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(LJ) 700 Wikkis!

Mood: Chipper

Btw, the night didn't end in crappage. I spent the rest of the day watching Mel Brooks films while completing 700 Wikkis. That's 200 more than usual! :P

I also cleaned the ferret box, clipped Lucy's nails, let them scurry around a bit (after finding a new way to fortify the bedroom doorway (Lenny figured out how to move the water bottles to get to the plexi screen and slide it open lol.)

Then I spent a good hour on the MySpace lol. Just sending off a few messages to the people who've found me this past week, and finding the best shots I could of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder for my "Who I'd Like to Meet" section.

Mel Brooks is a genius, and Gene Wilder rocks my socks.

*backdated so it shows up yesterday :P