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(X) Memorial Day Memories

As I stood at attention for taps at 3pm today (though I'm not military anymore, and wasn't for that long) I feel completely inadequate.

I thought of my father, and my mother. Both who served in the United States Army. I thought of the Marine Corp flag that my father gave me when I joined, that had once been his grandfather's. I thought of the graveyard that I had passed through only weeks before, photographing the broken headstones, and stopping to give note to the stone of a corporal.

As I faced the only flag that I had available, the digital one that I had posted on my website only moments before (reminding people too late to remember memorial day for what it is, a time of rememberance rather than a day for bbqs and shopping, I thought of what really kept me from completing my service. I broke my legs, but more than that, I let them stay broken. I probably could have run that Crucible with stress fractures. Stemler swore she would carry me if I fell. There was a Marine the…

(X) Neopets

Alrighty, SO, McDonald's now has Neopets plushies lol. (I've been waiting on this for like a month now.) I just called and was told that Shoyru is #13, so they don't have them yet. They have 1, 2, 3, and 4, and #1 is the Scorchio.(So If I waned a purple Scorchio, which I kinda do, I'd go get one nowlol.) However, they're all in white packaging, so beyond knowing thespecies they don't know the colors! So, I'll be lucky to get all theShoyru without getting doubles lol. I'll have to go at peak times, andtrade with little kids lol. I CAN'T WAIT! She told me to try Monday forthe Shoyru. *Does a lil dance* :D YAY! SHOYRU!

(X) Updates

WeyrCat.Com update: YES!!!
WeyrCat.Net update: YES! (And some new to come soon too!

It's raining outside! It's so beautiful!! The room has been filled witha wonderful cool breeze for the last few days, probably with promise ofthis wonderful rain lol. I hope it keeps up! (Even though I have placesto walk tomorrow, I'd gladly do it in the rain! :DI have updated The thing is: It's beautiful! Whichultimately means it must be changed lol. Beauty is not easy tonavigate, deal with, keep up, And I'll hate anything that I try to putup anyway. My main effort needs to be making the pages easy for peopleto get to, read, make use of, yadda yadda yadda.
My black and purples chemes or javascript window openers, or fancy iframes are all fun and neat, BUT, it makes it so very difficult for people to navigate. I need to stick with a color scheme , stick with a design format (graphicallyspeaking) and just work on getting ALL the content updated. I think bythe time i have ev…