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Star Trek Diplomas: All of them. I think.

So... StarTrek.Com has released a Starfleet Academy Diploma.  I wanted to see if the design was supported by canon (because I'm a huge fact-check nerd) and in my quest collected what I think to be all the diploma designs officially used on the show. I'm still looking though, so if you find one I don't have here, please leave a comment!

Confirmed authentic:

It appears to be the first time a diploma had been shown, if rabid Trekkers diligently duplicating it is any indication. If you register at the LCARSc site, you can download a free template to make your own!
(ref: )

Confirmed authentic: 
Earlier in storyline, later in established canon.
Found via

Official StarTrek.Com diploma (Released 2012):
 I can't find any epi screenshot to support this design, but it is nifty.


Weyrcat... Year 28.

I had my birthday right as Finals started, so I'm a little late in posting.
Husband took me out to The Cheesecake Factory, my first time, and it was fantastic. The dark brown bread is to die for, the chicken cashew salad is delicious, and the cheesecake... need I say it? Yes, yes, I must: Ah-mazing. He got a great shot of me beginning to devour the chocolate banana shake. MUWAHAHAHA! Too old for silliness I'm not.

I don't want to gloat about gifts too much, but I would like to point out the awesome owl earrings my mom sent me (wearing them in the photo). Husband got me a fantastic camera. This camera has some ridiculous zoom, and I was able to get a dragonfly 25 feet off the ground.... You can see the veins in its wing. I take it pretty much everywhere now!

I upload the photos to my DeviantArt ( because it lets me keep the size and quality to a greater extent than Picasa.

The Dragonfly:
Dragonfly 120424 by ~WeyrCat on deviantART

The Bu…

Spring 2012 Final Grades

Final Grades:

Physics 1 Lab: B+. 87.0%
Physics 1 Lec: (A) 92.0% (Was curved above 93%)
German 1: (A).  96%
Interpretation of Poetry: (A) (% Unknown, everything returned with Letter grade only.)

*Note, this Uni works on a +/- system, but there is no A+. Also, I find numbers to be a better indicator of how I did, since a 93% A looks suspiciously similar to a 99% A on a transcript.

On the German: there must have been a curve: for those who know me on FB I was pretty much panicking when I got home from the final. I was furious over some directions and changes I made to my answers that I knew I shouldn't have (but did anyway). From the spreadsheet I have (yes I spreadsheet my grades) in order to receive the 96% in the class that I seem to have, I would have had to get a 98% on the exam (I had a 96% in the class prior to the final). I do not believe I did that well in raw numbers. Cest la vie.

My summer semester has a wee break in it before I reattempt Chem2 and it's lab. I still re…

India Patents How to Sit, Stand, and sit "Indian style".

A friend of mine posted that "India patents 1,300 yoga moves" (via Here's a brief overview:

Hindu gurus and some 200 scientists compiled the list from 16 ancient texts to prevent yoga teachers in the United States and Europe from patenting established poses as their own. ... "We are making available the 30-40 most popular yoga asanas in the open domain," TKDL head, V K Gupta said. "The rest will be available only to patent offices." ... Indians have been outraged by attempts by "yoga gurus" in the West to patent poses. In the United States alone, the patent authorities have issued more than 130 yoga-related patents, 150 copyrights and 2,300 trademarks related to the ancient practice.

Hmm, I would think that unless you can prove a certain pose has not been done before, you shouldn't be able to patent it. How can they patent something hundreds of years old? As for copywriting, are they talking about "yogis" who…