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First break of my 12hr shift is a 2hr break. I.. Can live with this. /Micro. /Web. /Coffee. (G13).

If you wouldn't say it to her face...

In the study hall, 5 boys sat around eating, joking around. Lady janitor comes by, always friendly. Jokes with them awhile. Smiling, she leaves to go 'feed her dogs'. They joke "Need someone to lift that heavy dogfood bag?" How caveman :P She declines, and is gone. Then, they become awful
Barely around the corner and they give "Hey she only gave 3 noes, can we hand them out accordingly?" Rabid testosterone foaming of the mouth ensues, one jumps around doing that crappy crotch-grabbing thing. The conversation ends with "Shoot, rest of ya'll can just watch."How does an amicable convo with a woman who talks about her son telling her she can't call boys' stuff "cute" erupt into five retards orating a gang bang in the study hall? For the love of Pete* are all men so disgusting, or just a certain demographic. Ugh... I swear, if I ever heard my husband or son talk like that they'd be able to eat only applesauce for a week!Tag: s…

Web Hiatus:

While my Webbie seems to be up and down, will basically be just the blog for a minute ^_^

Fixes coming. Along with updates, goodness I'm lazy