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090730 Ill, gym

So yesterday I spent from about 1600 feeling nauseous. Tried popping Claritin for the stuffed sinus, a 325mg Tylonol & 200mg Caffeine for the headache, but was motion sick on the way to the gym.Got through
• 1/20 5lb-e Dumbbell Squat Shoulderpresses and
• 1/10 5lb-e Dumbbell Rear Lunge &Bicep Curls
before my quads felt like bricks. I spent the rest of our time there on the stairs: dizzy & trying not to feel vomitous. Got home, tried to play some XBox w/Hubby, til he put me to bed for an hour. I didn't really sleep, just drifted. I think I was under for about 10-15m. We watched a movie & slept.Today I feel so much better. Still under the weather, but its a drizzle instead of a downpour. Took the gym easy, but wanted to do SOMETHING to make up for yesterday.
• 30m intervals on the RecBik. AvgRpm-83. AvgHR-140.
• 21:00 1mi (walk) on Tread. *2.7mph. Inc-1.0.I DID find out what the 26yoFemale Army PFT is:
-46pu 80su 15:36,2mRun (max pts 300).
-13pu 43su 20:36,2mRun (min pts, B…

090720/21 Plasma + Gym

Long week is beginning to drag. This morning I rocked the plasmapheresis for the first time since March25. Will have to get my blood drawn the next time I come in. Forgot my headphones, which always makes the time go faster. I bleed out pretty quick anyway.Goals for today:
• Get / Send money order for CNA exam.
• Learn 2-4 Skills (yesterday got down Apply One Knee-High Elastic Stocking, which is more specifically done than you'd think.)-> Accomplished the Money Order, slacked on the skills :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~090722 Gym+I actually had yesterday off.. And didn't know it til I got to work. I check the schedule when it comes out, but apparently missed that change. Time to check twice a week (Hubby says every day, but that's obnoxious.) So cleaned house instead. It needed it, and I've been spoiled to laziness by letting Hubby do it.Gym:
WH Dumbbells 1: (1set each) Dumbbells Squat Press 5lb-e 20 Dumbbells PushUp Row 5lb-e 10 (2 knees)
Dumbbells Lung Bicep Curl 5lb-e 20 Du…

090718 WackenBloggin- Randolph

Me (14:59): Need moleskin on these collars I think. Chafing :(Me (16:42): 1640-1710 between the Summer Jam and the Airman's Wedding, today sucks.
-The best was a chick with long brown hair, very tan skin, wearing a Hot Pink with white polka dots, Tutu-bell strapless dress coming to above mid-thigh, and 5" Hot Pink stiletto, open-toe, patent pumps. To a WEDDING? She looked like the Hooker PromDate from Hell! 1745: When kids come in looking barely old enough to drive I ask them for their driver's license. Sometimes, this happens: Kid comes in with his dependent card and a friend with a DL. I ask the kid for his DL and he says he doesn't have one.
"With you?"
"That's all I got."
"You don't have a driver's license at all?"
"No, cuz I have that."
"This is NOT a driver's license. This does not allow you to drive anywhere in the United States, or on Post. Why didn't you have the guy with the driver's license dri…

090714 WackenBloggin Elantras & Stalker.

This point is so boring. We stand here on opposite corners making sure vehicles don't come off the Blvd (we're not a checkpoint, and only allow EMS and In Service Bragg MPs through). People have various ways to pass the time. During the winter months I do light PT. You'll see me standing there doing calf raises, inclined pushups against the bollards, stretches. It's WAY too hot to do that in the summer! So to keep from singing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" over and over as I've been doing, and off-handedly counting the Elantras that go by, I've instituted a Scavanger Hunt. Today's Hunt: Elantras with the body style of Mine (2007). I have no way of knowing which are repeat cars mind you.Currently:
7blue. 7charcoal, 6silver. 3black. 2tan. 1purple. 1red.
Plus one uncounted silver driven by Hubby.Other crap:
I tend to have guys ask for my number, ring or not. Its just a female thing, it happens to all of us. Captive audience you might say. Why, tod…

090713 WSI

This one we get all the time when people recognize us: "Weren't you at the other point yesterday?"
There are 13 entry point to Fort Bragg.Complimentary Insult: "Aren't you too cute to work here? You don't look tough at all!" O_oThis happens a lot actually: Short, fat, Army wife drives through the gate with her three rugrats in the backseat; hands me her spouse ID card. I also get the driver's license for the guy in the passenger seat: a NC DL. After checking the name of her sponsor on her Spouse card, and the name on his ID, he is decidedly NOT her husband. What makes this one so special, is that as she drives away, there's one of those yellow ribbon magnets on the butt of her car stating "Proud Army Wife." Dear lord.I also tend to go window shopping while I work. Things I saw today that I wanted to check out:
Purple plaid tank top from Charlotte Russe.
Purple feather-print wallet from Forever21
A sunken ship in Florida called the Atosh (w…

WSI 090609 12hrs on Randolph...

So last night, on my Wednesday off, LT calls me to ask if I want more hours. I've already got 44 (4 automatic OT hours), and the thought of adding 8 more onto that sounds pretty nice. I throw a cursory "What do you think Husband?" at Hubby and agree. Banter back and forth, and it works out that I could also snag the 4 hours AFTER that if I want them. I say sure, and LT calls (as I'm TRYIN to be in bed at 11pm) to tell me I've got the whole 12hr shift. Hooray!!!....wait... why do I do that?So this morning I woke up, had slept like crud (I hate that), and dragged myself off to school (almost late!) to give my final presentation in Computer Information Systems 113 (last day of class). Technical difficulties: I left the thumb drive with the presentation still plugged into my computer at home! No worries... I emailed it to my partner so she could review her lines. So I inform the sit-in-prof that I have to DL the file first. Uh-oh... GMail won't let us DL.. some s…

090606 NonSmoker's Perspective

I grew up with it.
When I was seven I accidently dumped a bag of puffed cheetos on the floorboard of the car. I scooped them all back into the back and continued munching. I got a very chewy one and pulled it out, waiting for a street light. It was a cigarette butt. I threw up all over myself, the back of the car, the cheetos. I've never smoked. Never tried it. Never wanted to. Was never tempted.People'd ask me in High School if I had a lighter, if I smoked. My clothes reeked of it.
I went to Boot Camp and people were dying for one, dreaming of when they could have their first one again. I was told I ran like a smoker.People drive up to my gate and blow it in my face. The smoke rolls out of their car. They tap their ashes on my boots. They throw their butts out the window in the street, in my lane.I take a break back at the guard shack, which inside and out smells like the cigarette break the last guard took.I smell it on my coworkers when load up, and download. I get in the ca…

July 3 ownzors July 4

So we knew I wasn't going to get time at home on July 4... it's the WORST holiday on Fort Bragg because everyone and their brother comes out for the 25minute fireworks show. Hubby and I decided to spend our mutual day off July 3 celebrating instead!I bought him a little grill, just a little camp grill really, and we threw the camp chairs outside and ate the most delicious babyback ribs ever! I almost cried when I found out I'd left out my last three and wouldn't get them for leftovers. We had a few delicious beers, and Rook went nuts with the little sticks in the backyard. We set up the tent in the living room (camping with AC!!) and had us a lil camping StayCation!This morning we cleaned up the mess we made last night (ok, Hubby cleaned up and let me sleep in! What a hunk!) I came to work at the Randolph gate and all hell broke loose. First I had a guy roll up to the ID lane and joke that he was gonna 'just blow on by'. I laughed at him and told him he wouldn&…