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090929 Gym

I actually went to the GYM?
-RecBik AvgHR142 MaxHR 161cals. 5.06mi 20:00 +05:00cd. AvgRPM 90
-SitUps 21 27 21 21 x
-PushUps- 12 10 5 x
Owie.~WeyrCat's Treo

090927 WackenTwitter

16:14 Me: Put ur seatbelt on. Her: Me? You could ask, nicely. What I dont say as I AM nice: Put ur sealbelt on as its the law & u know better1815 Why does evrything come back dowm to Chemistry... I hate chemistry!! /back to Anat&Phys1920 (H+) + (HCO3-) <-/-> H2CO3. Hmm how to show a reversible rxn in Type... I think that works...
PS: Carbonic Acid--Bicarbonate Buffer System.~WeyrCat's Treo

090925 WackenTwitter

15:28 T-stormin. Post flooded. Street lights out. Soaked thru bproof vest. Hubby trapped in traffic. Sigh 16:15Mrs Pa.. (spousecard) came thru w/ Mr Go... (soldier) @1530. Ew.20:13MrPh..(Spouse of E3) came thru with MsGo (Civ NCDL). Hmm back to his place.. In his (deployed?) wife's bed... /disgusted 20:20MrsMa(spousecard) came thru w MrSh(Soldier) @2015. Two in a row! 20:37Finally Lea's brother came through! Wow he seems... Normal!! Is that possible out of LasCruces? >^..^<~WeyrCat's Treo

090922 Lil Agitated

So.. Because you don't want the Critter Sitter to see the wrecked house that you've "had no motivation to clean" this week/weekend you want me to call her off, and come home on the only three hours of solid study time I have before my Anatomy & Physiology exam tomorrow (which I have yet to get more than an hour on), to walk the dog (which is the Reason I get no decent study time @home and hole up at the school...)And the only way I can avoid YOUR mortification.. Though its an older lady who reflects the house's state on Me, the Wife, is for me to give up the hour I have before Micro (to review for our everyday quiz) to run through the house doing in an hour what you didn't do in the four days I was working 37hrs AND going to school./deep breath/ I, am a little aggitated.~WeyrCat's Treo

090915 Micro+

Woke up, let Rook out, screamed out of the house. Its not that I need Hubby to wake me, its that I have so little motivation when he's in the field. Did clean the house a wee bit yesterday, and will more after school. Good LORD than man leaves a mess the weekend before the field. "Full sink & an empty fridge." :PMicro Lab was.. Uneventful enough to annoy me. My first foray into Gram Staining resulted in much Pink, not much purple, and the friggin prof won't even tell me what I did incorrectly because I failed to complete the superflous step of drawing a sharpie circle on the slide before placing it on the scope.
-I showed you the bacteria... So.. What's wrong with it? Do you really need the circle that bad? Then WHY didn't we have one in the previous weeks?
-Doesn't matter: we'll just let me go uneducated over one damned sharpie mark. 1015 So.. Those of us who woke up @6am, had breakfast, &want lunch can't even order it til after 1030. W...…
I PASSED the NC CNA Exam as a Test Out (No Course,Study Only) Applicant. I'm a Certified Nursing Assistant in NorthCackalacky!
Microbio-Exam1. 88%. 1of5 people who got a B.
A3 B5 C12 D7 F17 people. Went 2 OfficeHr &raised grade from 86-88 where we showd test errors.

090809 Microbiology Lab+Exam1

0653 As Hubby's AC fights the fallout of my hot shower, I curl in delightfully too-warm blankets and snooze... Just seven minutes of PreDay peace.1030 Zomg I can take pictures through the scope's ocular! /TreoPix of stained _Bacillus sublitis_ & negatively-stained NOT:_Strep. faecalis_. It was supposed to be, but this, the most interesting thing in the darkfield-mimicing slide, was a nothing. /shrug. Still looks damn neat.1259 /studyin Micro/ SO... Was the ship in Lost in Space (new) called /Proteus/ because when launched it shed the old ship's shell? Think about it!! O.oLong story short: I didn't get to go see Bill Nye the Science Guy. :( That would have been so cool... Rest of the day was a loss.~WeyrCat's Treo
As Hubby's AC fights the fallout of my hot shower, I curl in delightfully too-warm blankets and snooze... Just seven minutes of PreDay peace