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WSI New Whale Award, & "No Smoking, we have our Own!"

So today our previous Whale Award Winner (aka Fat Army Spouse) of BF-326 was crushes by a newcomer: WF-330 on All American!! I think the scariest thing is that everyone lies on their ID, so they MUST weigh more than that in actuality... HOW is that POSSIBLE?As per No Smoking, We Have our Own, feast your eyes upon the masks handed out by the LT tonight (and my lil makeshift sign). On Post they Control burn the underbrush in order to lessen the likelyhood of actual forest fires. This doesn't seem to stop the general public (or soldiers) from warning us to call the fire deptartment... because there seems to be a FIRE on Post!! Tonight after my regular shift ended they starter a burn somewhere near All American freeway entrance. It started out ok, like they do, until people driving by were telling us they felt sorry for us. The LT swung by to hand out masks (boy I wish I'd had one that day on Yadkin when I thought I was going to throw up from smoke inhalation!) They itch fiercely …

090624 Angry Gym

Feeling very angry today, so I worked it out at the gym.

090624 Angry Gym
WH Dumbbells 1: (1set each)
Dumbbells Squat Press 5lb-e 20
Dumbbells PushUp Row 5lb-e 10 (2 knees)
Dumbbells Lung Bicep Curl 5lb-e 20
Dumbbells Frog Squat Upright Row 5lb-e (pressed to 1-10lb) 15
Run 1mi: Intervals.
4:30@5, then every other 1:00 5/6mph.

Dog Obedience Training to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Dog Obedience Training to Solve Dog Behavior Problems: "Never:

• chase after a dog that won't come, unless safety is an issue.
• call your dog to you to reprimand them.
• call your dog over for something they clearly do not enjoy (getting their nails clipped, taking a bath, etc.)."

I have SUCH a problem with Rook listening to me, partly because I think she doesn't see me as a Pack Leader (Hubby is, I'm just IN the pack.) The other part is this: I'm the Bad Guy, when she's coming to me it's to be put away more often (school and work and getting Hubby, etc), and to be punished (omg, tell me you did NOT just eat THAT!!)


New Whale Award

We have a new Whale Award (Fat Army Wife Award)! Previous record BF-285 was SQUASHED today by WF-325!
"Does BAH cover your food bill?" Spouse declined comment.

As with our last Whale Award contestants where BF-185 beat WF-180, our new record holder WF-325 was swallowed up by BF-326 hours later!

WSI Gate Runner

WSI 1430 Someone ran my gate as I turned a car around! Wth! Truck w/Huge Crates too. Hope it wasn't bombs. So much paperwork! >.<

Later that day:
An MP came by for another issue later & let me know they caught him @a construction site on post. He said he was 'tired of waiting' so he ran the gate. Guess they only gave him a ticket!!

Lifehacker - Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space - Food

Lifehacker - Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space - Food: "*
Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space
By Adam Pash, 2:00 PM on Mon Apr 27 2009, 30,907 views

If you'd love to do a little at-home gardening but don't have much space to do your planting, a simple gutter garden might be the perfect option.

Alaskan news site Juneau Empire features a smart, simple idea for planting a small vegetable garden with very little space: A windowbox garden built from gutters. In Alaska, this idea solves a few problems for the author:

We live near the glacier, so the soil is cold and has very little organic matter, there are lots of big trees shading it, and we have all the slugs and root maggots anyone could want, with porcupines, cats, bears and ravens meandering to boot.

There is only one side of our house that gets much sunshine, and, of course, that side of the house has the smallest yard.

Even if your garden doesn't…

090612 Gym

Why do you blog/track everything?
Ok, so I don't think I've ever been asked that, but I HAVE been accused of being OCD, in need of a hobby, and weird /grin/. I ask MYSELF why I track stuff. I blame it on bad memory, some odd form of OCD/ADD. Today I decided it was because I didn't get to stay in the Girl Scouts and earn Merit Badges ^_^...090612 Gym • UprBike 30m Res2. AvgHR122 Ow.. My girl parts!• Pullups 3
• LatPullDown 10/30lb * 2-10/45lb, 10/55lb.
*Had to switch to HighWgt/LowRep as I was cycling with Hubby & Marsh. Tryin to keep up w/the guys is harsh. 3/4th rep wth a smaller handle, like making two fists, knuckles together (as opposed to wide grip bar). Aaaand Hubby decided to up me from 45-55, w/o tellin me, and I had no time to argue. Not sure he realizes I'm not bulking, but toning...Thought- Eh, fakin the funk is still here with him while he enjoys his hobby.Feel like bleh; just really don't wanna do anything. specially not a crap ton of Back. Sigh. So m…

090606 MWR+ Audubon and Buccaneer Restaurant

After classes on June06 Shane and I took off to see the Audobon. This hot, mosquito-rich swamp was actually beautiful! I waited too long to write about it, but got a TON of pictures. We think we saw the mud kicked up from the underbelly of an alligator (since they don't really just pop up so you can see them, and we didn't really have time to stalk him thoroughly.) I did get photos of a swimming turtle, tons of awesome looking tree "knees", and various growing things (It's not a TUMAH)! We didn't see any snakes, but we DID come out a heck of a lot more bit up than we thought. Most of the bites didn't even show up til the next day, and we were iiiiitchy! Totally worth it. I added a new Owl to my collection in the gift shop: Beidler, named after the swamp we were in (Francis Beidler). Will get a picture up at some point. We cruised back to town, and not having time for the aircraft carrier (sneef) we lazed around a bit until we decided to hit up the Market …

090608/11 Gyms

090608 Pope Gym• 1m ellip avgHR177 10m Res3.
• Hip Adductor 3/20 40lb.
• Hip Adductor 3/20 40lb 1Rec 2Upright.
• Leg Ext 1/10 40lb. 2/10 35lb.
~ I felt like I overdid that last one, where my quad inserted into my knee felt waaay too tight, so I lazed out in my Women's Health til Hubby was done :)
090611 Gym Cardio• UprBike 30m Res2 RPM~80 HR132
• RecBike 30m Interval2/4 RPM~83 HR130
~ Wanted to gym with him all day, then had tummy issues (switched BC this month: adjusting). Popped a Pepto and went anyway, but kept to the bike to stay in a relaxed-tummy position. Was tempted to do some abs after the bike felt good, but didn't wanna push it.• 5hours light combatatives in a 90°F attic, with six sweaty males. Yep, we sweated like pigs, throwing each other, combat rolling, and getting huge blood bruises on my forefinger-knuckle from the fake asp baton. Weeee!

090604 MWR & Folly Beach

After doing my bi-yearly 9mm qual on the range for WSI, scoring a 257 *about ten points more than I've ever scored*, we made the drive from home to Mt Pleasant, SC. It took us about three hours, maybe a little more after getting stuck on the highway after what we BELIEVE was an accident after a ridiculous downpour lasting 10 minutes.
We made it in time for the last class *same classes as the last one we went to* and had a great dinner, provided. We were trying to decide what to do this weekend (if we were going to do something at all, yes) and ended up stowing a bunch of fliers for later, and headed out to find the beach at 8 pm). We crawled down an unlighted road FAR from our hotel home and found Folly Beach. The beach access was very hidden, but being seasoned and working-on-it beach crawlers, we found one we could park at and hop on. The No Lights issue that terrified me when driving now was wonderful!! We crossed the wooden bridge over the sand berm and down onto the hard pack…

090601 Gym. & Not killing the Dog.

Lat Pulldowns 4/20 30lb
Bicep curls 4/10 10lb
Dips 4/10 80assist
Shoulder Press Machine 4/10 10+10lbs
Lower Back Ext 4/10
I wanted to do cardio on the bikes today, but the fat PT rejects had already swarmed the machines. I had a picture of a hippo on the elliptical, but no longer do, which brings me to my next thing.When I got Home I took Rook out and let her bring a pine cone in the house to play with. I jumped in the shower, and for half of it she had her head and shoulders in the tub lapping at the water drops. When I got out I went to get some clothes out of the bedroom and my phone was on the floor.. where it had previously been on the computer desk. I yelled NO at her, snatched up the phone and saw the memory card had been popped out. Fearing the worst I ran to the living room to find my memory card shredded. I wanted to kill her. I didn't, but I did grab her by the scruff and shove her in her cage. I called Hubby, not knowing what else to do, do scream because otherwise I was go…

09May30 WSI etc.

Today, even though yesterday had been so good (minus the 6 hours of ridiculous heat that kinda fries your brain), I woke up today just feeling blarg. Didn't have an appetite, just had that little black raincloud following me around. It culminated of course in me exploding at Hubby when he wasn't sympathetic to my whining, and I actually chucked my sunglasses at the sink, knocking over an empty plastic cup (which makes a satisfyingly (to me) loud sound on the floor) WHICH of course angered Hubby (naturally.)This, sets the tone for the whole, hot, day at Randolph gate. With several weddings going on at once, it felt like the traffic never stopped. Believe it or not this is JUST what I need. How did MrBishop put it? "You need to burn off some of that negative energy I see pent up in there. I know you!"We had 192 cars in the processing lane alone, due to several weddings. I've never been so dead tired working at Randolph, and that says something.