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(Xanga) Ganna WoW

Ganna, young Orcess and one of the many Orc pups born after the migration of her people from the land of Draenor. Born to an honored but reclusive father and the slugt but fiery Orcess that mated him, Ganna grew up stubborn and passionate. When her father slowly grew more unstable due to age of the mind, and her mother more frail due to a wasting disease, Ganna helped to raise her parents two younger Orc pups. When her brother and sister were finally of age to take care of themselves Ganna and her two friends Mirren and Sevelas joined the Horde forces to defend their people. During her travels Ganna fell in love with an unlikely mate: an Undead named Zardeirangor. Though his body was dead his heart still held love for life. She forgave him his Undead flesh as she did his linfering love for the Human parents that abandoned their Undeadson. With her tribe, her friends, and her love at her back Ganna fights the evil Alliance that would kill her people and burn the only home she'd eve…