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(X) Nulled 4k Marriages

Well its certainly been an interesting day already, and its only 10am. Wow I haven't posted in a while lol. Been lazy ^_^ I have some back stuff to post aswell, not sure if I'l get to it.

So here's what I woke up to: I read in the paper that California has nullified the almost-4000 gay marriages that Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco sanctioned in February. I understand that he didn't make it a law or anything, just up and said "Ok you can get married" and that made it against the law or whatever, but I still think its stinks lol. I almost wonder why he couldn't just make it a law for the state of California or the city of San Fran at least, but then the government says its majority rules, our protection, blah blah blah. I understand, it still stinks.

Also in the news today (The only other interesting thing in the newspaper I might add) was about New Jersey Governer James McGreevey resigns after announcing that he had an affair with a man, violat…