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(X) My new journal...

Btw, my new journal is being posted in my Forum, so I have more controlover it. Not the fancy setup Xanga has, but its nice to compileeverything in one space. ^_^
My Journal. Please note that only "Members" of my forum can read my journal. It'll let me know who's stalking me O_o hehe

(X) Neopets

Blumaroo- I'm scared.. Hold me
"Hannah"- QUIET! It rubs the cookie on its skin and feeds it to the WeeWoo!!

(X) Cali Outages!

Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. Went to bed, bumped his head and couldnt get up in the morning!!
SECOND power outage just now, 11.07am. The storm is still going, andTHIRD, FOURTH, all short mini outages. I lost the whole first twoparagraphs I was writing here when I was typing on my computer and thefirst outage hit. Now I'm on my laptop, thank goodness for batteries.
In my first message I was mentioning that George's umbrella almost wentinside out this morning on his way to the bus. I was wondering if thetree would lose some branches and I would find them in this windowbeside me... they havent come through the house, (wind's going wrongway lol) but the tree seems to be short 2-3 branches since the stormstarted.
Tatum is MORTOFIED, hiding under my desk, too scared to even lay downon the heat pad I set next to me. Poor scaredy dog. Even Mattie iswanting my company when the power goes out. I bet a whole house chokingsounds pretty scarey. FIFTH OUTAGE 11.11. T…

(X) Mount Saint Helen's

The sky is giving off an orange glow, like that of Dawn or Dusk, but sovery orange. In the middle of the day the world looks as if it isbathed in the candle glow of a pumpkin... appropriate for October. TheSky itself is the faint shade of watered down peach sherbert...White-orange versus the normal White-blue.
Theories around here are that Mt St Helens erupting might have spurredjunk into the air, causing the sky to look the way it does for the lastweek or so.
*Notices that this entry is starting to sound like the beginning of amovie about the end-times lol. I'm sure its not that serious, but itsounded good while I was describing the color ^_^
ON the otherhand, Kimberly and I spent the morning battling with thecollege's phone machines and answering machines trying to get answersabout my residency and classes.

(X) Forgotten & Pedicure

*Hums Katamari Damaci theme*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY AND JANINE! How scary, my brother turns 20 and mysister turns 18. O_o Why do I feel like they should both be 14 orsomething lol. I mean, I understand the aging every day thing... but...but... BABY SIBLINGS!!!!

Yesterday I had a REALLY good day lol. THANK YOU KIMBERLY! Check it out:
We went to Starbucks and I had my first Mocha Frap Light, No Whip, witha shot of Rasberry (Versus my normal Mocha Frap, Whip) Not only was itdelicious, but it didn't give me the tummy ache that my normal drinkgives me! I also had an Apple Torte, which was DELICIOUS, cept when Itried to pick it up and it squirted at me lol. Turns out its like amini Apply Pie with crumblies on it. Mmmmmmm

Kimberly and I then went and saw "The Forgotten" VERY GOOD! Any moviethat makes me jump out of my seat more than once is a winner in mybook. Lots of thinking, good scares, very awesome movie! GO SEE IT.

Kimberly offered to bring me to get a Manicure/Pedicure, and I…

(X) George's Bday

Today is George's birthday. He's 21. ^_^
I had some much to write earlier, and now I can't remember what it wasabout. Life if like that sometimes, always taking on the flavour ofwhat's going on around you. A moment can seem wonderful and prophetic,quiet and amazing, and then you hear something, see something, remembersomething, and your moment turns into a grey cloud, a sourness in theback of your throat, and yet it's the same circumstance, just with newseasoning. Why must life be like that? Why must we question ourpurpose, our future, our pasts? Why must we ask "what would bedifferent if?" "What could happen if/when?"
I'm not sure where I'm going in life. I can see my future as I wouldhave it, I think. But for some reason I cannot feel myself gettingthere. I have no gusto, no energy for the tasks between now and then. Iam tired. I am depressed. Would a change of scenery make me feelbetter? Maybe. Would...
to be continued

(X) Armand

Currently Reading:
The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 6)

By Anne Rice

I missed the library...
I just finished the Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. I had previously readup to Memnoch, and decided that I needed to continue on. ^_^ I missedRice's vampires... sigh

Simply, it was amazing. I plan to read Pandora tomorrow. I could takeit out of the library on tape.. >_

My fortune cookie said: You wil lbe fortunate in everything you put your hands to. (I guess it doesn't know I'm a clutz!)
HOORAY! Two hard avvies in one day! MEUKA FINALLY *war dance* and Jetsam CHOMP!

(X) General

We're about ot head out to the Grape Festival, it'll be my first time. ^_^ They say once you've been on to one you'lve been to them all, but I like that sort of thing anyway lol.

Today was a busy day, and I'm very tired. I woke up only around 9-10 though. Kimberly and I got up and ran out the door to see Vanity Fair. It was pretty good. ^_^ I saw a wonderful ad for Phantom of the Opera, which made me just drool in my seat lol. It looks wonderful! I hope they do it justice. Vanity Fair was one of those movies where you'd probably have to see it twice to catch it all, but you wouldnt need to. Its hard to put it into words. They wit and story were charming, but the ending left you thinking. You could zombie out to enjoy it, or think it through. Interesting mix.

(X) Deviant Art

Oh and I changed my kougra to a mutant jubby. Dont ask. Ok ask. Jubbiesare cute and I want a Coco Jubby, so I'll zap him. I paint KubrickOrange and successfully moved him to Mistress, so I got the 800k avvyon both ^_^

*falls asleep on keyboard*

(X) Glasses

Well, after going to sleep feeling like crap, and being awakened in the middle of the night, I think I fared the day well.

About 6.20 in the morning I was dreaming, when all the sudden I hearthis loud CRASH!!! I wake to find myeslf on my back, hands clutchingthe blanket to my face, legs curled as if to kick up and out (orprotect my toes from falling debris.) I imagined all the electronicsfalling off their stands to my right, the tv and playstation fallingthrough their shelves in front of me, and my shelving unit topplingover to my left. I suddendly prayed it wasnt the playstation, seeingthat 200$ machine crash through its shelf in a reply in my mind. Georgewas instantly up, his arm proectively over me as if to take the bruntof a blow himself, asking if I was alright. I shook my head yes and satup. We both saw before us, under his computer chair, a small stack ofDVDs that had collapsed from their precarious position on the edge ofhis chair and crashed onto Kimberly's 5lb plate and s…

(X) Busy Day

So far today, after waking up late from a nightmare culminating in the breaking of my neck, I:

Rescued the cat from being trapped in the spare bedroom.
Sorted the laundry.
Let the dogs out.
Started a load of laundry.
Cleaned the catbox.
Loaded and started the dishwasher.
Ate breakfast and read a little.
Moved Load1 into dryer. Loaded Load2.
Called school about my tuition -
--was forced to leave message. Will try again in half an hour.
Called GCC about SATs, was told to call High School
--WONDERFUL if not gruff Ms Cathy told me she wouldsend them to UOP for me, took the address... lets hope she gets themthere. (No one is telling me where I can find them lol.)
Finishing my UOP application. (Free online ;)
--Requested transcripts be sent from GCC. $5 YAY!
Finished filling out job app for Sallys.
Called school about my tuition again-
--was told what form to print out.. Filled it out.
Then I went with Kimbelry to drop off my application, ate at Mazatlan,and wandered around Lakewood gifts and…

(X) God and Religion

Sep11 440pm
I believe in God. Do you believe in God?

When a person is asked "Do you believe in God," I imagine the asked persons blanching, sitting back in their chairs and suddenly assuming the person they're conversing with is a "Churchy", or someone who's going to try to convert them or drag them screaming into a church. While people who believe in God, some form of God, many forms of God, or any power that is not wholly oneself, are probably more common than people who own ferrets there is some great taboo about talking about God. It starts fights, arguments, "My way of worshiping God is better than YOUR way of worshiping God" battles.

I believe in God. I was baptized Catholic, but never raised in church. My father however did impress upon me that it was wrong to be lying when you "Swear to God." The first time I ever remember going to church was when I was 15, with my granmother. I remember walking through the huge double doors and fee…

(X) Neopets

The ray is fired at KubrickDeLarge...

... and she changes colour to Shadow!!
I knew I should have fired the ray at Dixie this morning >_I have a bunch to write about, but I can't seem to find time to writeabout it lol. Maybe I'll drag the laptop to school and write. ^_^

(X) Nulled 4k Marriages

Well its certainly been an interesting day already, and its only 10am. Wow I haven't posted in a while lol. Been lazy ^_^ I have some back stuff to post aswell, not sure if I'l get to it.

So here's what I woke up to: I read in the paper that California has nullified the almost-4000 gay marriages that Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco sanctioned in February. I understand that he didn't make it a law or anything, just up and said "Ok you can get married" and that made it against the law or whatever, but I still think its stinks lol. I almost wonder why he couldn't just make it a law for the state of California or the city of San Fran at least, but then the government says its majority rules, our protection, blah blah blah. I understand, it still stinks.

Also in the news today (The only other interesting thing in the newspaper I might add) was about New Jersey Governer James McGreevey resigns after announcing that he had an affair with a man, violat…

(X) Life & Poetry: Dawn,

July19, 2oo4 6.59am
I fell asleep around 1015 pm last night. I was totally wiped from not sleeping the night before. I woke up this morning at exactly 6am. When I went downstairs to get a glass of water I noticed how incredibly beautiful it was outside. I haven't see a dawn in ages. I sat down and watched as the clouds began to glow and the trees began to turn gold from the sun touching their tips, and it was just wonderful.
I had some of the hash browns and delicious Pototo and Spinich omelette I brought home from the breakfast place I went with Kimberly yesterday, and thought to myself "If morning's always included Potota and Spinach omelettes and dawn's like this, I could quickly become a morning person."

Outside the sliding glass door, on a web larger than an open manilla folder, hung the huge, delicate orange spider that I had once seen in the tree adjacent to the veranda. He sat directly in the center, no doubt hoping to snare early morning-not yet awake bugs …

(X) Music

July24 443pm
I finally listened to this band my sister listens to called Otep, the song was Warhead. Surprisingly a very poswerful and opinionated Political message lol, still death metal though. It sounds like crap, some bleach blonde psycho femme singing death metal isn't something I'd really listen too very often, but I was interested by the fact that their incoherant screaming was actually about Bush's war and the fear tactics floating through America's media.

Completely blown away lol. I still wouldn't listen to it, but maybe I have a new lingering respect for some of the new death metal bands hehe. *Runs off to listen to Slipknot's Wait and Bleed like a good lil hypocrit.*

OH! And last night (more on my sister's music) I had been listening ot LaunchCast and went back to rate the songs I had heard and one of them turned out to be "Join Me" by H.I.M (his Infernal Majesty), a band Janine had been asking me about before. I checked out the video on…

(X) Lil in the dumps

June21, 2oo4. 3.10 PM
Do you ever notice yourself becoming completely obsessed with something, something that you know you would enjoy and have fun with, but that you realize you are putting too much effort (or money) into it? I notice myself doing that all the time, and I realized why a while back. I have nothing else to do. Well, I give myself nothing else to do. I have no job (which I miss hating, and I miss the saving up and being able to afford the things that I occasionally get when I do have money.) I have no friends or night life (Lodi: Beautiful but Empty!) I have no working phone (in case I wanted to become a hopeless phone bug, which could be nice sometimes! ;) ) And all I really have to keep me occupoed are school, the few games that I DO play when I get around to playing them, and whatever I happen to be doing on the internet at that point in time.

Lately, its Neopets. Don't get me wrong! I play Neopets even when I'm not depressed! I just don't go nuts and do th…

(X) Beanie Banies

June11, 2oo4
Thiscute lil Baby Scorchio was found in a Carlton Cards shop in Metro mallwhen Dad and I were wandering around before we went to Chik-Fil-A. : DI hadn't woke up early enough to really do anything else, so wewandered over to Jess's parent's place to leave her a note with mynumber and then went to mall. The first place we went into was aFuzziwigg's in which I purchased my first new Beanie Baby in a while,alright I think it's only my third real Beanie Baby anyway lol. I havethe first brown dragon with red wings, the white unicorn, and now LEGEND! The Purple Dragon born on DEC9 (my mom's bday lol.) Realizingthat I probably should have bought my mom one since it is her influencethat made me love dragons. : )

Dad and I enjoyed our Chik-Fil-A, and got some goodies from Hot Topic (I got some neat pins for my lil side bag, and I got a LAST UNICORNshirt lol. I love it. : ) It was a good expensive day with dad lol. Therest of the day was fun as well hanging ou…

(X) Visiting Home

4.06am June08
Wouldn't you know it: In California I fall asleep only half covered with a fan blowing on me after in an unnaturally cool and rainy May, and I'm sitting here on my parent's couch in Arizona, freezing in June. Oh sure, the days are warm enough, (still kinda springish, not sweltering yet) but still, it's not normal to be this cold lol. Darn swamp cooler does better than I remember it lol, or maybe it's just the constant blowing into the living room splashing right onto my little couch hehe.

Today was a pretty good day. Almost a waste of a day I did so little, but it was nice that way. Oh I can do nothin in Cali too lol, but it's the change of scenery that makes the nothing more substantial >wink<. I asked to be woke about 8-10, and I think Mom tried once and then went to do her Wikki work, so I slept until I woke around noon. I piddled around watching cartoons with Jeremy and then hopped on Dad's com to tell George that I loved and missed hi…

(X) Various Life :D

2:16 aM 6/7/04

Oh what a week. Last week Tyler came to stay with us in California. It was wonderful lol, We hadn't seen him in a while (George longer than I as I went to Phx a while back.) We got to hang out and get up to date. Zach came out on Friday, so we all got to chill out together again. The only thing missing was Mike (away in some other state. Sniff.) Kimberly and I had gone shopping and bought all kinds of junk food for the weekend with all the guys. Ty and George demolished a good portion of it before Zach even got there lol. I made a cake for an early birthday celebration for Tyler (who's bday is June12) and when everyone was in we iced it and decorated it. Tyler did most of the decorating actually. There was so much sugar crystals and sprinkles on that cake that Zach commented that it looked like a "giant poptart." It was delicious though hehe, deadly, but delicious.

That Saturday (which George had wrestled to get free) we were sort of planning to go to t…

(X) Memorial Day Memories

As I stood at attention for taps at 3pm today (though I'm not military anymore, and wasn't for that long) I feel completely inadequate.

I thought of my father, and my mother. Both who served in the United States Army. I thought of the Marine Corp flag that my father gave me when I joined, that had once been his grandfather's. I thought of the graveyard that I had passed through only weeks before, photographing the broken headstones, and stopping to give note to the stone of a corporal.

As I faced the only flag that I had available, the digital one that I had posted on my website only moments before (reminding people too late to remember memorial day for what it is, a time of rememberance rather than a day for bbqs and shopping, I thought of what really kept me from completing my service. I broke my legs, but more than that, I let them stay broken. I probably could have run that Crucible with stress fractures. Stemler swore she would carry me if I fell. There was a Marine the…

(X) Neopets

Alrighty, SO, McDonald's now has Neopets plushies lol. (I've been waiting on this for like a month now.) I just called and was told that Shoyru is #13, so they don't have them yet. They have 1, 2, 3, and 4, and #1 is the Scorchio.(So If I waned a purple Scorchio, which I kinda do, I'd go get one nowlol.) However, they're all in white packaging, so beyond knowing thespecies they don't know the colors! So, I'll be lucky to get all theShoyru without getting doubles lol. I'll have to go at peak times, andtrade with little kids lol. I CAN'T WAIT! She told me to try Monday forthe Shoyru. *Does a lil dance* :D YAY! SHOYRU!

(X) Updates

WeyrCat.Com update: YES!!!
WeyrCat.Net update: YES! (And some new to come soon too!

It's raining outside! It's so beautiful!! The room has been filled witha wonderful cool breeze for the last few days, probably with promise ofthis wonderful rain lol. I hope it keeps up! (Even though I have placesto walk tomorrow, I'd gladly do it in the rain! :DI have updated The thing is: It's beautiful! Whichultimately means it must be changed lol. Beauty is not easy tonavigate, deal with, keep up, And I'll hate anything that I try to putup anyway. My main effort needs to be making the pages easy for peopleto get to, read, make use of, yadda yadda yadda.
My black and purples chemes or javascript window openers, or fancy iframes are all fun and neat, BUT, it makes it so very difficult for people to navigate. I need to stick with a color scheme , stick with a design format (graphicallyspeaking) and just work on getting ALL the content updated. I think bythe time i have ev…

(X) CRY!

Check it out.. I have this insane project for Folklore class (college is fun) where I have to collect 5 folklore items (proverbs, legends, myths, etc) from an actual folk group, but I'm in the middle of LODI CALIFORNIA, where the closest you get to folk group is the local winery. The best I can come up with is the faerie stories my mom told me when I was little, but I'm not even sure what genre most of them go into, and I need at least 3 different genres!
Also: my laptop (my main computer) has been on the fritz for 3 months, when they finally take it to get fixed (and we kick butt just so I can get loaner) I find that the loaner has some issues with staying online easily (it hates my msn) but the programs run great. So i can play Hannah again, but I can't always send my score.
The computer George (my fiance) set up so I could still work (before I go tmy loaner) had all my work on it (website, neopets stuff, everythign) and then THAT went on the fritz, so all my cruds ba…

(X) Ty Comes to Visit!!


Mar19-01.01p My Mood is: Happy but tired lol.
I'vebeen meaning to write for the longest time, and because of the events ofthe last 2 weeks this is probably going to be a looong entry lol.
Lastweek I got to babysit a family-friend's two daughters for the week. Igot to pick them up from school, ride with them on the bus home, andthen make sure they did homework, showers, snacks, piano lessons, etc.All the little things that go with babysitting. And it was reallyreally fun! I got them addicted to Neopets, even though it wasn't reallymy fault. They had pets before that they had forgotten about. The bestpart of the week was the last day I babysat. NO, not cause it was thelast day, but because it was a weekend day so we got to do lesshomework and more playing lol. The girls (7 and 9 I think) and I builta gingerbread easter house! We mixed the stuff, decorated it, ateenough frosting to drive a diabetic into a coma (sorry Nina), and thentook pictures lol. I promise to put th…

(X) Family Photos

My Family!

Feb29-03.27a My Mood is: Goodbut tired.
This morning Kimberly woke me and asked me if I wanted to go with her, Russ and Justin to San Fransisco to see the new Apple store opening. I jumped up and got ready (spent about 30 minutes on my Neopets...) and when George was all ready we were off. We dropped George off and I popped into Target to grab a Pocket Neopet. I've been wanting the FaerieLand one (it's purple and has a Shoyru!) but I've been itching for the Meridell one that has the Draik, Lupe and Ixi in it. I like most the Chars from the M, but want the Shoyru and the PURPLE Faerielandnes... all they had was the Meridell though (sold out of the F, though they restock every morn.)

We parked the car at Concord and took a train-thing called the "Bart". It was really cool: we boarded this train on a platform waaay above the ground and it rode through the air (on tracks of course) to other stations, dipping sometimes underground. (I was happily playing my Po…

(X) Sick

Feb25-04.45p My Mood is: Pretty good.

I was sick yesterday, and when we got home I slept... until about 130p today. But yesterday afterschool we picked George up some pants and stuff at the mall. Didnt get home til about 730 or so, really cold lol. While I was in the library waiting for George to get back form his first class a woman silently handed me an envelope with an American flag sticker in it. Typed on it was "Deaf mother of 2 childre. Please help by donating 2 dollars for this item." I went ahead and gave her the two dollars. I'd done it before for a man in a Border's book store in Phx, he gave me a small fake-gemmed cross which I wore on the lapel of my jacket til I found it broken off. Today 2 kids knocked on the door and said they were selling candy for a trip to Catelina and would I please buy some for only a dollar each. I remember that my sister went and loved it, and brought home a shark's tooth, so I bought 4 candy bars from them. 2 almond and 2 ca…

(X) Movies etc

Feb21-04.42a My Mood is: Thoughtful, contemplative. But not in a bad way...

For some reason I had found myself lacking the will to want to startreading it again, though I had loved it when I first read it. It wasn'tfor a love of the story or characters, because when I did sit down toread it (usually at night, before bed) I didn't want to put it down.And afterwards I lay there in my "post-book" glow, with the samefeeling... I think its more used to the Anite Blake books: moreaddictidly used to the attitude and style that reminds me more of me(and in reality, my mother) that the sweet, sticky, thick and enticingwords of Rice. All that really means in English lol is that I've readto many Hamilton novels back to back without taking a break. Thatalways happens, either I get bored with the style of writing and findit hard to get through it, or I get so into the style that others feelforced. I loved reading Tale of the Body Thief anyway, I knew I would.You can read the r…

(X) Icons and Life

Feb18-03.09p My Mood is: Rushed and yet only Existing

WHATa morning.... George and I went to bed last night about 3am, which wasok since he didn't need to get up til noon, and leave for work at 2p. Iwoke at 214 and woke him. He ran around trying to get ready wihle Imade him a sandwich he could eat on the way; he was going to have towalk since he had WAY missed his chance to get the bus. (He had alsobeen late Monday when we discovered there was no bus service onPresident's day and had to walk.) While we scrambled he decided to calland ask Debbie for a ride. She thankfully said yes, and when shearrived he ran out, and ran back in because we forgot to bring themovie we had to return to her.
I'm reading about how everyone'spissed off because of OutKast's Native American garb at the Grammys,and everyon'e whining about how wrong that is to dress up like"Indians" and dance around TeePees... well sheesh, pardon everyRedBlooded (pardon the term) American child w…

(X) Happy Val's Day

I am LAZY! But I'm getting a lot done on my websites!!!.. not that the changes are uploaded....
Happy Valentine's day...

(X) Cleaning

Jan28-7.25pm My Mood is: Cool, but a lil tired.
I busted my butt yesterday. George and I only had 3 hours of sleep, we were up all night. Not really doing anything significant, just kinda being lazy on the computer lol, just not goin to bed. So we paid for it. We were tired all day lol. Class was alright for me, and from what I hear his Psych class was alright too. When we got home, however, we had to bust butt to clean the carpets, organize and clean the living room and kitchen, basically get everything nice for our houseguest that came today. George and I moved a bunch of the boxes out of the guest room and into the attic, and then Kimberly and I stripped the place when she got home. We made the bed with the new sheets and everything, and I vacuumed and dusted a bit. We also reorganized the linen closet lol, and I had to clean and organize our bathroom so she would be able to use it too. George got the fun job of shampooing the stairs while Kimberly and I were in the guest room, my p…

(X) Butterfly Effect

Jan26-o4 12.05am. My Mood is: Pretty Good.

Yesterday and Today have been rather good. Yesterday I think I just kinda hung out for a while lol, did not much of anything until Kimberly offered me to go see a movie with her. We went and saw Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. With all the hype about him, we ended up having to listen to some whistles etc, but other than that we were rather undisturbed. Except by the movie, that was one DISTURBING movie, it was really awesome! I loved it, I jumped so many times, and then had a hard time getting to sleep last night because of the stuff that kept going through my head. It's a reeeeally good movie that disturbs Me, 10 points. I will own it lol. Afterwards, Kimberly and I went to pick up George, and met up with Russ along the way (he was waiting to pick him up too.) We all went to a Mexican restuarant(sp) and I got the seafood soup. The thing was HUGE and I got to crack open crab legs the first time! lol. I had a whole Half-A-Crab in tha…

(4m) Goals

Happy New Year.

My goals in life:

Get a Biology degree.
Get a teaching degree (post-secondary).
Learn to fire a handgun.
Get back into shape. Running, hang, crunches.
Spend some weekends with friends.
Feel like I could win another lingerie contest (goes for getting back into shape.)
Sleep a regular schedule.