (half hung one of them) and bought a haunted gingerbread house kit (still unbuilt). I did put good work into the costume(s). The group theme was Superheroes/Villains. We get dressed up, take a group picture, and attend the university's Fall Family Festival as a group. They have free food, rides and games for kids, and usually stuff like face-painting, caricatures, and free university-themed swag. I'd originally planned on going as Kim Possible (from the cartoon of the same name)... but...

Always on the lookout for a good trenchcoat, I finally found an affordable ladies London Fog that fits (and even still has the flannel liner)! So, a pair of black-feathered wings from the Halloween store, and a bloodies up white-button-up…