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I hate you. Cause you're not a daddy long legs. I like them.

Screw you, you nasty evil spider! You're welcome to feast on the bugs on my front door at night, but OH MY GOD don't you come in my house! I hope drowning in Tilex was PAINFUL. I know it was damned slow enough. F*^$*&g bastard... My maniacal laughter at your demise woke my husband! Ok.. so it was.. whimpering. HE WAS LIKE TWO INCHES FROM MY SHOULDER!!! I love spiders. But I'm still human. Poor husband :( He came out to smoosh it. Now I'm all... creepy crawly. /whine

Life 9, Diet -4.5. Well, almost even...

So, I FEEL like a lazy bum, but today I went to the university to set straight when I really need for the nursing program's entrance qualifications (based on my transcripts); got fat on Dairy Queen (score!); deep cleaned the spare bathroom; put away laundry; washed and hung laundry; made the bed; researched class times for spring; got ahold of the bank about my MISSING 401k; stopped being stubborn and started Ogre Tannin/Free Knot grinding like I should have been from the start; and gathered mats for the DMV on Odinsday. I also ate three candy bars, a whole head of celery covered in green goddess dressing, and drank half a liter of diet soda, and skipped the gym... Today the diet failed, but life prevailed. I say we're even.

Every time I watch 'Bones'...

Every time I watch an episode of Bones I remember the first time I got to go to a Museum. I went with my class, and was something like 8 or 9. We went to see an Egyptian exhibit. Of all the things a child remembers, this day is burned in my head and crammed with wild images. I'd been excited to go; my mom had shown me a picture she snapped with a disposable of the bust of Nefertiti, on viewing in a museum in Berlin. The picture was dark and slightly fuzzy, but the picture was beautiful. That was around the time I also read "The Egypt Game" in school. A bunch of kids create a club in an abandoned shop, and they all dress up like ancient Egyptians. I LOVED Egypt. I remember cases of gold, odd bits of trinkets and bones, a ten-foot statue of Bast that I just stared at open-mouthed (wonder if She's why I love all things 'cat' so much...). I even bought a keyring in the shop, a miniature of that statue. I still have it in my 'box of precious things'.

At th…

Freedom is Slavery. - Nineteen Eighty Four

This whole thing makes me sick. In the videos embedded in the first link, you can see the man's privates jiggle. Yea. Imagine your 5 year old son in that machine. Imagine your 5 year old daughter being exposed like that.
Tracking as I go. Posted by friend Bryan, first I heard about this full body scanner and the pat-down procedures.

The TSA and the full-body-scanner lobby | Washington Examiner
The TSA and the full-body-scanner lobby | Washington ExaminerPresident Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn us about the growth of a "military-industrial complex," but these days we also have to worry about a Homeland Security-industrial complex. September 11th, the creation of the Transportation Security Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security may slow us down when it comes to boarding planes, but it has accelerated passage through the government-lobbying revolving door it appears.

TSA encounter at SAN Posted by some friends on Facebook.
Full accoun…

Reasons I despise today's early-20-somethings.

Tuesdays I am forced into the middle today today's American University Culture, and I despise it. Half of them have a Starbucks coffee, playing bad music on their media phone (on speakerphone, so everyone can see how Hip they are), and others ride their bikes and boards through the breezeway (clearly marked Walk Only). Today:-Someone honked at me as I slowed down to take the very tight turn onto the one lane street where my Parking Garage is. Bad move on their part: there's no way to move around me so I slowed to a horrifying crawl. I then even Sharked a parking space, just to make them wait longer.-Walking on the 2-person sidewalk on the righthand side (walk like you drive...) two persons walking abreast toward me, the one in my path is the male. Chivalry, decency, common courtsey, aaall dictate the male should have made way for me, the smaller female hugging the very edge of the sidewalk to begin with. Instead, deep in important conversation with the female he hoped to bone …

To Vote... or not to stick my nose in it...

Not to sound ignorant, but, if I go vote on the Florida Constitutional Amendments (based on the nifty info I found on, do I HAVE to vote for House of Reps etc etc. It's kind of insane to think I could make an informed decision with so many different people to sift through (even if I hadn't taken a fancy to thinking about it 12 hours before cutoff.) But I don't want to do something insane, like just take the NRA "Personal Voting Card" down and just check off everyone who likes guns. I like guns. But I'm pro a bunch of other things that don't always jive with the stereotypical gun toting voter.. -.-

PS. Florida should consider itself lucky that I'll probably oversleep and not vote (I never vote the first year I live somewhere anyway :P) cause these are what I've got so far:

Amend 1 = NO
Amend 2 = YES
Amend 4 = Yes
Amend 5 = Yes
Amend 6 = Yes
Amend 8 = NO
Florida Federal Budget Advisory Question = Yes

Governor: Rick Scott

Halloween 2010

Managed to get the day off for Halloween, though we weren't sure if we were going to get a lot of trick or treaters, being at the end of a cul de sac. Turns out it's even worse as we don't have a street light so our street is reaaaaaally dark. AND it's a Sunday night. Our only child was early, and he was the kid from across the street. Otherwise we had 4 groups of young teens, none of them with costumes. A group of young black girls (complete with the one in tail talking on the cell phone) took HUGE handfuls of candy. I swear they got a pound of candy between them. We only bought two bags, a combined four pounds. After the last group of teens, in the dark, I closed up shop.

We head to the store and saw tons of cute princesses and pirates on the streets, just not down our dark cul de sac. Boooo. I made the door all neat and bloody and murder scene like. I tried a "Skipper, the Country Club Killer Housewife".

Today I completely forgot to eat real food and ate s…