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081130 WackenPT

SitUps 3/15.
W/Band: Curls 3/10 Row 3/10 LockrDip 3/10.
Squat Jump 3/10 Standing Bicycle Crunch 3/10
Pushups 10
- From WeyrCat's Treo...

081128 Who I Want to Be.

Who I want to Be:An Amazing Wife.
A Runner.
A College Graduate.
A Mother.
Healthy & Flexible.
- From WeyrCat's Treo...

081125 Gym & Motivation

Run 5mph 1mi 12min
VSquats 4/10
Chest Presses 18lb 4/10
Leg Raises 4/10Had some jacked up pain in my left knee and had to stop way early; will keep an eye on it.Not enough water today, 24oz maybe. Was doing so well too.
Still battling the severe damaging loss of my personal motivation, but I hear I might be getting it back in a few weeks. I hope so, I miss it a lot.I did a lot for life today, got oil change and new tires. Touched base with the college, found the museum is closed Thanksgiving, shopped for TGiving foods. But, still battling depression. Hubby notices even when I try to hide it, he says I have a 'sad look'. Taking StJohn to see if it helps, its more a mental battle. I'm drinking a bit more than I usually do, mainly because I've declined buying beers and am drinking the hard stuff I had stashed just to have it. - From WeyrCat's Treo...

081122 Wsi

Today's Whale Award goes to an E4's spouse: B/F 282lbs.
Runner up: W/F 220lbsDouche Award goes to an enlisted W/M who asked "They let girls do this job?"Memorable Flirts:
Pizza Guy (W/car): When I get my new car Ima take you out!
Drunk @3p: I LOVE YOU!-------------------------------------This morning was wonderful. I woke up with a lil headache after last night, but have been pounding water. Hubby and I had a good breakfast and spent some quality time together before I had to go. Its often hard to get time like that in the morning of a 12hr day.Yesterday was about as Yin-Yang as it gets. After having a horrifying morning (started about 6a) and actively dragging that torture out until about 230p, I napped with Hubby til he had to go to the gym, and then napped while he was there. I had called out of work to go to Clark Clinic and try to solve this constant Nausea Dizziness, and general TBS (Tender Body Syndrome = whiner!). The Major who saw me gave me allergy meds, claim…

081117 Plasmapheresis

Weird things about plasmapheresis:
It makes my lips tingle.Today I saw snowflakes. Like five of them, but a coworker saw them too!!
My WackenGear keeps me pretty toasty today; except for the crappy gloves and summer boots. To solve this I'm going to go spend a lil on a few pair of wool socks (maybe to wear over the NoNonsense socks I DO wear), and some smaller, warmer gloves.Gave plasma today, and am pulling an extra 8hr shift, so today I effectively made 180 bucks. I think I deserve new socks.Went to Pope gym w/Hubby.
Started: HUNGRY! Still lil chilled. Prob still dehydrated from earlier.Time: 50:00 Cal:350 Dist:3.86 Resist:1
Cooldown walk: 2.5mph til 0.1
Avg SPM: 135 HR: 155
Stitch in LSide@10:00
Knee ow & toes numb@ 12:00
Lips tingling@ 14:00
Stopped whining @20:00
Wrist pain from one-hand typing on Elliptical machine: 24:00
Time spent watching Hubby get sexy: Most of it.- From WeyrCat's Treo...

/Memories/ Liars and Thieves

On my first real date with my husband we were telling eachother about ourselves. He told me there were two things he couldn't stand, and I filled in "Liars and thieves." He looked shocked and awed, asking if he'd told me before. I replied "No, I just can't stand 'em either."- From WeyrCat's Treo...

Museum: Airborne & Special Operations Museum, Fayetteville NC

Location: 100 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC. (910) 483-3003
Visited: Nov11.2oo8Fayetteville being the city surrounded Fort Bragg: Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces, there's a lot of military interest.
The Airborne and Special Operations Museum in downtown Fay was one of the places Husband and I were saving to go together. Outside the Museum are blocks blazoned with Unit emblems and sayings. My husband's current unit, the 321st, was immortalized this way as well. (1a) The path leading into the museum had blocks paid for by donations to the museum. Each celebrated a person or unit attached to the Airborne or SF.
Just inside the building were two Paratrooper dummies: one showing an older 60s looking uniform and the well-known teardrop parachute, and one farther back wearing a paraglider type chute. Hubby said that a few of his unit buddied were getting to test the latter chute.
One wall was covered in those Airborne/SF who had received the Medal of Honor, and the op…

Cem_1: Rivers of Faith Church, FayNC

Location: 209 Grove St, Fayetteville NC (get GPS)
Photographed: Sep22.2oo8
Oldest Stone Date: 1817 Justin Jones.On my way to getting lost, and taking note of graveyards along the way, I spied a stone in a field before I crossed the bridge at Grove st. Making a quick U-Turn I doubled back to try to spot it again. This time when I saw it I pulled into the parking lot of Rivers of Life Church (marked 209.) (1a)I crossed the street, walked til I found a way over the ditch seperating the apparent graveyard from the road, and trudged in. (1b) The first thing I noticed was the Yard Edge. As soon as the Yard started all the grass and weeds were dead! It made a perfect edge around the entire yard. There weren't many stones left standing, and what were, were being swallowed by the earth. I decided I would photograph every stone, asking the dead that lay there if I may do this for them: so they may not be completely forgotten. I spoke to them as I went through, careful not to step in the sunke…

Fwd: Quick and dirty BCAAs

- From WeyrCat's Treo...-----Original Message-----From: "WeyrCat" <>
Subj: Quick and dirty BCAAs
Date: Fri 2008.11.14 5:36 pm
Size: 2K
To:;"Shane Douglas 0 Kepley" <> "What Should I Learn Today?"BCAAs: Quick and DirtyThere are over 20 amino acids required to sustain life in the human body. Of these there 8 "essential" amino acids, meaning they cannot be produced by the body and must be injested through diet or supplement. Of these essential a.a.s, there are 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine.These 3 BCAAs may all be found in Dairy, Meats, nuts, and seeds. These BCAAs are anti-catabolic, which means they stop the breakdown of muscle tissue during exercise. Stress and Exercise put the body into a catabolic state, depleting Glycogen (muscle energy), and releasing L-Alanine which halts protein synthesis. Introducing BCAAs before the wo…

081112 Gym

Recline Bike: 15:00 ~13mph. HR:~130-150 rpm91 dist3.44mi.
-Seat3. Resist6. Cal77 Look for movie coming out: TwilightUpright bike. 15:00. Spd15mph.
3.83mi 90cal 94rpm 135-160hr.
Seat3 Resist:6.
- From WeyrCat's Treo...

081112 Dehydrated AshleyRobics

Pre-Aerobics: I feel like I'm going to throw up. Told a friend I'd try Aerobics with her today. Its her usual workout. I always hope to go with Hubby on wednesdays, since its the only day we set aside to go together. I felt fine half an hour ago, but all the sudden I felt like ralphing.Spent most of the day cooking, so I didn't eat very much. Wonder if that's it. Hope I don't throw up at her gym...The aerobics was actually not terrible. Ran 1.66 beforehand but spent the rest of the night severely dehydrated. Tilts at 24, hubby wanted to take me to the ER. I avoided both doctors and an IV with some phenegrin and gatorade. I hate when my hubby has to take care of me, but he does so well. I love him so much.
Felt a lil better the next day. No workouts til I'm fully hydrated and wait off the lingering aerobic soreness.- From WeyrCat's Treo...

081112 Gym

Recline Bike: 15:00 ~13mph. HR:~130-150 rpm91 dist3.44mi.
-Seat3. Resist6. Cal77 Look for movie coming out: TwilightUpright bike. 15:00. Spd15mph.
3.83mi 90cal 94rpm 135-160hr.
Seat3 Resist:6.
- From WeyrCat's Treo...

081111 Pope AF Gym

In today's Fayetteville Observer:
An 8yr old boy in AZ is charged with shooting his father to death.
2 Monks arrested in Jerusalem for brawling in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.While the 8yrOld boy article is tragic, Ultimate Fighter: Monk Edition?! Awesome. I wanted to post more on it but someone took the paper at work and I never got it back. I do these posts in spurts, you know.Caps collected at work:
Dr Pepper: 5 (no UWIN).
Coke Caps: 3+5.I didn't think I was going to get to work out today, as I didn't get to go this morning. I managed to talk Hubby into tryin to get to the Pope Gym with me, when he lost the car keys in the fridge for two hours and could not go while I was at work :D I had tried to go my myself when he was on Staff Duty, but couldn't find it! We called a friend of his to get the wherabouts.The gym wasn't that bad. In fact it was kinda neat. The weight rooms and the Cardio rooms are seperate, and not only are there a few big TVs on the wall, but…

Anne Rice: From Queen of the Damned, to A Spiritual Confession.

As I read my book, Ramses the Damned by Anne Rice, and find a new article about her new Christian Memoir in the paper today, I weep for her old characters.I've read all the Mayfairs. I've read all the Vampire Chronicles. I enjoyed where the two worlds came together! I read her erotic Beauty trilogy, and am currently devouring Ramses the Damned (as I never got around to reading it.) I read (by way of AudioBook) her novel on Christ's life and found it dry and almost boring. I don't only read horror novels, I actually recommend 'Lamb: Gospel according to Christ's Best Friend Biff' for a neat Christ tale. However, though its been a while, I remember being wholey unimpressed by the work as a novel. Anne Rice is listed on my Library page as one of my favorite authors. Actually the page started as a way to track the timeline and bloodlines of her books. The bookshelf image contains almost Rice's novels exclusively! I read her son's debut novel specifically…

What a wonderful woman!

1630, at Work.
A woman in a red truck, with short blonde hair, late forties early fifties. She had some gilded leaves hanging from her mirror. I commented on how beautiful they were and asked where she got them. (I have a smallish one as a necklace, from Estrella XIII.) She said she got it from Vermont and asked if I was from there. I told her I got my necklace in AZ and had never seen one quite so big! (The Estrella jewellers were mostly small to medium.) I wished her a good day and off she went.
A few minutes later I saw someone turning from off post back onto post, and I tried to wave them through. They stopped and it was her. She handed me one of her leaves and said "Here, I think you should have this." I was stunned! I asked if she was serious and thanked her profusely. Its so beautiful! I don't even know what to say! Thank you Ma'am! Thank you so much!- From WeyrCat's Treo...


So today I tried out the little gym in the housing area we're staying in. Its not so awesome, actually. I tried to do Chest, and my option Apollo5, one of those IronMaiden Multi Machines. I was not truly impressed. Unwieldy, I think is the word.Pectoral contractor 4/10 20lb
Vert Chest Press 4/10 20lb
*Sucks on Apollo5.I did my Long Run today. Since my normal is 2.1, I did a 5k (3.1). Started at 4.5mph, thinking I would take it slow and last longer. When I started hitting my hands on the HR bars I had to up the speed a few points. I was at my usual 5.0 at about 1.6mi. Continued to increase til I pushed the last it to 6mph at 2.9mi. The last 0.15 miles I did at 6.3, just to put some oomph in it. Finished at 35:55. Not exactly record breaking, but training is training.35:55 3.1m 4.5-6.3. 6.0 @ 2.9As I did my CoolDown walk I looked at the Flair on the walls. Some were of 82nd Medics (which of course peaked my interest. I like all Military stuff, but I take special interest in the Medic…

Two Unknown Soldiers

*GPS Gravesite on GMaps.
*Photos to: com/cem/cem3_081027
As I drove from Fort Bragg to MacDougal Downs in Raeford I always saw this brown sign (which I think means Site to See) and a small set of stairs (A1). However I was always in a hurry, in traffic, or with Hubby, so I never got to stop. Oct27.08 the road was empty, I had some time, so I watched for it.I crawled to 40mph on the 65avg road, and when I finally found the stairs I pulled onto the wild shoulder. Making sure no one was going to run me down, I crossed over and read the elusive sign for the first time (A2). An area entrenched in 1865! As I approached the stairs and photographed them, I noticed how white they were. Marble! (A3) Marble stairs in the middle of nowhere? At the top of the small hill was four posts, fencing in a stone (B1)!A gravesite! Here! The stone read "Two Unknown US Soldiers" (B2). (My thought on the way home was 'US before o…

Airborne Willie

I was scrolling through my BlackFive feed about a week ago it felt, and stumbled across an article on Airborne Willie: this man showed up at an Obama rally covered in more medals than any person could HOPE to achieve unless you're Chesty Puller.The debate going on was whether or not the man was a Glory Thief, crazy, or just a little eccentrically overzealous about our soldiers and Obama. I decided on Eccentric. It's the
weird that make the world go round, ya know?The other day I was at the Reilly entrance to Fort Bragg, doin my Gate Guard thing, when who shows up but Mister Willie himself. (He's one of those people who stops 20 ft from the gate while they look for their ID, btw.) He pulled up and I recognized him (easy, still wearing his Airborne Willie nametapes!) I told him he was famous, and asked to take a photo of him. TADA! He couldn't find his ID, so I had to turn him around. I really wanted to see that ID though! I told him he needed to find it and come back to…

What do I want?

No Really? What do I want for my life? For myself?

What am I wanting to know? What the hell do I mean by the question even?

Do I want to know what to do with school?
What to do with my health?
What to do with my marriage and my husband?

What do I want to do in 10 years? 20? 50?
Wow 50's a long time, let's start with this year.
Is that too far? Maybe this month?

I want to remember to take my damned pills every day.
I've gone out and made sure I had a bajillion to take, yet lil cases to carry them in, but I don't actually DO it.
Women's Multivitamin. 4. 2 twice daily.
Glucosamine and Condroiten. 2. 1 Twice daily. (Until the bottle is gone, there may be new evidence of the Placebo effect.)
Omega3 Fish Oil. For the Joints, like the Glucosamine.
Now St. John's Wort. Cause I can't seem to stop being a depressed angry bitch the last few weeks, for no apparent reason.
I also have (for the mornings) Green Tea Extract and Caffiene. Well, the Green Tea should be 2 2ce daily. One d…