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Sunday Postponed due to Finals!

Sorry, but the Sunday Wandering has been postponed due to Finals.

Here's some other cool stuff to tide you over:

Culture Drill: FAU Symphony Orchestra

SO. Hubby goes away to drill once a week and I get BORED. Bored bored bored. Sure, I get more homework done than usual, but I'm bored. SO. I've invented a new tradition for myself. Shane hates opera and classical music (though he is kind enough to go when dragged) so when he's gone I'm going to treat myself to a show!

This month, the local college orchestra is putting on a performance I'd love to see!
For the next two months I have two operas on DVD at the library scheduled to be held for me on the drill dates. I'd love to do another "Live at the MET in HD" but this way I can save my pennies and attend the opera in owl socks. WEE!

My inaugural "Culture Drill" was a success! FAU Symphony Orchestra presented "Sabre Dance! Armenian, Austrian, & German Masterworks", with selections by Beethoven, Hayden, and a suite of dances from the ballet Gayane by Khachaturian. You know one of those dances: Sabre Dance! It was much fun!

Where does "Defense Funding" go? With Pictures!

I keep running into people complaining about how much the United States government spends on the Military.. mainly on Facebook. Mainly these people back up their pitchforks with unsourced graphs with "defense spending by country" and fewer still have an explanation of what the numbers in the charts mean. Let's pick on the first graph I find when I search "military defense spending".

The graph I'm referring to is here: *found on random image site, link to SIPRS in sources. (7)

I wanted to explain this one for those who have trouble reading graphs (because they're harder to comprehend than most people think, and I'd bet a pinky nail that most of the people who wave these graphs around couldn't explain them if you asked them). However, it's come to my attention that numbers scare people and they wouldn't read that section if I wrote it anyway. So. Easier numbers then.

What does "46.5% of World Military Expenditures" mean in dolla…

(NF) Challenge 3 - Into the Mountain

6 WEEK CHALLENGE - November 12 to December 24, Rangers, WeyrCat - Into the Mountain (Challenge 3) [link]

November 12, 2012 - RP. Intro, goals.
Nov 13, 2012 - RP. Studied a lot, Minimized a lot, no cardio (still sick). Stretching before bed.

School and goal completions!

Finals are coming! Finals are coming!


I've been pretty busy. It's that time of year when studying for exams and writing final papers takes up almost all my time. For example, I attended an exam review yesterday that took four hours.

I finished my first set of Observation hours for my Intro to Ed class. It was very... illuminating. I happened to be reading Setting Limits in the Classroom by Robert J. MacKenzie Ed.D. at the time so I actually got to see the control methods in action (or inaction...). I did enjoy the experience and look forward to next semester. I hope I get another high school biology course (the grade and subject is not guaranteed).

I got a 79% on my second Genetics exam. It kind of makes me twitch to be SO CLOSE to the B and just unable to grasp it. I know it's because I'm STILL not spending enough time on it, even though it feels like some days I do nothing BUT genetics.

I've registered for next semester (though I'm still waiting on one…