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(X) Cleaning

Jan28-7.25pm My Mood is: Cool, but a lil tired.
I busted my butt yesterday. George and I only had 3 hours of sleep, we were up all night. Not really doing anything significant, just kinda being lazy on the computer lol, just not goin to bed. So we paid for it. We were tired all day lol. Class was alright for me, and from what I hear his Psych class was alright too. When we got home, however, we had to bust butt to clean the carpets, organize and clean the living room and kitchen, basically get everything nice for our houseguest that came today. George and I moved a bunch of the boxes out of the guest room and into the attic, and then Kimberly and I stripped the place when she got home. We made the bed with the new sheets and everything, and I vacuumed and dusted a bit. We also reorganized the linen closet lol, and I had to clean and organize our bathroom so she would be able to use it too. George got the fun job of shampooing the stairs while Kimberly and I were in the guest room, my p…

(X) Butterfly Effect

Jan26-o4 12.05am. My Mood is: Pretty Good.

Yesterday and Today have been rather good. Yesterday I think I just kinda hung out for a while lol, did not much of anything until Kimberly offered me to go see a movie with her. We went and saw Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. With all the hype about him, we ended up having to listen to some whistles etc, but other than that we were rather undisturbed. Except by the movie, that was one DISTURBING movie, it was really awesome! I loved it, I jumped so many times, and then had a hard time getting to sleep last night because of the stuff that kept going through my head. It's a reeeeally good movie that disturbs Me, 10 points. I will own it lol. Afterwards, Kimberly and I went to pick up George, and met up with Russ along the way (he was waiting to pick him up too.) We all went to a Mexican restuarant(sp) and I got the seafood soup. The thing was HUGE and I got to crack open crab legs the first time! lol. I had a whole Half-A-Crab in tha…

(4m) Goals

Happy New Year.

My goals in life:

Get a Biology degree.
Get a teaching degree (post-secondary).
Learn to fire a handgun.
Get back into shape. Running, hang, crunches.
Spend some weekends with friends.
Feel like I could win another lingerie contest (goes for getting back into shape.)
Sleep a regular schedule.