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Jan 15



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Run Road12.286011




While the answer to the meaning of life is 42, 32 is the number of spam posts I just removed from my Blogger. That makes 33 total this week. I'd already changed the password, so the only way to post was through the mailing address, which I've changed and beefed up. So, go die in a fire.

I mean really. Do you REALLY believe that anyone who actually comes to my little blog is goin to click on your garbage? "Oh, she's really pushin that fake rolex, Adobe 9, and drug to bang your mistress better. I just GOTTA click it!" You waste my time, your bandwidth, and I hate you for it. You suck, you have to wear a fake rolex cause you spent all your money of hacked copies of Mac isoftware and horse piss to increase the length and width of your teeny weeny epeeny. Loser.

Arizona lawmakers look to restrict spending by welfare recipients - Phoenix Business Journal:

Arizona lawmakers look to restrict spending by welfare recipients - Phoenix Business Journal:

Hubby and I talked about a Law I would make on Planet Weyrcat the other day... one Hubby said would never pass because it was too fascist, too controlling by a government. This... is that law. I seriously ranted about it last week!! And here it is!!

A. A person shall not receive assistance or cash assistance under this Title if the person is found:
1. In possession of, consuming or purchasing alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or illegal drugs.
2. With a cellular phone if the cellular phone is not the only phone in the person’s home.
3. With a cellular phone contract that includes more than basic phone service.
4. Purchasing an automobile that is worth more than five thousand dollars.
5. Purchasing a television that is worth more than three hundred dollars.
6. With a cable television contract that provides more than basic cable television service.

Thirteen Republican legislators signed on …

Licenses to Breed...

In Fayetteville NC the Child Seatbelt / Safety Seat law states that under 5 years old or 50 lbs your child must be restrained by a child safety seat and seat belt.
On Fort Bragg NC the law is 8 years old and 80 pounds (older children may use a Booster Seat instead of a 'Child Safety Seat'.
SO... a carfull of young women come in, and the driver hands me 2 NC ID cards, a Spouse card, and tells me that all she has is her birth certificate because her military ID is on post. Firstly I chide her for driving without a driver's license on her person, which (though it can be looked up by a law enforcement official) is technically illegal. I have her swap with the Spouse card, and turn them around so they can drop her off on the Blvd, and return to enter and retrieve the Mil ID card from post.
Only, when they rolled up the second time, I now saw a small boy in the back seat. I waved to him and asked his age. Three. Well, this tiny three year old boy I did not see before has no carse…

Nicotine Dream, WSI,

I woke up this morning to a bad dream: I dreamt I walked out onto my back patio and someone stood there smoking. Behind them, a very young baby in a large stroller (the kind with a tray) was parked. I could smell the smoke from where I was, though the wind was not blowing at me, and I knew that meant the baby was breathing it too. "How can you do that right now when the baby is right there breathing it?" They shrugged, puffed, and replied "Someone's gotta watch her." I woke up.
It always bothers me, some times I can ignore it more than others, but it always does. I dream far too often about it. I was really sensitive to the smell of it today, I don't know if it was the dream, or the fact that running so far this morning tore my throat up and made it sensitive in general. But I kept reliving the horror in the dream. Please Gods, make nicotine products illegal. :(<hr>There are some things in this world that bleach in the eyes just can't cure. Two w…


So this morning Hubby and I ran a 5k. I've been very lazy about running, and figured that having a goal, a run to do, would get me back into it. Boy was I wrong. Still, we went out to the race today, me praying all last night and this morning it would be frozen over from yesterday's rain so I wouldn't have to run it.
By the time we started running I'm pretty sure husband was tired of listening to me whine hehe. My toes were numb for the entire first mile! I hate the way the cold burns my lungs.. maybe I'm just not a winter runner. As we approached the tiny sign for mile two I was warmer, but had been praying for some time that someone had misplaced the '2' sign and that the next mile marker I saw would be the '3'. I was suckin... We didn't find the 3... but we did find the '5'. We'd basically just started following the people we came upon, as we passed 4-5 people a ways back. Either way they were headed to the end... juuuust on the 1…

Homeopathy, PETA and Sea Kittens,

Mass drug overdose – none dead - Homeopathy.
SO.. Stumbled onto this and had myself a giggle. The comments almost make the thing worth it itself. I didn't know )shame on me) exactly what Homeopathy was and frequently got it confused with Naturopathy, Herbal Supplements, etc. Turns out, it's very different, and a bunch of doodoo. = Stupid naivety, = kinda cool, kinda hokey, = cool and should be studied more.


SO according to the Fayetteville Observer, PETA protested outside an elementary school this past year, dressed as fish, and called themselves "sea kittens". Protesting what? They were there to denounce eating fish sticks. This is in the paper because Ringling Bros. is in town, so they're going to protest in front of the saaaame elementary school... over the mistreatment of elephants at a circus. The principal has no idea why they picked their …

School, PT, Period Dinner,

School, PT, Period Dinner,

Husband told me if I passed my Math test with a 93% (what it takes to get an A at this ridiculous school) that he'd take me to DQ :D I've studied, felt confident, and missed 3. Unfortunately the test was 25 questions and that makes it 88% :( At least it's a B at this cruddy school. I can't even see which ones I got wrong until midnight. I know it's going to be some trick question on the Levels of Measurement (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio.) Sigh.

Kind of agitated that I only got an 85 on the first math project too... I seriously copy-pasted all the answers from her syllabus from the project, yet somehow missed 15pts. That's only a C at FTCC btw. :( SO... Let's do some Math on Math...
Test 88pts Weighted at 25% of my grade.
Project 85pts Weighted at 10% of my grade.
HW1 100pts Weighted at 15% of my grade.

88*0.25 = 22
85*0.10 = 8.5
100*0.15= 15 22+8.5+22=45.5/.5 =91%.

A 91... which is a BEE at FTCC. /grumble.

00:60:00 5.0mi Ellip. &qu…

Period Dinners (for A&S 50).

I decided one day on a whim to see if I could turn a duck I'd bought (also on a whim) into a period dinner.

I found a great resource at and have been having a blast :D I've so far made seven of the recipes (but only count 6 as one of them was way too silly and easy to count :P

To catch up, I've made:

Chickenes Endoryed (Gilded Chicken) PERIOD: England, 14th century.

Dauce Egre (Sweet & Sour Fish) PERIOD: England, 14th century.

(If you're on SparkPeople, you can add this recipe to your Meal Planner!

New Peas for a Fish Day PERIOD: France, 14th century.

Sallet for Fish daie (Shrimp topped Salad) PERIOD: England, 16th century.

Saracen Brodo (Roasted Game Hens in Fruit Sauce) PERIOD: Italy, 14th century

(If you're on SparkPeople, you can add this recipe to your Meal Planner!

Seethed Fresh Salmon (Poached Salmon) PERIOD: England, 16th century

You can get the recipes, my tweeks, and more at my SCA-Food page:

I'll keep y…