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Halloween aka Samhain

Week of Oct27-Nov02

Running for Week: 2.08mi
Reading: Blood Canticle, Anne Rice
Stitching: Rebekah's Data
New Recipes:
-Yummy Pork Mummy
-Slimey Goop Salad
-Owl Heads
-Crowd Pleaser Casserole

I track the most silly stuff, video games, books, why can't I track my own life? Do I feel its not important enough? Not interesting enough? Will it take up too much to post everyday? What if I just did one a week? Let's try that maybe.

Oct31: Fri, my monday @ work.PT: Run ??mi w/Shane this morning.
For dinner I've made a Yummy Pork Mummy, Slimey Goop Salad, and may knock out some baked sweet potatos & Owl bisquits when I get off.

Notes/Mini Blog:
As we're finally moved into Lopez's I'm learning to use their kitchen. Lord I can't wait til I have my own kitchen! Also need to remember to get a cheapy shower curtain for the spare bathroom so we can shower there. They say there's a personal gym in the complex so I'll check that out for days I don't want to wake up …

"Hey WeyrCat!"

-insert old Memory for K-

Today we went to the memorial service for the Kid. His unit commanders talked about him, and the friends who knew him didn't get to, but the Army tried to do well. The officer in charge of his unit shed real tears when no one was looking, and spoke the most truth of them all.

I was reminded that he was the self-proclaimed "The Supply Guy." At Shane's EFMB party he broke Lane's shovel, while trying to use it axe-wise on a beer box we had scavanged for the firepit. He asked her "Do you need a new shovel?" "No.. " she replied. Then he seperated the two halves of the shovel. It was an inibriated riot act.

The batalion(sp?) commander (I think.. The black leafed occifer.) Mentioned his wife calling the Kid's mother to console her. I had my first real tearing up of anger. They didn't spill, but I thought how horrible it is for his mother. While that LTC talks about the Kid working so hard for the Army he loved, that wom…

PT PT Every Day...

TESTING CURRENTLYOct 2oo8 MTWRFSa Su202122232425 26 27 282930310102030405060708091011121314151617181920212223242526272930 0Latest PT:2oo81031: Run ??Total Month Run: 13.9+??Total Run: 57.0+??

Total Month Run = 11.8 +Oct27^.
Total Run = 54.9 +Oct27^.*Notes:2oo81031: Run??2oo81027: Run2.08, Legs.I
Legs I• (WarmUp) Run 25m @5mph (2.08mi).
• (Cooldown) Walk 01m @3mph
(Mach) Hip Ab 65lb, Ad 35lb. 4/10e
(Mach) Leg Press 120lb, seat6. 4/10
(Mach) Seated LCurl 35lb s5. 4/10
• Calf Raises 3/10e 1/10both.
• Dip 65lb 10