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Unpacking, phoning, and EVILLE ex-landlady.

Busted my bum today. Today Hubby had to work but I was home with the mess. I tried to be productive.
Cleaned the litter box, unpacked two totes, broke for breakfast. Unpacked and collasped uncounted more boxes, filled bookshelves, spun couch, moved elliptical, arranged most of kitchen. Pigged out on ice cream and a glass of wine for an early lunch. Addendum: Frey Natural (organic white: bleh. Tastes like lightly carbonated, slightly bitter, blah. But I'm not a huge fan of white wines anyway. Called FPL, old electric off. Called water company, old water off tomorrow 0730 (stinks, I know she's moving in as soon as she has keys.) Shopped internet providers. ATT it is. It'll come on next week. Called Comcast, turned on net off. More boxes, more ice cream.Ten minutes on the elliptical to help offset the ice cream, definitly not enough. Showered, and went to meet landlady for the walkthrough. (Since I ended with the landlady rant: We went feom her to the gym, where I warmed up,…

BBQ on a Diet Day!

One of the resident's fathers comes through and chats with me now and again. Today they had a bbq and he brought me a plate! This is a rare occurrence: I've only ever gotten two plates in my 11 months here, BOTH from this nice man.
Today happens to be a diet-day, thanks to my recklessness this week.
I was brought (approx) 845 calories. I pared it down to 520. *See before and after plate hehe.
Altered the rest of my day's diet to accommodate. Will eat the portion allotted in increments (except the burger and potato salad. I smashed those). Interestingly, though those two were all I had (343 cals) I feel stuffed O.O been consuming rather small portions spaced out by much water on my penitential-diet-day. Assuming I don't tinker, which I will, I'm looking at a 301 calorie deficit for the day. Yesterday finished paying up moving-week, so these 301 are pure weight loss. :)

PS: You can kind of see my weekly graph poking out from the side there!

The Island of Dr Moreau- H.G. Wells

The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is really cool. I love the forward, a young man presenting the tale following as a an account written by his uncle who may have believed it really happened, (leaving the reader to feel... maybe it did!)

The story itself was also very cool. Wonderfully descriptive, yet not tiring about it. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll simply state that YOU should read it. :)

I must also mention how, to me, the Law felt like a reflection of Man and religion... an attempt to embody an unattainable Self, an attempt to hide or disown instincts and mentalities innate. It was probably on purpose, it was done so well.

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On Moving...

Haven't updated in a while, school and moving you know.Did I mention I got A's in both my classes? I should have.At work, and it's going as usual:
Want to punch some of these people in the face. Bleach blonde b***h in a Bentley insists she's on the list and eeeeveryone knows her. She's on the list all right, as 'No entry unless resident confirms.' Ex wife.Also, (from my FB), I spend a lot of my day smiling around wanting to poke holes in peoples' tires. Just had one who forgot her ID (doesn't know the code for the apt she stays in, since she's not -actually- the resident there) and, of course, spouts off about how I'm the 'only one who gives her this problem'. I ran her plate thru the system as a roundabout way of getting her in (a favor she would never know nor admit, since I could antagonize her further, so says SOP). While I did so, back turned and all, she continued on about me 'then wantin to drive around and wave and smile …

Review: Bullet

Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While this was MILES better than the previous installment (hmm, most of the sex seems to make sense, story is nice and full with only a teensy bit of seemingly pointless sideline branches (COUGH the rotting master of Augusta) that get clippingly solved in the end) I have one problem....

How do you just cause Padma, Master of Beasts, to be extinct in A member of the Council, someone riDICulously scary, but his death is mentioned in a summary afterthought? Why not at least a small installment, like Flirt or the first chapter in one of the multi-books?

/grumble grumble/

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PT 9x5 & 9-5.

Though Sundays are my brain dead, swollen knees, no real way to PT/cardio I managed some today.*5min condensed Yoga as sun salutations.
*10min (cumu) Iron Yoga / upper body weights 2lb.
*5min of Spark's Cardio Kickboxing vid (from memory)
*A set of bodyweight squats
*Half a mile (1480 steps) pacing the cube (cumu).I also devoured half of Robert Hamilton's book _Earthdream_ which I recommend!

Paradise Lost- John Milton. 4/5.

Goodreads Mobile | see what your friends are readingIt took me a short while to hurdle the dialect, but it was worth it. A vivid telling of Genesis, partially from Satan's view. I sometimes got a little lost in Milton's often parallels to myths I've never read (probably common knowledge at the time the non-rhyming long verse was written). I think my favorite part was the naming of Satan's minions, assigning them each a worshipped god of mythology. Pretty much tickled pink by that for some reason. Enjoyed seeing Satan's viewpoint of Hell and Chaos. Heard some quotes I knew well but not where from, 'abashed the Devil stood...'. One thing... the son of God is born in Heaven before God creates Man... Maybe I misunderstand the Bibble but I don't recall that being so. A little polytheistic, don'tcha think?