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Poor mouse...

I had to crush a mouse :( The resident didn't stop for him when I did. He crushed some front part and it lay there wriggling and twitching, dying painfully. I angled at it, and crushed him with my tire, so he wouldn't lay there in agony. I hate humans. I saw it, he had to...I'll plant a seed for him tomorrow. It's the best I can do, poor little thing.

'Stop being so awesome, you make us all look bad.'

I was told by the LT that CPT hadn't signed off on my opera date (apr16) because it was too early too (I put it in Jan20). There's a memo in the computer today stating no more days off are to be requested/granted for apr17/23 cause 'the week is taken'. LT has an APPROVED vacation slip, that whole week, put in 3/11 and signed 3/12.
Furiouser and furiouser.
I'll keep my scuttlebutt to myself, but I think favoritism is rampant in the brass here, and it's pissing me the heck off.This week I've also been chewed out for being efficient in a way the Cpt hadn't thought of, and was accused of trying to set policy and overstep my job description. The idea was thrown out (though co-workers tell me, without prompting, that she trashed it 'cause she didn't think of it, not because it was bad.)I've also been reprimanded for doing MORE than any other Patrol officer would have, yet it was somehow not enough. I should have called the PD to wake up the reside…

Wonderful Day! Thrifting and time with Hubby

So today is my first real day of Spring Break. I tried to sleep in, but woke up after 8 hours anyway!
I did some quiet cleaning (I'm more relaxed when the house is clean) and set to pestering hubby after his alarm went off. We planned our week (glass bottom boat tour with Granma Irma tomorrow!) and headed out to thrift!

I got a variety of shorts and skirts (something I sorely needed after less than a year in FL with only AZ clothes, jeans pass in NC, but I wanted a little less lately...) I also got a gorgeous little red dress. I'm 27 and never owned one! My husband loves it, and at first told me I wasn't allowed to wear it outside the house! I can't wait to wear it on one of our date nights! We stopped off for the best Dairy Queen Blizzards we'd had in a while (TONS of cheesecake and chocolate, and at least half an inch to an inch over the rim. I seem to get jipped often, so this was fantastic!) We hit another thrift store and I begged my way into a mini-crock-pot …

My age old question rears... Teacher or Nurse.

I have a year of core requirements to decide if I want to change my major from BSNursing to BSBiology. It would invalidate some NC work (whoever decided A&P is lower div, never took it). Considering the BSN invalidates most everything from CA and AZ... it kinda stings. Don't want to 'start over' again. I started with fun stuff and no advisor. It's hard to get one of those you know! Religion and psychology. Was gonna major/minor for fun!In CA I shifted to Gen Eds, but everytime I change colleges there are different Gen Eds. Jazz = Music in CA but not FL. Skills for Student Success (how to be a college student) req CA,NC but apparently not FL. As a nurse I get to help people, have some hand in biology, and make money to take care of my family.
As a teacher I would get to warp minds, I mean, teach kids to love science! Dissect! Muscles! Skeleton! I prefer Middle School to Post Secondary I think, but who knows. Summers off to work on more school or take a wee vacation.…

And another thing... Yoga!

Another thing I notice about cardio-trackers (like my beloved SparkPeople and my gps enabled CardioTrainer...) they don't count Yoga...Now, CT does, but I use it to give me an at-a-glance view of progress in last 7 days. Spark is where I try to keep my fit minutes so I can track a differential between eaten calories. It does what my old spreadsheets did, without having to retranslate for each new device.Spark does have Pilates which is what I'll be logging it as, though I wouldn't do Pilates. It's a yoga ripoff with some dudes name attached. I just wanted to share what other (useless) stuff Spark DOES have in Cardio...Acting.
Coaching sports.
Fishing (3 kinds. standing river, sitting, standing bank).
Frisbee- general.
Hacky sack.
Line dancing.
Massage work.
Officiating a sports event.
Taboganning (sure, but how often is it entered guys?)
And 13 kinds of Wii Fit, excluding Wii Yoga.Really?PT:
•5inc pushups (to help the sore of yesterda…

Not quite an ode to my vacuum...

You know what? I'm going to start logging housework as yardwork in my CardioTrainer. Some things don't make sense (like it having Stagehand as an option but not Yoga.) But housework?

Seriously, anyone who thinks housework doesn't burn as much as yardwork has never DONE real housework. I don't mean standing there doing dishes or sweeping (though those are work too). I mean the work usually only MOM'S know about. The people who don't think housework is HARDwork are the people who don't know that you can SCRUB with a vacuum hose. They don't know that the air sucked up in a vacuum comes out in a hot blast, hard to avoid, when you're crouched beside the short hose with the scrubber, holding it together so it won't fall apart, and the vacuum falls over at you beCAUSE of that short hose. They don't know that the tooth attachment on a vacuum is NECESSARY for getting up surprise cat/dog/child puke out of a carpet. Those who DO, know when you scrub an…

Feb Date: Skorpios II. Loved it.

Dates have been sporadic this semester, but our grades are fantastic hehe.
We ended up going on our date on March 01 at Skorpios II, the first Greek place we've found since we had to leave our beloved "The Greek Place" on Fort Bragg. I'd had my eye on the place for most of the month and it did NOT disappoint!

I ordered a spinach pie for an appetizer, and ordered dinner right away. I opted for a Feta and Spinach Stuffed Flounder. Little did I know it came with a bunch of extras! I also ordered a Greek beer, Vergina, which Shane felt tastes like Budweiser. I liked it, either way (3/6). I demolished the spinach pie, giving a meager third of it to hubby. Yum! They brought me a lentil soup (mmmm, even Shane liked it, but I didn't tell him there were lentils in it.) We both had Greek salads. They ALSO brought us pita chips and tzatziki (mmmm). By the time dinner came I was full! The plate was HUGE. I ended up nibbling the delicious dinner, and splitting it into three mor…