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Military Tourism: 503d MP BN

(Btw I will get the pix from last two days up before this posts!)

Our classroom got moved today to the 503d MP BN. Not such a big deal, classes are dry, but it gives me a lil chance to have a spot of tourism. (Yar I plan to get my Touristy Pages up asap :P) The 503d main entrace has a lil swag kickin about. The wooden chest here reminds me of something terribly SCA :)

The center wall is a memorial for fallen MPs. Very nice.

Basically just going to throw the pics in here and call it done :P

Hand to Hand, WSI Style.

Once again set to auto-post because I can't be trusted.
Below: Mr Massey in his High Block stance.

We did hand to hand today. First we're doing the equivelant(sp?) of SCA Youth Boffer, with a PVC-Squishy wrapped "asp" bat. I treated it as such, trying not to give too many pointers to my partner. It made me miss SCA. I really need to try to go out here.

The moral of that story was fun, and ow. I'm amazed I didn't get bruises from the cuff exercises. The Come-Along wrist maneuver left my wrist sore. And, I have no boffer bruises, just a dull ache.

Worth it. Fun day. I skipped the gym after all was said and done though.