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Finals and Moths

Sometimes I have a life, and sometimes I have #finals. I did see an amazing #moth at the train station. Thanks to I think it's an #Antheraea polyphemus. I unfortunately removed it from it's hiding place in order to save it from the stupid human throwing wads of paper at it, trying to poke it with a pencil, or nudge it with her shoe " to make it fly". UGH. Dumbest #engineering major I've ever met. I hope it made it. :(

I'm 30!

I woke up #30. Hubby made French toast, took me to a #pettingzoo, got me a perfect cake & spumoni, made hash & eggs for dinner. #love
Bonus: Petting Zoo!

Happy Earth Day

SS-3x8#DB curl, shoulder press. 4.4mi. 6H2O. Happy Earth Day! Turned in 45 volunteer hours! Read much. One more week. Kinda.

8H2O 0.7mi Busy day

New fridge! French toast! Great Memories! Car (but no) repair. Homework. Homemade phillies! Busy day was busy. 8H2O 0.7mi :(

PT 4.2mi 30PU 8H2O

If I edit my past am I still me? If I plan my future am I still free? Pretending to study.
8H2O 30PU 4.2mi. DQ.

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy: human-skin bookbinding (links)

I have learned some really weird stuff today. It's exactly what you think. And way more common in history than you think.

First I heard about a company that may or may not make high-end leather goods out of human leather, that "cater(s) to a small but highly discerning clientele". I don't know about you but I read that in Christian Bale's voice (a la American Psycho). If you have 500 Euros you can get a bracelet!

Not really taking the site seriously I decided to put myself on a few "crazy lady on the Internet lists" by seeing if and what human leather was/is used for. I learned about Anthropodermic Bibliopegy, or human-skin bookbinding. [Here's the wiki]. Some of these books look like regular leather bound books (see below) but some look almost like they're really carved from burled maple. This is apparently because if you simply quick-tan it and slap it on a book even deer leather suffers from poor workmanship.


Victims need more than prayers.

I see these well meaning images all the time after horrible things happen. Everyone shares them, ribbons, candles, pictures of children, and hugging, and all sorts of thing. What I don't see are people sharing information for the Red Cross, who collects the blood the injured people need. Or information for the Salvation Army, who provide disaster support to the first responders in the form of small on site kitchens.
These images let people feel like they did something. They felt for the hurt and empathized for those who lost people or had families hurt. Well, that's nice, but you can really help them instead!

Instead of lighting a candle or praying (ok, you can do those to) donate $10 to the Red Cross Disaster relief, or even just $5 to the Salvation Army. Go donate blood at your local Red Cross. Yea, there may not be a disaster near you right now, but lots of people need that blood. If there were a disaster near you would you feel better knowing that your Red Cross was stocked…

Updates: Leisure Time!

In big news: I made beignets for the first time. I think I'm finally worthy to call myself my grandmother's granddaughter. Seriously, I'm terrified of cooking in oil so I never tried before. They came out a little dense but delicious. Husband had never had them before and is now expecting them every week. I have to find a way to get more. I could definitely get into eating these each Sunday.

I caught up on a little genealogy (a minor hobby of mine). I love when I learn weird things. Apparently around 1775, my 8th great grandfather's son Arthur was kidnapped and forced to be a sailor on a ship to New York. Grandfather thought him dead and named their next son Arthur after him. When they migrated, they found Arthur 1 again. First Arthur had black hair and the second had red, so they became known as Black Art (my 7th great grandfather) and Red Art.

More after the pagebreak!

Updates: School and PT.

Not dead, just working on final projects. With six classes I have Critical Assignments in all but one of them, and most of them still have final exams. I've been a bit busy. Oddly it means that my "finals week" will be much less stressful than that of my husband. I'll take it! Right now he's supporting us (dinnerwise) and I'll again take up the mantle for his finals week.

I've still been getting a little fun done. Kinda. Enough that I've split it into smaller bloglets.