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PT Log 2010 June




June 1








Run tread 4.5-5.2mph1.251.0660880:15:250:12:20


Walk tread 3.5-2.5mph

Ellip Cardio

BicepCurl 7lb*10r*3sets

SuperSet SitUps 10*3sets




06/29 Gym etc.

6mins on the StairMaster treadmill started to kick my ass. We'll call that a warmup. Was irritating to kick kicking the front stair as it unfolded, thus trying to crush my toes.Stairmaster Tread 0:06:00 lvl6.
Walk tread 0.5inc. 0.88mi. Meh.Tonight we made Plum Sauce Stir Fry, watched Suspect 0 (5/5), which brought us to the show Dexter. All in all, good night :) *DID have to ice my decidedly strained right calf though :(

06/28 Gym, Passed Class D

Last day in my Class D (Unarmed Guard cert). Missed 2 on the 100 question test. Booo. Passing was 75. So I plan on turning my cert in tomorrow & calling WSI first and ESP next. ESP sounds great but I have 2 years experience for WSI!SuperSet on Ball:
-Hammer curl 8lb (1s) 5lb (3s). *10r.
-Crunch *10*4s.
-TriExt 10lb*10r*4s.
SuperSet on Ball:
-Bent Row 10lb*10r*3s.
-Flye 5lb*10r*3s.Run tread Inc 1mi 0:12:56. 4.5-5.0mph.
Walk tread 0.5inc 3.0-3.3mph. But.. Something is wrong during my run. I couldn't get my stride; my knee ached right away & persisted. My hair irritated me by swinging into my elbows before I tucked it into my tank top to irritate me further (yet less). I kept smacking my Zune cord, which didn't happen last time, though on the same machine. I itch and am generally dissatisfied. Grr. The machine also says that burned 144 cals, which isn't possible @0inc.Got to watch part of Top Shots during the walk. They were doing Archery: fiberglass shortbow. Neeeeat.

Update: Work, School, Gym

(Caption: How DOES a busy wife stay fit AND plan such marvelous meals?)Blogger has been down a week so I'm multi posting. I don't want to swap to WordPress, it still lacks some functionality I've grown accustomed to.I got two calls from employers the other day. One for a windshield hocking place and the other a security job that wanted to see me 4 hrs later for an interview. I ironed out some decent interview clothes and hit the road. At the end of all things they told me that the day I got my Class D license (FL version of the UnArmed NC Guard Card I already have) I have a job. They also quipped about needing EMTs, so I pitched Husband. They'll take him too when he gets EVOC. WEEE. We signed up for our respective classes that evening. My D can be done this Fri on a walk-in. His EVOC isn't til July10. I'll get a job first. I win!Also signed up for Soc this fall semester at FAU. Need it to apply for Nursing. Was going to CLEP but I'll have to take something …

Pennsic Pilgrimage - Barony of Black Diamond

/From the tattered pages of a hand-bound ledger/Lost as I was those two mad months, I made no progress towards Pennsic. I feel I have trekked in maddening circles! That's what you get for following a "coastline" that turns out to be a lake. This is why I'm not the navigator.No matter. I've Finally made it the 61 miles to the Barony of Black Diamond. 318 miles to Pennsic! I'll rest only a day... the bugs are as big as gulls here in Atlantia. Onward north.. 37 miles to the Shire of Isenfir!

Gym etc

Built the other shelf today, will stock it later. Husband got the washer up. The original peed all over the floor (it had a habit) so we snagged another on Craigslist. The second one also peed, though because we forgot to hook up the drain hose. Let it all dry out and tried again today: it looks like we have a washer! YAY! I need to do laundry so bad.
I should find out if elec/water is cheaper in the evening.. I wonder how.So, Husband's workout tried to kill me last time. I've been so sore the last couple days! Going back to my regular workout and a a short run.Triple SuperSet:
•Dumbbell curls 8lb*10rep*3sets. •SitUps*15r*3s.
•Calf Raises *10r*3r.
LowBackExt 3/10 Owie•Run tread 0.5inc 1.5mi @ 4.5-5.0mph. Walk 0.75 @ 4.0-3.0mph. Total 0:28:47. Like a dipstick I forgot to note time finished 1.5. We'll call it 0:13:00.•Stretched out good. Yay I remembered slash took the time!
So, the moving in is going well. House is officially a Home and not a Storage unit (s…

Gym 24hrFitness.

Off to try the first gym. 24hrFitness. Either bloated or I got fat in two weeks :P Let's see if I can fix it. Barbell curls 20lb*10rep*3sets.
Triple SuperSet:
•SitUps*30r*3s. (Last 5 of last set were tough!! Def shoulda been doing more than 10r*3s before though.)
•Calf Raises *10r*3r.
IncBench 20lb*10r*3r.
Ellip/Step/Strider 0:10:00 0.95mi. Odd, hard to JUST Ellip. Did wreck me though :)


Four days in and unpacking has taken over our life :D Spent the first day just separating the boxes into rooms and getting the bedroom arranged. The other days were a blur but we unpacked like mad. The kitchen is mostly done. I need to clean the top of the cupboards (I don't believe its been done in years.) Had to replace the burner pans (rusted and caked). The oven dial has no numbers but 350; I wonder if I can get a cheap replacement.The living room is a living room, barring a few boxes here and there.The bedroom is still boxy from unpacked clothes and stuff for the ajoining master bath. There's less cabinet space so we're getting creative: less used items in the other bath and bought a neat over toilet shelving unit. (pic)Had time to watch movies last night: Shutter Island is very neat though I'm not sure how I feel about the end. Aaaaand I'm pretty sure Avatar is the best movie ever made.Got the Comcast in today, which is an interesting memory all in itself. N…

Jun06.10 Moving day... Again.

So, three days ill & not eating doesn't exactly do wonders for your strength. I could barely hold my office chair up. Uhaul loaded: now 2hr drive & to unload it
Nothing like unpacking when its 95.F in the house, the AC guy can't come tomorrow, and you have 2 fans...

Still ill.

Went from ill yesterday to throwing up today. My 2 days off: scrapped. And I need to load/unload UHaul tomorrow! /headache nausea bowels. Part dehydration, part illness: I feel like crap.


Spent the whole day ill. In and out of sleep, sippin water. Intake consisted of a bowl of ramen *2c H20, 1/4c of mix veggies, 3oz flounder. Bleh

Finding our FL rental home.

SO starts the search for a residence in FL. We cannot get a pre-approval for a mortgage without employment, so we started looking for a rental. Our haphazard search started near the college, where we picked up a classifieds and began to call around. I drew a kind of map, like a target, the college in the center and the towns working out from it along the highway. The college town we knew would be a bust. Two towns outward were both VERY expensive and either did not allow dogs or only allowed them under 25lbs. This actually became the catch point of the day. I began opening with "What is the max weight on your pet policy?" We crossed off everything that listed "No Pets" and "Apt". Something with a yard for our 85lb puppy.

First place to return our call and allow Rook was a "fourplex" 45 minutes from the school. I dug the twisty tree out front, and the wee planter, but right off the bat there was no yard. We could get her out and through the ball m…

A Run(tread.) A Hike (Calusa) etc

Run: Tread 0inc. 1mile. 0:12:35. (4.5-5.3mph). Walk: Tread 0inc. .5mi 0:08:45 (3.5~mph). Stretched.
Shitty day is ultra shitty.
BBQ shishkibobs(sp) w/creamy cucumbers. Delicious Mich Ultra Dragonfruit/Peach =4/5.
Did the Calusa Nature Center trails; they were great. Very unkempt & unpolished. Ducked under branches, hopped over felled trees, and squeezed beween bushes. Wilderness trail @1.5Mi, Cypress trail (can't find a distance for it) & Pine (0.5 mile). Tons of pix. The Nature Center & Planetarium were disappointing: one room apiece.
Swam all 9 dogs!
Ate1000 calories of Mac&Cheese, Creamed spinach, & Fat-Sprite. Feel like a pig, but god it was good. Need to get diet back on track.
Also: 50$ down the drain as I woke up to find one of the inside-feral cats had pulled my Lunette bag out of my backpack and shredded my Cup! chewed the stem off, clawed it full of holes. I was so upset I was speechless. Ordered another one.