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090829 Work

FIRST break. 1500-1530. Sgt.S waited til 1430 to start breaks cause he was too busy jawin w/Lt. I dispise that guy. He's unnecessarily mean to females on point; but drips sugary nastiness all over females he processes on point. He's civil, even jovial, to males here. What a prick. 8hrs of this guy. Sigh. And: No notecards on point.1930 My hubby makes the BEST sausage lasagna. (Sorry Mom! Your meatloaf still beats mine :P)~WeyrCat's Treo

090828 WSI Tweets.

1656 Nothin like standin inthe rain arguin that "Yes u STILL hav 2get out&open ur doors&hood &stand out here so I can make sure ur not a bomb!"So after my bday this year we went to see Disturbed. I yook a bajillion pics. Such an awesome show. Soon sfter my com took a dive before I uploaded the pix. No problem: I have the originals on my SD card, right? Until Rook chewed on mt phone one day and ate the memory card. Well months later I've found ONE picture. Not the supercute pic of US, but A picture. YAY!2230 No really. Im tired. Can I go home now? /10.75 down 1.25hrs to go.
PS: Brain can absorb no more. Time to mindlessly copy notecards for later
Filling address&date book. Please reply with- first&last name, home#, cell#, address, email, and birthday! *To my Cell plex.
New Blog@ WeyrCat.Com! '090827 Temper (Kitty)' >^..^<

090827 Temper (New Kitty)

Just a quick update; I know I haven't been in to tag/organize the posts I've put up recently.. school has been really taking up my time :)Yesterday Hubby and I went down to the PetSmart to check out the Kitties. We keep going, falling for one, saying we'll go back the next day without Rook (since usually when we go to the PetSmart we bring the obnoxious monster so she can spaz out.. a real treat for her.) The twice we did that we didn't go back *It's ok, I know both Mozart and Bridghid found good homes.*Last night we went, and surprisingly, both of the kitties we really liked were Torties. One, a regular Tortie, she was blackish with orangey marks, and the other was a weird grey with orangey marks. I've never seen a Tortie that was grey. Listed as a "Diluted Tortie" which, though I haven't looked yet, I'm pretty sure means "Mutt, with Tortie markings" :PShe's a sweetie, born in March. Came spayed, with all her shots good through …

090825 School.

tags: edumacationDon't you hate when you sit down at an empty table to quietly study.. and someone comes and sits down next to you. Quiet at first, but then a /friend/ of theirs shows up. Soon they're gabbing and laughing, comPLETELY oblivious that YOU, and your 2 textbooks, highlights, notebook, and notecards are trying to study. Nah.. can't be bothering you at all.Neat: Microbiology, p11. "When the inhabitants of an entire village became ill, people often blamed the disease on demons appearing as foul odors from sewage or on poisonous vaops from swamps. Most people - found it !!inconceivable that 'invisible' microbes could travel through the air to infect plants and animals or remain on clothing and bedding to be transmitted from one to another."
--These SAME people never questioned the God or Demon caused illnesses though? Tiny germs, impossible. Demons or God punishing you by killing your whole family? TOTALLY possible. O_oCaduceus http://en.wikipedia.…

090823 WsI & Hubby Bbday

//There's something rather post-apocalyptic about the Honeycutt gate. The empty train tracks outside the gate sit unused, with rotting wood planks red with rust from the rails.The road into post is lined with quiet motor pools; the paint on the old generators and canvas-covered humvees slowly fading in the midday sun. Crows caw from the sagging powerlines attached to bleached and leaning wooden telephone poles still standing from the 1970s. The shredding black tarpaline blows quietly, in a breeze seen but not felt, as it clings to the red-rusted barbed-wire fencing. The old water tower, taller even than the stacks of empty sheet-metal boxcars, shows deep cuts of iron-oxide through its orangey-red checked paint job. If it weren't for the occasional car coming through the gate, you would think the only sounds left in the entire world were the slow scraping of a chain on a red-bricked building's tall, thin, smokestack; and the cawing of that crow. As the sun sets and the shad…

090822 12hrs @Yadkin.

Tags: Work, 1433 Soaked. Fan is soaked: cant use it as Im adverse to electrocution. If the storm STOPS its 12hrs of muggy-nasty now that I'm soaked. If not: I'm still soaked.
1500 Tryin to copy some notes onto a notecard to use in the booth, and lightning is sparking off the electronics and power strips in the building. YAY. Did I mention I HATE being wet?2230 Finished _Partnerships_: Anne McCaffrey. Loved it, LOVED it! :D ~WeyrCat's Treo


1030a Ah, Tuesday: Nothing like 12hours on campus. >_< Actually.. /guilty/ I can study here as Rook's not here to JumpScratchBite me! :( Poor Dog.1155a One hour studing Basic Chem Review in: Time for a 10min Brain Break. Then quick review, then back in! Good thing too: some class just let out & the StudyHall/Sittin area for the SnackBar just got visciously loud due to the constant clank of vending machines. Turn up earphones (Classical 95.3) to cover it, but then can't force the Chem in my brain! Oi.The Anatomy & Physiology class has an Recommended-but-not-Required pre-req of Chemistry. We were given a handout on the first day with a Basic Chem review, of which the last page gives a type of mini-quiz. This quiz is prefaced by 'Using only your knowledge and a periodic table answer the following questions. If you are unable to complete this task you may lack the necessary prerequisite knowledge for this course." So far I'm about half to two-thirds thro…

090811 Third Day... Crazy.

Today I met with the Critter Sitter, a woman living on Bragg who does exactly what I need her to do: Pop in and be social with my anxious monster of a lab puppy for 20-30mins. I'd like slightly longer to exercise her, but she says she has a large dog at home that would love company; I've given her permission to take Rook to her place for an hour or two to wear her out. I felt so wrong leaving her in her kennel for 9hours, and knowing she diarreah'd and had to stay in it for any period of time... Never Again if I can help it!!Also.. It begins again... SS Office for replacement Card. A81. @1248: A72.@1302- A73/81 Not bad I think.@1345 done w/Social Security. Why did dealing w/Fed Gov take so much LESS time than State Gov?1600 Neighbors' Pekenese is apparently small enough to fit through the fence. Delivered her home b4 Rook could use her as a "Tug".1630 Rook, not liking the cinder block barring the Pekenese's way to our yard, decided to apparently dig UNDE…

DMV: Now calling A...177... To window number... 3.

1310 Bout to wait 2.5hrs just to get an NC ID. Don't think I'm making any of my other stops today :( >^..^<

(1340) "Ticket 149 Please come to window #3." I'm 177. >^..^<

1420 Think I have time to drive across the street & grab some BK? :P

1439- A159 out of my 177

1459 Ooh People must have left! 1459-A168/177

1538: I have an NC ID! Time for Iced Cream & to set the Puppy Free!

2100 Spending the night moving code & blogs from to weyrcat.blogspot because its more secure! Less spam! WEEE

2200 Is it too much to ask for a blog I can run under, post via email, isnt a TOTALLY-pervious spam magnet, & backs up ALL entry code?

090808 WackenBloggin: 12 hours of omg-why...

It seemed like it would be a generally quiet day. I'm so tired as I type this, on my last break, so pardon.First there was the SSgt who made his first appearance on the other side of the concrete barrier (having been turned around) while I was in the Pit with Masse. He stopped, acted like he wanted to turn around at the House *main guardshack* but we always direct them to keep going because usually they need to be processed. He hits the gas and burns down the freeway. completely missing the proper entrance and assumingly went all the way down to the dirt road turn around before finally coming back up to us. He waits in Masse's lane, then, impatient, crawls over to my (center) lane. He has to wait til I'm done with the car I'm currently processing. Then, geared for an angry person, direct his SUV to pull forward he does, jumping out of his vehicle almost immediately with two IDs in his hand. He starts ranting in a loud voice about the guy in the back seat having no ID,…