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Star Trek 2009 - Review, kinda

Finally sitting down to see Star Trek (2009). I'd honestly avoided it, but now I want to see Into Darkness so I have to see it. This is more bits and things that I thought while being re-introduced to characters I know and love.

You can also scroll to the bottom for a summary :P

First, they definitely emotionally invested the watcher in the movie right off the bat. A very good move I might add, it absolutely worked. And I LOVE who they got to play Kirk's parents.

I totally dug McCoy's entrance. LOVE Bones! It was always hard to pick a favorite character, (can't I have Sulu, Spock, AND Bones?) but McCoy never failed to entertain me. Some chicks loved Kirk, I loved Bones! That might be a lot of my mom's influence too though.
I can't stop laughing at Bones in the beginning of the movie... "I can fix that" "OW!" The actor doesn't seem to sit in the roll well though, like he's trying really hard to convey the unique way Bones voiced his …