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(X) George's Bday

Today is George's birthday. He's 21. ^_^
I had some much to write earlier, and now I can't remember what it wasabout. Life if like that sometimes, always taking on the flavour ofwhat's going on around you. A moment can seem wonderful and prophetic,quiet and amazing, and then you hear something, see something, remembersomething, and your moment turns into a grey cloud, a sourness in theback of your throat, and yet it's the same circumstance, just with newseasoning. Why must life be like that? Why must we question ourpurpose, our future, our pasts? Why must we ask "what would bedifferent if?" "What could happen if/when?"
I'm not sure where I'm going in life. I can see my future as I wouldhave it, I think. But for some reason I cannot feel myself gettingthere. I have no gusto, no energy for the tasks between now and then. Iam tired. I am depressed. Would a change of scenery make me feelbetter? Maybe. Would...
to be continued

(X) Armand

Currently Reading:
The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 6)

By Anne Rice

I missed the library...
I just finished the Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. I had previously readup to Memnoch, and decided that I needed to continue on. ^_^ I missedRice's vampires... sigh

Simply, it was amazing. I plan to read Pandora tomorrow. I could takeit out of the library on tape.. >_

My fortune cookie said: You wil lbe fortunate in everything you put your hands to. (I guess it doesn't know I'm a clutz!)
HOORAY! Two hard avvies in one day! MEUKA FINALLY *war dance* and Jetsam CHOMP!

(X) General

We're about ot head out to the Grape Festival, it'll be my first time. ^_^ They say once you've been on to one you'lve been to them all, but I like that sort of thing anyway lol.

Today was a busy day, and I'm very tired. I woke up only around 9-10 though. Kimberly and I got up and ran out the door to see Vanity Fair. It was pretty good. ^_^ I saw a wonderful ad for Phantom of the Opera, which made me just drool in my seat lol. It looks wonderful! I hope they do it justice. Vanity Fair was one of those movies where you'd probably have to see it twice to catch it all, but you wouldnt need to. Its hard to put it into words. They wit and story were charming, but the ending left you thinking. You could zombie out to enjoy it, or think it through. Interesting mix.

(X) Deviant Art

Oh and I changed my kougra to a mutant jubby. Dont ask. Ok ask. Jubbiesare cute and I want a Coco Jubby, so I'll zap him. I paint KubrickOrange and successfully moved him to Mistress, so I got the 800k avvyon both ^_^

*falls asleep on keyboard*

(X) Glasses

Well, after going to sleep feeling like crap, and being awakened in the middle of the night, I think I fared the day well.

About 6.20 in the morning I was dreaming, when all the sudden I hearthis loud CRASH!!! I wake to find myeslf on my back, hands clutchingthe blanket to my face, legs curled as if to kick up and out (orprotect my toes from falling debris.) I imagined all the electronicsfalling off their stands to my right, the tv and playstation fallingthrough their shelves in front of me, and my shelving unit topplingover to my left. I suddendly prayed it wasnt the playstation, seeingthat 200$ machine crash through its shelf in a reply in my mind. Georgewas instantly up, his arm proectively over me as if to take the bruntof a blow himself, asking if I was alright. I shook my head yes and satup. We both saw before us, under his computer chair, a small stack ofDVDs that had collapsed from their precarious position on the edge ofhis chair and crashed onto Kimberly's 5lb plate and s…

(X) Busy Day

So far today, after waking up late from a nightmare culminating in the breaking of my neck, I:

Rescued the cat from being trapped in the spare bedroom.
Sorted the laundry.
Let the dogs out.
Started a load of laundry.
Cleaned the catbox.
Loaded and started the dishwasher.
Ate breakfast and read a little.
Moved Load1 into dryer. Loaded Load2.
Called school about my tuition -
--was forced to leave message. Will try again in half an hour.
Called GCC about SATs, was told to call High School
--WONDERFUL if not gruff Ms Cathy told me she wouldsend them to UOP for me, took the address... lets hope she gets themthere. (No one is telling me where I can find them lol.)
Finishing my UOP application. (Free online ;)
--Requested transcripts be sent from GCC. $5 YAY!
Finished filling out job app for Sallys.
Called school about my tuition again-
--was told what form to print out.. Filled it out.
Then I went with Kimbelry to drop off my application, ate at Mazatlan,and wandered around Lakewood gifts and…

(X) God and Religion

Sep11 440pm
I believe in God. Do you believe in God?

When a person is asked "Do you believe in God," I imagine the asked persons blanching, sitting back in their chairs and suddenly assuming the person they're conversing with is a "Churchy", or someone who's going to try to convert them or drag them screaming into a church. While people who believe in God, some form of God, many forms of God, or any power that is not wholly oneself, are probably more common than people who own ferrets there is some great taboo about talking about God. It starts fights, arguments, "My way of worshiping God is better than YOUR way of worshiping God" battles.

I believe in God. I was baptized Catholic, but never raised in church. My father however did impress upon me that it was wrong to be lying when you "Swear to God." The first time I ever remember going to church was when I was 15, with my granmother. I remember walking through the huge double doors and fee…

(X) Neopets

The ray is fired at KubrickDeLarge...

... and she changes colour to Shadow!!
I knew I should have fired the ray at Dixie this morning >_I have a bunch to write about, but I can't seem to find time to writeabout it lol. Maybe I'll drag the laptop to school and write. ^_^