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09May29 WSI 12 Hours at Yadkin.

The Wonderful Thought for the Day:
Last night it stormed, so this morning as I'm walking the dog I take a deep breath and revel in how even two hours from the ocean, the air can smell so much like the beach. <3
So this car comes through my gate today, young man and woman. I get the soldier's ID card only. I automatically ask the young girl how old she is (I ask everyone who doesn't have one.) She looks slightly worried, and says 17. I tell her that everyone 17 and over is required to have an ID to enter Post. She tells me she has one, but its in her car at his Barracks. I do my thing and they turn off post to dump her out so he can go retrieve her ID. It hit me about 3 minutes later... She's 17. What the FUDGE is her ID card doing in her car, at his barracks As my Cabbie said when he came through "Well they ain't watching Spongebob." I wanted them to come back through my lane, as if by her ID card I could know who her sponsor was, and tell him where she…

090519 Gym+ Summer Semester.

10m RecBik 88rpm Res2
4/10 BicepCurl Close 15lb
3/10,8,9 BicepCurl Wide 15lb
4/10 Sulk on the Stairs
Just feel like garbage today.Mental Gym: First visit to the couneslor today; I thought they'd be hour visit but I went in at 1320 and was on the road by 1405. I'm going back Fri@8a. I was initially going to summarize the 2yrTale but ended up spilling, in disorganized chunks, more than I've ever given a single person. I look forward to going back, as she seemed to nod toward my "Method over Medicine" desire and knows about the ANTS! (Change Your Brain, Change Your Life). I know, nothing substantial for a month and then I bombard you. Eh, blame it on finals!End Grades:
Developemental Psych: B
Chem 01: C.
I'm desirous of taking DevPsy again INCLASS instead of online to redeem myself. If Grades are Currency when getting into LPN/RN then I will be. As far as Chem, I was told it was an AnatPhys pre-req by the Guidance, but as I was able to get to the online registration no…

090429 Gym & School

Qz7: 75pts(%). I didn't read one snippet & missed 14pts. 75+14=89% omg.Gym: Upper1
LatPullDown 4/20 30lb
BicepCurls 4/10 10lb
Dips 4/10 80
Low Back Ext 4/10 x
Shoulderpress 4/10 10+10lb
+4/10 incSitUp.~From WeyrCat's Treo