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John Branyan does Shakespeare's The Three Little Pigs

Besides the fact that the comedian is really funny, his "Three Little Pigs" as done (mostly) Shakespearean is REALLY impressive! I LOVED it and just had to share! :D ENJOY!

Pretty good day, til socked in the jaw.

It's still a pretty good day. Though smiling about it kind of hurts.

-On the way to school Hubby and I watched a sloooooow one-manned vehicle get nicked by an unmarked car for driving in the carpool lane (YES!) Talk about satisfying. We cheered the rest of the way there.  -While sleepy in chem I wrote all the notes by hand instead of referring to his printed notes (that he encourages us to bring.) I think the act of writing it helps me learn it, so I felt better about the material today. -My German professorin decided she wanted all of us to take home and redo the homework we were turning in that day, because she wants it in complete sentences. While this may seem kind of crappy, I'd forgotten mine in my German folder at home. -The chem TA I went to see said my pre-lab and flow chart were good, and hinted at where I could/should make it better. She did tell me to put in less detail on the flow chart, but the things she mentioned removing are actually vital, so I'll chock it…

Upper Body by Female Bodybuilding Bible.

I log my PT at!
This workout: The Female Training Bible:
This music: Lindsey Stirling's violin stream.

WeyrCatearned 133 points for:
Walked up the stairs (in lieu of the elevator):1 floors (+5 pts)Poetry class.Dumbbell Bicep Curl:5 lb x 10 reps (+5 pts)5 lb x 10 reps (+5 pts)


I really like this site and have used it a few times over the last decade or so. Sometimes it surprises me, sometimes not. It asks you your stance on big issues and then "ranks" the candidates according to how they have voted or stood on those issues. Obama and Libertarians always end up WAY up front for me, and then everything evens out as I keep answering questions and rating "How important the issue is to" me.

This came out pretty much exactly how I thought it would. The Libertarian candidate, who probably doesn't have a leg to stand on in America, matches my ideas 62%. Ron Paul is the next choice at 49%, but note where ALL the Republicans are: All in the low 40s. There's only one Democrat on the board (probably because he's already President, do the Democrats have to back him because he's already President or can they push another Democrat candidate? Hmm. I'm betting they have to back him.

So. I rather hope Ron Paul gets the Rep. nomination…

Tell your Rep to VOTE NO on SOPA/PIPA!

In case you don't know, I feel strongly about this.
I used the Wikipedia rep-finder to contact my local Representatives. I sent them all e-mails, and called the numbers provided. One lady took down my opinions and promised to "pass them on." I left a message for another. One line is constantly busy. The last line's mailbox is full. WE THE PEOPLE do not want this bill. Yet... because our reps don't represent US, I fear the end of the internet is nigh.
One of my reps responded (probably with a smart-filter responder) to the email I sent him about SOPA/PIPA. I'll post it at the bottom since it's the same political "sandwich" you always hear when they dodge you.
If you STILL are unsure what SOPA/PIPA are and how they affect you, watch this vid for a very understandable breakdown. PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.
Here's an amusing video that would be illegal if SOPA passed. (His use of a copywrited tune, t…


Holding Page.
I used to be HUGE into Neopets. In fact, I played so long ago that the navigation bar looked like the one above! The whole site has been overhauled several times and nothing looks like it used to.

JainaWyr was born a Shoyru. At some point, I turned her into a Purple Camo Poogle. It's cute, especially the poogle attack face, but now that Shoyru's can be camo (PURPLE camo) my goal is to idly earn enough points to turn her back the way she was! It'll take a while, since I don't actively play.

I wanted to read to her as much as I could. I think before I was a good runner up for the Neopian Book Award. Now, a few years later, the books read are in the 2ks. Since I don't play anymore it's not a big deal, but WOW!

An alphabetical list of what she's read isn't really necessary. They keep a list of what she's read here:
So it's more important to keep a list of the things she REFUSES to read, so you don't keep buying it over and over ag…

Review: Sphere

Sphere by Michael Crichton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's very easy to 'get to know' the main character and to see how he sees everyone around him. It's the right level of history, description, and opinion. The details of the book make it easy to BE there. I found the story engrossing, just the right level of confusing, and once I dug in I didn't stop until I had to. The ending it nicely tied together and leaves me with that little bit of "hmmmm, I wonder..." Great book.

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What's on my Mind? Information overload.

School starts next week. I'm excited, and already missing vacation at the same time. Still glowing with how great vacation was! Beach, camping, family, tons of time with hubby...

The rest of this is largely my opinions on some politics and the state of the American country, and then some really cool articles I want to share with you. Dessert is the books and movies I've devoured in my time off :)

Review: Hook

Hook by Terry Brooks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I kind of expected a little more depth. Granted creative license and all, but the book felt... half. Like, instead of getting in the characters and trying to breathe more life into them (since a reader needs more than a watcher) he simply wrote the script in First Person. He did put a little more emotion in, but even Tink's Bigness feel dry. Booo.

In a reply to a similar review I posted:
Your review mirrors my feeling with one exception; Brooks' creative license left out certain thing I felt were vital (at least, because I grew up on the movie.) What's a paramecium? According to Brooks, a one celled organism with no brain.
Bzzzzzt. He chews up the best dialogue of the movie (for me). Btw.. it's a One celled critter with no brain, that CAN'T FLY.

Still manages to be a quick, okay read. I'm unsure how many of those 3/5 stars are riding on how much I loved the movie though.

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Resolutions PLANS!

I don't have Resolutions, I have plans.
Not, plans to plan something... or plans work toward that goal I've wanted. I just skipped the middle man and committed.

For January,

1. I have tickets to see Enchanted Island. The Met Opera will stream a production to some movie theaters. This production is the characters of A Midsummer Night's Dream, shipwrecked on The Tempest's island. I'm thrilled. I bought my tickets as soon as they became available.

2. I'm running the Komen 5k. Haven't been able to raise any money yet, but I'm not the only one. I'll be running on a team for my university.

In February,

1. Husband and I have committed to the SPARTAN RACE. After over a year of wanting to be able to do it, we're just going to GO DO IT. SO excited.

:) GO ME!

2011Dec28 Myakka Camping & 11.3mi Hike

I'll have to blog in pieces. I've had a great winter break and there's just too much to put in one post.

Husband and I took some time to go see some family of mine that were down in Florida. It was awesome. More on that in another post.

After leaving them (all too soon,) we set up camp in the Myakka State Park. We'd reserved two nights, though it's so busy during winter that we couldn't camp at the same spot twice. We got in, set up camp, and found the Nature Trail. We did the 1.3 miles really quickly since it was a short trail. It actually seemed too short, so we doubled back at a sign that said "Canopy Trail" thinking we'd missed part or that there was another leg. The Canopy Trail led to a 70 ft tall Canopy Walk. Winding stairs took us about halfway to the top (over the canopy) and had a soft bridge you needed to walk over. It was sooo neat. On the other side was the rest of the  stairway up to the top. Shane read that scientists use the view t…