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PT Log 2009


4:39:520:10:54159.25117.22Jan 1135





Apr 12126.57Ellip Res1 65rpmAvg

141285W10 R5 W5 R5 0.8

18127.57Bike Upright

Merry Christmas Mates!

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas by Bob Eldridge

'Twas the night 'afore Christmas and all cross the deck,
only helmsman was stirring, making sure we don't wreck.
Empty chests lay by each seaman's night rapture,
in hopes they'd be filled by another rich capture.
The crew were all groggy and snug in their bunks,
dreaming of booty to fill their sea trunks.
As Captain, I too wished for something to steal,
just forty winks 'fore my turn at the wheel
when just off my port bow I heard such a splash,
straight to the porthole I flew in a flash,
clutching saber and pistol and lit cannon match,
I raced up the gangway, threw open the hatch.
Full moon and clear sky lit up the bright sea,
still I couldn't believe what I spied before me.
Come aside was a skiff what had struck her red sails,
she was heaving to, towed by eight tiny whales!
With a little old skipper so lively and quick,
I knew straight away it was Captain Nick!
At some twenty knots his fishes they came,…

091222 Gainesville Health & Fitness.

091222 Gainesville Health & Fitness.RecBik 20:00: Lvl3.5. AvgRpm:88. AvgHR:120 StarTrac. No Interval prog? Pffft. Did some on 4, some 3, couldn't get happy.
1.LowRow: 40lb 3/10
2.Dumbbell Hammer Curls *Biceps 5lbE 3*10
3.Don't drop it! *Tris *15lb 3*8 -Crappy workout was crappy. Doesn't help that the mirror shows off all Deb's delicious German holiday cooking. More running, less Klöße.

New to the Owlery: Shelly

Welcome Shelly! A "YooHoo" by Aurora, picked up from the Shell Factory in N. Fort Myers, FL.
So Inglourious Basterds was awesome. Land of the Lost was badly funny (tho a total affront to the show I grew up on.) Lazy day was lazy!

Florida, Day 2.

Slept sooo long. I must have passed out around 10pm. I only woke up once, to some odd night bird that sounded like a woman wailing. I almost woke Hubby up so he could tell me I was nuts and just go back to sleep. When I did finally get back to sleep I slept off and on til about 7am when Shane was on his way home. (Sexy man let me sleep while he went to work his big and strong muscles.) He ALSO then made me breakfast. Hmm, maybe I should soak up this bein sick :PWe picked up Granma Irma and ran an errand or two. I love runnin her around: she's sweet and so funny! Very quick on the draw. We stopped off to see Hubby's old boss on Sanibel Island (which costs 6bucks just to cross the bridge.)(P) The Ding Darling Refuge was wonderful. We didn't get to see any alligators, but there were so many birds! Got pictures of fish, a turtle, spiders, and lizards. Was beautiful!Irma says she has Mexican Ducks. When asked to explain she says "First day one duck comes, and I feed him. N…

Florida: Day 01

091213Supercute Apple Owl Faygo got me for Christmas! He's a "Grown Friend" by Eneco(sp). <3 <3 More when compiled.(p) Rook tugs with Bandit!
(p) My first Publix (Hubby's so proud). Their subs: mm HUGE
Faygo's mom is awesome sweet! Don Quixote, Amadeus.
(p) No kiddin, the 7-11 has a purple can called "Drank". Mmm... Purple Drank.
The Great Nerf War of 2009 (at Mike's house.) PS. He's got Mom's table!Nothing like putting a lovely 75 year old lady in your dirty car to motivate you to Sanitize it, in spite of Hubby & Pets!
Zomg... So nauseous. BUT my Strep exudate (sp) is smaller/less!Dinner with Granma Irma & Larry. Rib place, very good. Side salad was HUGE for a change. Goin to bed early. So tired. Gonna sleep in while Hubby goes to the YMCA gym :P

Apple Owl from Faygo

Check out the supercute Apple Owl That Faygo got me for Christmas! He's a "Grown Friend" by Eneco(sp). <3 <3

Road Trip: Pro-Life Billboards

So 3 times since the FL state-line I've seen this billboard w/a fetus quoting "My heart's beating 18 days after conception." Raising a skeptical eyebrow I had to look it up. According to SCIENCE those cells aren't a fetus til the 9th week after fertilization (13th week if you count the 4weeks prior; which I assume is ovulation etc.)9weeks. Waaaay longer than 18 days. The heart is present at the 11th week, but only minimally functional (it beats for Practice more than survival.)SO. Be ProLife all you like, but for criminitely get your facts straight so you don't look so stupid.And less billboards plex. They distract from my scenery.

Fat Chick Wonted

Seen on 95 to FL in SC. PS: 239 is where we're going! That guy's from Hubby's hometown!~Blurbs from the Road

091208- Wee10! *NoReuse

091208- Wee10! *NoReuseW/U RecBik 5mIntervals 2/4 avgHR-135 rpm-90Superset
1. Dumbbell Hammer Curls *Biceps 5lbE 3*10
2. Don't drop it! *Tris *10lb 3*10 -3. Leg Extns Quads 4b+7.5(11.5)lb 3*10-8-8 ow. Ok. No more 10s.
4. Incline Dumbbell Flyes *cable 35lb 3*6 (chest) No way that was 35 last time.
5. Wide-Grip Pulldowns (Back) 3*10 40lb
6. Seated Calf Raises *Gastroc &Soleus *60b+10(70)lb 3*8 just hate this machine..
9. Crunches 3*20 4. Prone Leg Curl *Hams NADA
6. Dumbbell Lat Raise *LatDelt (flap) NADA
10. Cardio RecBik 10mIntervals Nope..Wow I pussed out today. My legs are passed shakin &into quaking tho. Feel like my calves are havin a seizure!
90 on Micro Unknown (remember only a B here.)
A&P exam4 was 85 (C) but people did bad enough he curved 15pts.. My 85 is 100! :D

091202- Wee10!

091202- Wee10!W/U RecBik 5mIntervals 1/4 avgHR-140 rpm-851. Leg Extns Quads 4b+7.5(11.5)lb 3*8 P
2. Wide-Grip Pulldowns (Back) 3*10 40lb
3. Incline Dumbbell Flyes *cable 35lb 3*8 (chest)
4. Prone Leg Curl *Hams *3/8-5-4 I'm apparently doing this wrong.. Screw it.
5. Dumbbell Hammer Curls *Biceps 5lbE 3*10
6. Dumbbell Lat Raise *LatDelt (flap) 5lb 3*8
7. Don't drop it! *Tris *15lb 3*8 -
8. Seated Calf Raises *Gastroc &Soleus *60b+10(70)lb 3*8 just hate this machine..
9. Crunches 3*20
10. Cardio RecBik 10mIntervals 2/4 avgHR-152 max164 rpm-87. 2.24mi.