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09Jan30 FitBlog Gym

I lost my damned Pedo at Fencing. BLaRg.
-Yest: Core: Plank3/10. S.Plank3/10e. LegRaiseSupine 3/10. IronYoga 45m *TreeSeqs. PullUps 15cum.
-Jan27 Fencing45m.This is of course including rests etc.Gym -
Abduc 3/10,70lb (too much. Also, was I doin this right?)
V-Squat 3/10 Base54+0.
Adductor (Lone) 3/10 65p(perfect!)
Am I going too fast? Do I get less out of it that way? Also.. tighter bottoms. Showin my panties on these!
Iso-Lat Leg Curl 3/10 Base2+10e (nice&hard).
BackExt 3/10.
End with a goooood long back stretch. I can almost put my nose to my knees again! Yay Yoga.

Julianna Wylkyns

Ok, so, I've settled on 14thC Irish. I really want to just be all over, every country, but I need to pick a home. Sticking with something I can truly claim, and maybe just changing my stupid last name's spelling so its more Mine, might at least wrap that up.
I can stil craft any culture. I can study the whole 14th C, loved most by me because of what we as a thinking species accomplished tween 1200-1400!
Its a good starting point, and the dresses I've seen aren't overly poofy. Not pants, but I might have to bite the bullet on that one. I may claim 14th C Irish maiden, but I AM pyrate captain. I just, don't know how to justify her yet.
Capt. on The Leaky Dinghy

Saving the World, Some More

Updated World Saving:
Please note that since I was spamming my Junk Account with invites to rack up SqFeet, I just started spamming back. I'm saving TWICE the stuff! :P

Adopt the Rainforest: SQ Feet Saved:
4 - WeyrCat
2 - Julianna

Adopt a Reef - Cubic Feet Of Reef:
2 / 2 - W/J

Trees Planted (EarthKeepers):
8 / 3 - W/J

Saving the World... One Game at a Time

Yar, so, I can only donate so much money... BUT I can always donate time I'm usually wasting ANYWAY!

Through Facebook I have been able to (supposedly) plant trees, feed hungry, and stuff teddy bears :P

Save the Planet - by CoolAps
Play a game, earn "Lunch Money", "donate" to different things. I'm working on Cancer, then moving on. However my Child Abuse is high because you can invite other people to donate with you, and you GET the $L they want you to be able to donate.

Your Personal Contributions
milligrams of teddy bear stuffing (Give Teddy Bears to Abused Children)
546 milliseconds of cancer research
1 grains of rice for the hungry
1 square feet of the rainforest

EarthKeepers - by Timberland
7 Trees Full Grown! (WeyrCat)
*Whether these are the trees they actually plant, I don't know. You are given random "seeds."
"Plant a virtual tree and give seeds to your friends! For each tree grown to adulthood, we will plant a real tree in a deforested ar…

080113 +4m

-Curls (5lb, 2/10), 10lb 4/10.
-Reverse curls, 10lb 4/10. These hurt like they shouldn't. Especially when first two sets are with barbell weights instead of dumbbells
-Cable Bicep Curl, 20lb (=5lb resist) 3/10.
-One-arm preacher curl, 10lb 4/10
39:184m 39:18 ow.Still need to buy: Girly Lifting Gloves. I want tone, not callouses.

090108 Bike +3m, Steps:

FitSum: Reclined Bike 40:00 291cal ?miles +13cal, 2min. (1700)
*HealthNote: Plasma 845am.
-6hrs sleep. 0FlOz, maybe 500cals...Stupid bike shutoff @40, last 5 must have been CD as I forgot to change time when I decided to go to 350cal. Cest la vie.Stretched all lower body. Right leg feels really tight. Glad I went, even if I didn't run. Feel like I'm falling back into the Too Much Too Fast with not enough recovery time. Today I was so exhausted and irritable, and its been building the last few days. Probably was a good idea to keep working but loooow impact. Also probably not good that I had maybe 1oz fluid (yes, one..) and todays calories included 2 bowls of cereal (one skim milk & cheerios, the other GoLean Crunch ((omg yum)) and light Soymilk), aaaand a PB & Pineapple jelly on Oatnut. So, not.. very many.
Oh and some "Reindeer Corn".. Christmas colored candy corn FTW!The pain in my old fractures was inevitable, but still worries me. Its a no-braine…

090106 Registering Classes. A Journey...

So I walked up to the Registration Bldg @635, & a man in a yellow jacket told me the line for Reg started at the Tech building, which opens at (gasp) 630! So I walk through the rain (yes, its raining) to the "side door" which turns out to be another entrance to the Reg Bldg. After a chance meeting with the man in the yellow jacket he tells me "NEXT building!" Off I go. To a locked door telling I was "You are Here!" at the smoking area. Handy dandy map DID tell me the true door was around the way though! Again.. off I go. Through the rain, now dripping down my forehead, to another locked door. A security woman comes out to tell me the doors open Automatically at 8am. "They wouldn't let you wait in the Reg Bldg?" "They told me to come here.." "Go ahead and sit in there, out of the rain." So... I trudge back to the Reg Bldg. Only this time I ignore the yellow jacketed fiends and go to my car. Here I sit, across from the …

090104 +2m Ow & Logs

FitSum: +2mi, 19:16m, was too dizzy to get HR afterwards O.OYar, Hubby thinks its cause I was dehydrated. Me, I think it may just be silly to push a 3.1 at 21:45, NOT ice, stay up til 2, toss n turn til 3 (then YAY Melatonin!) and sleep til 11, tryin to squeeze a 2mi in before eating and work. Owie. Right leg just all jacked up. BoneScar and knee pain. Couldn't ice cause had to get ready for work, so kneeled in cold water while soaped up, but couldn't have been more than 2-3min. Ice packs slowly melting in the car while I wait for a break to ice.. Oi. Ima hurt myself this way.Also trying to find a good Excel RunLog. I want to be able to embed it in a webbie, but ultimately I just want it period. Using the RunnersWorld one (which is awesome) but HAVE to use the PC. I can get a run in on the Treo but not Strength Training. But. Most logs I find won't have that option anyway. Would have to be some pretty complicated CrossFit Excel. Maybe one page for Run data, one page Streng…

090104 Brindle @ G13

Boooo have a beautiful brindle boxer female lying at my feet at G13, and no way to keep her. Hasn't been wild long, still affectionate/friendly! /girly <3acheI had no food to give her, as I'd eaten it all, but I found a pack of Ramen in my trunk. She didn't eat all of it, delicacy that it is, but at least I fed her something. She hung out just as I was leaving then went back to the woods. Wish I could have taken her home.
- From WeyrCat's Treo...

090103 +3.1, Recipe: Pulled Pork Sandwich

FitSum: +3.1m 31:11 (10:04 miles). Pedometer: 1750.
Total miles to 100: 97/100!!

We don't drink very much, my husband and I, but in the 10 days around Christmas and New Years we definitely put some away. We decided to take January off from any alcohol. Based on what I read on the Liver Saving effects of artichokes I've decided to make them a good part of our diet this month as well. Almost like making January "Love your Liver" month!
The other night we had Pulled Pork Sandwiches on whole wheat buns. Its terribly easy, packed full of protein, and has a wonderful pineapple sweetness! We also had Spinach & Artichoke dip with our MultiGrain chips. SO good! Recipe: Teriyaki Pulled Pork Sandwiches
From Taste of Home, Slow Cooker recipe cardsIngredients:

1 boneless pork shoulder roast (3lb), trimmed
2 tsp olive oil
1 cup finely chopped onion
1 cup teriyaki sauce, divided
1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
3 tbs all-purpose flour
8 whole wheat hamburger buns, split
1 can (20 oz) sl…

090102 +3.5 Aaaand No New Years 5k...

FitSum(Yesterday): Run3.5m 35:16 ended at 7mph! Pu2.
FitSum(Today): Pedo: 4390
To Mile Marker 100: 93.9/100!!

Yea, today my pedometer tracked only the steps I took in the Museum when we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, as 3 hours of driving doesn't earn you very much.
Was supposed to go to the Marine Corps New Years Resolution 5k tomorrow, paid for and all, only miscalced the time it would take to get there :( We could get there, and run it, but the probability of getting back home in time for me to make it to work? Low. Thus, Hubby says we'll run our OWN 5k tomorrow morn, and he'll buy me a shirt. (Yes, I demand a shirt when I run. I only don't have one for the Special Forces 5k I did, and that was due to a lack of Pre-Reg on my part. Lacksidasical.